FLCL Wallpaper: As I Venture: Do not Fear

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Gainax, FLCL, Naota Nandaba Wallpaper
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Mangaka Gainax Studio FLCL Series Naota Nandaba Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


I know its been so long since I've submitted an anime wallpaper. Its been too long even for me. Life got really busy. :) Well, nonetheless, I finally have something for you. I got this scan off of AnimePaper but I have no idea where exactly. If someone could at least tell me the series this is from(as vague as the picture is), I would be much obliged.

Now, lets move on. I;ve always wanted to try a silhouette piece but I've found I've never managed to pull something beautiful off. This time, I decided to use this image, which is so beautiful on its own, as the silhouette. He was looking at something or somewhere to go and I got to create that something! It was an all exciting process. After scouring Stock.Xchng for a decent hillside scene, I came across a beautiful one and used it, after running it through the basic filters to make it more anime-colored instead of realistic. The original image had only one rock on which he could stand so I extended the rock, added some grass, and some lively night insects to give his rocky pedestal some life and flow. I then placed it before the hill scene. I made the image very dark, as I wanted to portray a nighttime scene. I also tossed in a couple of planets in there, ones with some real texture and color fluidity instead of the usual slapped on brushes. I found another stock image that had flowing mist and surrounded the planets with it. Overall I think it came out allright.

I really hope you all enjoy it. Im really sorry for being away so long, that I didnt get to give you all my love packaged in wallpapers. This wallpaper is for you!

Comments and Favs appreciated and thank you all in advance.

Humbly yours,

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  1. screenlooker Jul 20, 2005

    this has to be flcl
    and that has to be takkun

    good job this is awesome!
    thanks for sharing

  2. toxictea23 Jul 20, 2005

    Nice job with the wall sunira. Excellent idea to try the whole silhouette thing^.^ Though, some extraction on the scan could use some more work^.^
    nice job and i will fave it for you
    ja ne

  3. Spystreak Retired Moderator Jul 20, 2005

    Cool. Although it kinda looks fuzzy. Pretty cool effects. The blends of colors work so well with the img.

  4. Kougaxgirl Jul 20, 2005

    OoOo SO pretty! you always make the best wallpapers sunira....oh they're always beautiful...anyway really nice scan..and the backgrounds so pretty...really did an awersome job on this..i love love love it XP

  5. Chopstickz Jul 20, 2005

    hmm, id say thats takun from FLCL or Koyuki from Beck,
    not to sure but oh well i <3 the sky in the bg,
    its strays from the cliche blue sky with stars n planets n stuff
    which is nice n origial,
    looks a bit gloomy but inspirational too kinda ^^;
    oh well either the surrounds create a pict or destruction or rebirth
    awesoem wallie n_n

  6. violomana Jul 20, 2005

    kinda reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night... FLCL style! The jupiter colors really give off an eerie lonliness. Very nice. +fav+

  7. MS0B9 Jul 20, 2005

    Owww... Nice wallie. Reminds me of a long day after a walk in the park. :) I really love the effects in this one. it looks like a real sunset. Awesome job and adding to favs!

  8. volrath77 Jul 20, 2005

    Ooooo....I feel the ambience, the emotion in there. :o XD

    I think this is one of your best work yet, Sunira. Fav!

  9. bbls Jul 20, 2005

    wow, sunira, you did an amazing job with the photo manipulation and integrating your background and scan into a wall that looks seamless. you also have a wonderful concept here with the choice of colors and having the chara in a stark looking environment, but looking ahead of him with some hope.

  10. soujiokita Jul 20, 2005

    It looks very dark, but it's very cool! The moons or whatever it is and colors are great. Keep it up. +fav :)

  11. Aa-chan Jul 20, 2005

    It's a nice concept, but I think it'a a bit too dark. Could just be me, but I would have liked to see a few more areas of light.

  12. Lenne Jul 20, 2005

    Lovely!I love the sparkles and the planet backgrounds.The colors are nice too.
    Keep up! ;)

  13. asta Jul 20, 2005

    nice wallie and dark effects ^^ color combinations are nice too ^^

    overalll a very nice wallie tahks for sharing ^^

  14. macky Jul 20, 2005

    Nice.. im not sure though.... but is still very nice....
    nice work though

  15. Iniquitymaiden Jul 20, 2005

    Wow, one of the best and captivating wallpapers, I really like it ^^ Nice job :)

  16. MasterFoot Jul 20, 2005

    wow. Beautiful colours. Great job on the whole silhouette idea fits very well with the bg and colours in the wallie. Keep up the great work :)

  17. Yina Jul 20, 2005

    amazing atmosphere.. O__O I love the colours you used.. but even though I looked at the fullview.. I coudn't see so many details.. nyaa.. but I think you did a great work on the bg.. and it fits perfectly to the scan.. wish it could be a bit brighter.. anyway, excellent work, +fav ^^

  18. SunnyDoll Jul 20, 2005

    luv this pic.... veri unique in its own way.... keep up the good work!


  19. flyindreams Jul 20, 2005

    Ahhh... beautiful! The composition is great and the effects are really nice. I think that people feel that it looks too dark because it looks more like a sunset type scene instead of a night scene, but I'm really happy that you made those red planets instead of the usual white moon T_T It definitely feels somewhat surreal, but in a very nice way, and it's so very usable as a wall... scans should always, always be positioned on the right!! *shakes fist in approval* Very beautiful job. Nominating it for Simple-ism's featured gallery~ ^.~

    EDIT: Hits head~ Just opened up the wall again on my own laptop to save it, and realized that he was standing on top of a hill... >.< Maybe it is a little too dark for some people's displays... T_T Modified my gallery comment so I feel less stupid now~

  20. lapuk Jul 21, 2005

    been awhile sunira..great to see another wall from you.. i really can't find anything wrong with it, not that i remember anything wrong with your other works..great wall up-close suni..

  21. Lodigo Jul 21, 2005

    How are you doing Sunira?
    1st when i didnt downloaded the wall yet it looked normal.
    but when i downloaded it and saw it:WOW nice effects, you made it very well..it looks kinda red XD
    anyway nice wall.
    see you later and have a nice day

  22. ayanechan Jul 22, 2005

    great job on the wallie. colours were picked out very well. grass was brushed on perfectly. the overall 'feel' that you've managed to convey through the wallpaper is just awesome. sugoii wallie indeed.

  23. thecatmistress Jul 24, 2005

    amazing Sunira!!! this is a masterpiece!!! FLCL one of my fav shows.... red moons... so soothing to the eye... +auto fav

  24. rocknroll-isgo Jul 26, 2005

    Loving the fantasy look. Oh and the title... good stuff. I'm such a sucker for creative titles. >_>

    Anyway, the paint-ish filter is bit... I donno. It just doesn't seem to fit well. And they're a lot of rough edges. It almost looks like popart... perhaps you were going for that effect? Good job on the mist/clouds in the sky though. *_* I'm jealous; wish I could make clouds like that. -_-'

    Not bad, just not a big fan of the filter you used on the ground. ^^

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