Shining Tears Wallpaper: [For in deep search of my OASIS]

Tony Taka, Shining Tears, Blanc Neige Wallpaper
Tony Taka Mangaka Shining Tears Game Blanc Neige Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

[For in deep search of my..OASIS]

Just a wall i've been working extremely hard on for the past three long and sickly days.
The thing is, the weather temp has increased dramaticlly and is extremely hot and humid, and since i am already sick, as some people know, my body cant truly take these drastic increases. So i've been throwing up and moaning half the time>.<
And, this wall is to express my emotions..although, today i was hit with another large problem. Seems that my whole life is filled with problems 23/7...ya...thats right..atleast i got an hour coffee break o.0
Basic Meaning behind the wallpaper
There is a huge meaning behind this wall, but as i know already..100% of this site doesnt give a damn anymore..soo i'll just write it down to pass the time -.-

The girl from shinning tears in the wallpaper is supposed to resemble myself. Walking through my mind, walking through the many obstacles my emotions throw out at me each and every moment of my life. The wings on her back are supposed to resemble my mother, who passed on when i was only 7 years old and have been struggling with my entire life since.I love you mom T.T. The Dark trees and grass are supposed to resemble my family members who shun me and yell at me for crying and trying hard each and every day to fulfill my dreams of being happy and living away from pain and suffering. The Temple house is supposed to resemble my family(mother's side)'s home in nawa,japan in which is the only house on this world that i feel happiest it, and are the only people in my life right now that truly respect me and treat me as a proper daughter. The temple tower is supposed to resemble that one of near the trains in nawa in which i remember passing by when i was little with my mother. The moons in the back are extremely important to me. The largest one resembles my mother, and the smallest is myself, holding eachother watching over the world. The stars in the sky resemble my thoughtful and hard working ancestors that look apon me each and everyday and give me that smallest of pushes and smiles that get me out of bed each morning and give me strength to live on with life instead of fall down and disolve.And!! Last but not least, the most important part of my wall, is the last tree in the background. The one illuminated with all those different colors. The one illuminated with all that hope and happiness...That is my true oasis. That tree resembles one that has been in my dreams..since i was 14 years old. That very same tree in my family homes backward. The is a huge story with this tree. I always had a dream of myself and my true love, lying below in the shade of that tree, and having our child run into our arms and we would both eat under that tree, and read..etc..That was always in my dreams..T.T one that i would wish to be fulfilled, but my badluck has taken a huge toll on my life..and i know it never will. But that oasis, that place of comfort..will always exist in my dreams.

Vector features in wallpaper|||Original Scan

Hours: 24 hours in total
Layers: 56
Music: Gackt Mars Cd, Se7en Must listen Cd
Dedicated to: Mel, and all friends of MT


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Browse Shining Tears Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. chichiri1907 Jul 19, 2005

    Great Job toxictea,
    The tree looks amazing and so does the background you did for the scan^^
    Well awesome job and keep it up cause' I can't wait for more^-^
    Well thanks and see yah later Toxictea!!
    Wow that wall just looks so amazing!!!!!!

  2. AngelKate Jul 19, 2005

    Ohh...that's such a sweet story. And a very beautiful wallie to go with it. *hugs*And I have a feeling you'll have your dream someday. ;) It may take a while, but I know you'll get there. :)

    Keep up your wonderful wallies as well. :)

  3. LilLaoRyo704 Jul 19, 2005

    haaa sugoi ne, it looks awesome, good job on the wall,
    its gion to my favs, oh and the background is cool too. :)

  4. Maruko87 Jul 19, 2005

    you have a pretty thought sees that you are a great person is very huge your to wallpaper already had seen your original drawings are good but this it surpasses it :)

  5. jotfif Jul 19, 2005

    WOW U CAN really write I WANT TO TYPE LIKE U WELL I KIND OF GET WHAT U HAVE SAID < I AM stupid BIG things confue ME > BUT I under stanD WHAT YOU ARE saying/ BACK TOO THE WALL IT`S wonderful YOU OUT DUN YOUR SELF ONE again toxic <meow>^.^ <I NEED TO figer OUT HOW TO MAKE MOON S THEY ALL WAYS MAKE IT LOOK GOOD IN A walll :)

  6. volrath77 Jul 19, 2005

    Great job on the composition of the character & the bg. Maybe it's just me but it also appears that the character is a tad sharper in comparison with the bg. Perhaps it could use some soften or blur a bit to match the bg. Other than that, great job as mentioned earlier. Thanks. :)

