Blame! Wallpaper: :Blame! and so on: Inner Being

Tsutomu Nihei, Blame!, Sanakan Wallpaper
Tsutomu Nihei Mangaka Blame! Series Sanakan Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It was from the skies i become intransient
Effulgent but deminshing to my powers
My mask is my deposite position
Shaking these words i want to say
blocked together like damned forever!!
tracing the steps to ones own inner being
Forget me knots,
the worst i could say is death...

*Listening to Honest Mistake ~ The Bravery
Deceptacon ~ Le Tigre
Helena ~ My Chemical Romance *

Im back with a wall? I just got this scan from a scan book i downloaded in a place i forgot where but anyway this is the works of Nihei Tsutomu who makes the infamous "Blame! and so on" and yeah i feel in love with this image yet again. I recged most of her hair, arm and body because it was in LQ ville and needed something simple yet beautiful.... I incorporated the blood scene from the original and added some 70s kind of look just as an experimentation process im taking in this... added a simple text and walah! a good blame wall of coolness!! XD

So anyway took me 3 hours to recged the image and mask, another 3 hours to make the bg and all in all its 32 layers. Pretty simple the way i like it! and hope you will too! ^__^
More resolutions coming soon in Imanimetions...next update! :P

Personal intent:
Ive always wanted to know myself when i was in that depression state a long time ago, been analyzing and tinkering with my whole mind for all these years and ive found out something... I dont know who i really am not because ive never understood my feeling its because i change my persona too much to even have a reall me for the most part, its always extensions from differennt emotions and bad vibes i take in and out of myself. I think i trancend my own self being that my inner being has swallowed me inside out. Tio be me is to be a thousand people trying to be one person....complicated yes but impossible to handle, i think not!!!! XD Oh well i guess im rambling again. >_>

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  1. AC2N Jul 21, 2005

    it looks like simple, but it's worked wall... 32 layer for it. you have a good spirit, and always find a some orginals ideas. I don't know Nihei Tsutomu... so i think i will not be a good critics, I can just critic the first look on it, and it's simple but really attractiv...
    so nice...

  2. jaderabbit Jul 21, 2005

    awesomeness dude, very unique
    ...it kinda scarded me XD...
    anyways a + fav.

  3. macky Jul 21, 2005

    Nice dot patturn.. and nice colour the red is really stong.. it can be kinda distracting.. but the image is very nice....
    Keep it up!

  4. fukushuusha Jul 21, 2005

    wow! nice one OA
    a very modern wall from u...we don't usually see these from u ;)
    concept is cool as always and it's red!! awesome!

  5. Liz Jul 21, 2005

    Quote by fukushuushawow! nice one OA
    a very modern wall from u...we don't usually see these from u ;)
    concept is cool as always and it's red!! awesome!

    I agree great work!

  6. Yina Jul 21, 2005

    I think ppl always have two or more personalities.. all ppl are influenced by their surroundings... I act different in school than at home or infront of my friends.. and it depends on the ppl who are my friends.. I think I changed a lot.. cuz my "old" friend wasn't really nice to ppl and so I also became someone like her. I think one's own opinion makes his own personality.. it's important that you don't have one opinion only because your friend has it.. then I would call you a weak character.. but also a weak character is a personality.. maybe it is your personality to have many different personalities.. and it isn't too bad.. cuz then you're kinda tolerant.. nyaa.. I hope I've understood you properly.. and I don't tell you nosence here.. cuz my english is kinda poor.. >_>

    to the wallie:
    great bg.. like the red colour you've chosen and the way how you blended the scan into the bg.. though I don't like the position of the font.. but anyway, great work ^^ +fav

  7. kalicodreamz Jul 21, 2005

    -pets oracle-
    i know how that feels x_x

    anyways, i likes the wall.
    i think it's a bit too blurry for me. if i had it as my desktop, i might try to adjust my screen. or get glasses lol
    but the image itself is awesome. and i like the simple red background, and the overlayed pattern :3
    ima start downloading the music you list with your walls cause i seriously need some new music xD

  8. Lenne Jul 21, 2005

    It's not bad ,but it's a little bit scary to me.I guess i don't like this kind of walls.
    Still,the work is excellently made.
    Good work
    Bye! ;)

  9. tAtEkAnE Jul 21, 2005

    me likeys! xD
    tho i know u wanted the 70's look..i woulda liked it better if it was more on the gory side lol =X
    like make the blood more pronounced well u know what i mean xD

  10. chau-chan Jul 21, 2005

    The great work, it looks scary. But I love it!
    The Work is excellent!

