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Definatly not one of my best. I'm afraid I'm losing my touch ^_^'
This one was originaly in black and white, but seeing as how I'm stronger in color, I decided to submit this one instead.
I've just noticed how messy it is. I am sooooo sorry about that! It's really hot over here and I can't concentrate.. plus, trying to hold an air conditioning box from falling out a window made my hands pretty shaky.
Chibi Eiji lokos terrible... maybe I should have kept it in B&W...
Don't even try to say anything about the hands, I know they're terrible, but like I've said, I've given up on hands. His thumb is missing... I wonder what happened to it...

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  1. bevy-chan Jul 18, 2005

    I think it looks pretty cool! I only read one manga from Prince of Tennis but it was awesome!!! So I'm kinda of a fan!!! Anyways nice pic!!

  2. old-bern Jul 18, 2005

    cuuuuuute!!!!! nice shine effect on the hair! keep it up! *************

  3. hytokiri Jul 19, 2005

    Good draw i like it how u painted is well done, keep it up. Live on!!! :D

  4. Liz Jul 19, 2005

    what are you talking about i love it he looks so cute in chibi and even the bigger one looks amazing even with a missing finger! I love it he looks even more amazing then the one you sent me in black and white and that one was wow.. i have no words on how amazing it was and i have no words on describing this all i can do is add to favs and assure you it is amazing you have excellent skills wish i could draw like you!!! :)

  5. omigoshi Jul 19, 2005

    never seen the anime. LOL....any good? well ur drawing make me wanna watch it now. i read the manga about it. ^_^! good work

  6. eclair-chan Jul 19, 2005

    cool nice drawing think it's nice nice work ^_^ I love it +favs nice work ;)

  7. ladygoofy Jul 19, 2005

    Cool drawing...hehehe it looks cute...the chibi looks very cute! XD Hmm...although you might need to work on the hands a bit....I know...they are hard to draw....*sighs*Well I love this one...So I'll just add it to my +favorites...See you soon ;) :)

  8. Ephemeral-Garden Jul 19, 2005

    Ohh~ So this is Eiji-san? He's kinda cute. Kakoi Ejii... ^^ Anyways, don't worry about your fingers, keep trying! If you fail the first time, try and try again! Nah.... it's not messy. I think your work is wonderful. I really have to agree that you're indeed good in colouring! So keep on colouring there~ Well, chibi Eiji does looks a bit strange at the face... at first I thought he was chibi-cat-eiji. He looks like a cat in chibi. ^_^'

    Keep posting, Chloe-chan. And you've indeed done a very great job!

    P/s: What's an air conditioning box? I've never head of it in a box, but I know my air conditioner don't have a thing called air conditioner box though.

  9. Lodigo Jul 19, 2005

    Hello Chloe-chan,
    How are you doing?
    i like the eyes,but i think that you can colour it better.
    but for the rest it looks good :)
    and the chibi looks very funny
    keep up the good job
    bye bye and take care

  10. scarlettears Jul 20, 2005

    it's not that bad. I love the coloring. very nice. ;)

  11. mineharu Jul 20, 2005

    Me like ^^.. you have very cool drawings :).. keep up drawing ^^.. great work..

  12. Mandragora Jul 20, 2005

    I don't know the manga/anime Prince of Tennis...isn't it shown in Germany? :sweat:
    However, it is drawn great.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  13. THE-DARK-PRINCE Jul 20, 2005

    Nice draw the i like the chibi, he is cute...
    Good coloring too...
    Keep it up...

    :) :D :) :D

  14. heavens-Dragon Jul 20, 2005

    Yay! A Chibi-Eiji! He so cute here! You're not losing your touch! This looks great! You're really good at colouring, awesome shading and use of colours! Looks awesome overal! Keep up with the great work!

  15. aishiteraburu Jul 21, 2005

    hey its not bad
    realli great u haven't lost ur touch at all so theres no need to worry ^_^

  16. Nkabee Jul 21, 2005

    awwwww, thats sooo cute, eiji's adorable. whats there to be sorry about? chibi eiji's soooo cute, great jobb, and thanks for sharing. :)

  17. Drak Jul 22, 2005

    What do you mean? The big one's hand is great (maybe not perfect, but deffinetly good). For the big one I can only complain that he looks too girlish ;)
    As for the chibi: his mouth could use more work, but above that, it's really good.
    Overall, the only thing that is bad (in my opinion, of course) is the ball ^_^'
    Great job, Chloe-sama (even though I'm not a fan of 'Prince of Tennis', I'd say it's one of your best).
    And of course a fav.

  18. Glenn1310 Jul 23, 2005

    Quote by Chloe-chanIt's really hot over here and I can't concentrate.. plus, trying to hold an air conditioning box from falling out a window made my hands pretty shaky.

    huh? are you kidding?? you can create a masterpiece that good even when you're in these situations?!?! personally, i think that's amazing! :D anyway, good try. i like the hair shading XP

  19. tripleG Jul 25, 2005

    Hey good job!! Again love the chibi drawing! You are very good at this!!! Very skillfull... keep up the good work!

    Triple G

  20. Jackyl Sep 20, 2005

    Yeah, Eiji is one of my favorites!
    I especially like the chibi one!
    But the big one looks very much alike the one from the manga.
    Only that tennis ball... isn't it a bit too big? But I guess Drak already complained about that, so I'll just leave it.
    Is a Eiji doujinshi wouldn't land in my favs, what 'Prince of Tennis' fan would I be?

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