  7. azngangster Jul 19, 2005

    Hey suuki....wow nice wall. Really moody girl^_^ hahahah ah oo reminder, guitarfreaks competition in 2 weeks

  8. Lenne Jul 19, 2005

    I must say you've outdone yourself.*applause*First i must say the BG colors match perfectly with the scan.The BG is beautifully made and the meanings of this wall are excelllently drawn out.You can perfecly see in this wall that you got a lot on your mind and i hope these problems will desolve soon so you will be able to to relax even a little bit in your life.
    I'm very sad to hear that your illness has increased and that your not feeling very well. T.T
    At last i only wish to say that i wish you all the BEST and take care my friend.
    Bye! :)

  9. Eimin Jul 19, 2005

    Beautiful^^ I love the temple in the background :D

  10. Lodigo Jul 19, 2005

    whoa, that was a long story,
    i think that the wall is very nice
    the 2 moons looks very nice
    and the vector is very good
    only 1 thing: the red tree looks a little weird
    but for the rest you made a great wallie
    keep up the good job :)
    and dont be so negative about yourself
    im sure it will go better.
    see you later and have a nice day
    bye bye and take care
    (sorry for the late respons, i just came back from vacation)

  11. Noku-sama Jul 19, 2005

    XD GIRL U R alsome!!!!!!!!! ((>.>)) Anyway the pic is sick and the meaning behind it is even sick'er. amazing!!!!!!!!! I'm glad u agreed to be my friend, well keep up the kickass work ;)

    out ((with luv))

  12. YugureKaze Jul 20, 2005

    it is a very beautiful wall
    the girl looks great
    the bg gives a mysterious feeling but it looks amazing
    wonderful work suki-chan! ^_^

  13. toxictea23 Jul 20, 2005

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments^.^

  14. bbls Jul 20, 2005

    this is one of the most beautiful and symbolic wallies i've ever seen!
    i luv the meaning behind each element of your wall...and we can truly get a sense of your emotion and passion in them!
    i especially luv the illuminated tree in the background because of its symbolism to you and it really adds a sense of hope to your wall! i know you will someday fulfill your dreams to be under that special tree with your luved ones!
    and the vector looks awesome, especially when you compare it to the original scan!
    wonderful job, toxictea!!!

  15. tareren Jul 21, 2005

    Well, nice background and all, but I think you should re-work on the extraction on her hair, it looks choppy ^^ well, the vector is nice but I think her robe looks a bit weird >.<
    But for the cool background and great composition and vector I think you deserved a 9.0/10 and a fave :) keep up the good work :D

  16. tokajiji Jul 22, 2005

    i loves your walls toxic-chan. yous rock so i adds to faves. thanks you.

  17. blitzseed Jul 22, 2005

    great work i love it its so cool

  18. akari-chan Jul 22, 2005

    That story sounds really sad. Makes me want to cry. *snif snif* T_T Well, this is another great wall from you. Those ginko(?) leaves/blossoms seem kinda dark around the buildings, but it's still pretty good. Well, you did a very good job on this one. +fav Thanks fer tellin' me! ^^

  19. WindAlchemist Jul 22, 2005

    wow, so cool!!
    your hard work really payed off for this one, its really great!
    the character looks great in the background which also looks really good!
    i can defiently see why it took such a long time to make....
    im sorry about your mom, and i agree with other posters before me, it is a sad story what you have written T_T
    but you will get through it all in the end!

  20. Leaf Jul 22, 2005

    Another amazing wall! ^^ I love it. =D Good job and keep up the good work!! ^_^ Ja matta ne! +fav

  21. Dufoe88 Jul 22, 2005

    awsome work ^^ i really like it..
    adding to my fav

  22. Carmen Jul 22, 2005

    Is a beautiful image, even if her position is a little strange... very strange...
    Your work is excellent, congratulations!!!

  23. chau-chan Jul 22, 2005

    Wow, I love the wallpapper! The image blends right into the background, and the background has a amazing, mysterious feeling. And the vectoring is great too

  24. Samurai-Jin Jul 22, 2005

    It's awesome, I love those temples on the background and the sky is quite stunning, it's full of meaning and emotion as you say, so keep that place for good, everyone need a inner place where rest, just don't lose it.

    Added to my favorites.

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