  11. FlowerDog Jul 22, 2005

    The art style of the scan looks cool and kinda suits the setting that you have created for it. You usually apply your feelings into your works. Which makes everything that you do intentional and I believe you have done well with that part. Great job OracleAngel. :)

  12. DarkEVO Jul 22, 2005

    Very morbid and depressing. You've captured the feeling very well in this wallpaper.
    Great work. +Fav.

  13. tecnophreak Jul 22, 2005

    i dunno where the hell you find these scans, blame scans are REALLy hard to find, especially good ones like that. oo, this is my new background now, so you know it rocks, XD

  14. KevLar Jul 22, 2005

    Blame! ftw. Great wall but it doesn't seem like you did too much modin' to the scan. Hope to see more Blame! walls from you.

  15. drell Jul 22, 2005

    Pretty Nice wall tough for me the background just doesn't go at all with the scan. I think those little shadows of Sana-kan are not very good...would look better without them.
    On the other hand the scan is superb and Le Tigre's Deceptacon is one-hell-of-a good song.

  16. Electrastar Jul 22, 2005

    Kinda creepy...But still very nice. I don't know how you did the bloody looking water but I think it's great. I would take out the grid effect though..it just seems to take something out of the original image...but it's still a great wallpaper.

  17. Midori-chan Jul 22, 2005

    the scan is really cool! and i just love the pool of blood~ it's just so cool that i don't even know how to describe it. lol
    but, the wall looks a little empty, anyways, it's a nice wallpaper^^

  18. Skillzpay Jul 22, 2005

    Wowzorz look at this bloodfest you've created. I like the simplicity to this which is probably what makes it stand out. Digging the shadowed effect on the girl and bits of grunge. The overlayed boxes are a bit distracting, maybe if you brought down the opacity some it'd look even better. Anyways great to see you on yet another creation frenzy :D

  19. calisqo Jul 22, 2005

    Your wall has that depressed emotion, very expressive for a wallpaper I must say.
    Great choice of color, remind me of german expresionism.
    Nice pick of scan, very charismathic ^_^
    Overall nice work as expected ^_^"

  20. sukie Jul 23, 2005

    mmm your works are always a surprise...so unique and different...[in a good way]
    this one is no diffent..
    this wall is super clean, neat, and bloody!!!
    so morbid!
    great work!

  21. crapmonster Jul 23, 2005

    Just to let you know, "Blame! and so on" is the name of the artbook. It isnt the name of the actual manga. The actual manga is jsut called "Blame!"
    Anyways, the pic you used was always one i had liked to wall myself yet never figured a good way how. To be honest im not sure what you did here is either. I think the little vectoring you did was a good idea and would have probably worked well as a complete vector wall. the grid texture seems a little to extravagent for such a simple image yet does give it a nice techy feel. though the effect still kinda looks cheap here. anyways, sorry if it sounds like im completely bashing it, cause i still think its a noteworthy piece just that if i were to critique it, this would be it.

  22. StarCentury Jul 23, 2005

    I never knew such a simple wallpaper like yours, OA, can have such personality! :D The red white and black colors are mixed together very well and I dig the textured pattern you did on the BG too! The cool characters looks kinda afraid which shows a sad emotion plus the mask is a clever addition to an already cool wall! Simplicity + Beauty = an attractive wallpaper! ;)

  23. Sunira Jul 24, 2005

    It makes me sad and sombre just looking at it. Its the face of last defeat. Or something of that nature. Nice color choice. The pale characters fit in nicely with the very vibrant red of blood or blood-colored liquid. Neat work.

  24. Piyo Jul 28, 2005


    you use such cool effects!! x] you and your creative titlesss!! waaaah~ i wanna make walls like youu :)

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