Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: A Date: Cagalli & Athrun

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Cagalli Yula Athha, Athrun Zala, Member Art
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series Cagalli Yula Athha Character Athrun Zala Character Member Art Source


Artist Comment

I was motivated to do this one by a friend and fellow MT. This coupling is really really popular. I hope it arlight. I'm pleased with how well Athrun turned out for my first time. Cagalli is incredibly hard to draw.

I got inspired by seeing a pic of a promotional poster for SEED. Cagalli and Athrun were dressed as if for a date and both looked ackward meeting each other. It was cute. The basic theme is just a rendevous at a mall, and you guys know how trendy malls in Japan can be. Do you think i made Cagalli look too different?

Both Athrun and Cagalli look younger here because it more fits the timeline of SEED, not Destiny, where they are older.

Anyway, Illustrator (except background).

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  1. wolfsfreak09 Jul 18, 2005

    its really cute!!!i really like it!!!! cagali looks so cute in that outfit! me+likey=favs!!! awesome job!

  2. ShadoE Jul 18, 2005

    It looks great you've captured the look of both the characters, I think keep it up XD. I only wish it was bigger :)

  3. Teryon Jul 18, 2005

    Man, talk about great artistic talent..this is another good one of yours. ::applauds::

  4. sUmm3r Jul 18, 2005

    wow xdxdxd I love it ! No, she doesn't too different ^_^ Cagalli looks great! great job>.<

  5. karubin Jul 18, 2005

    wow like always with awersome looking picture, I love the part how athrun look at Cagalli. Good Job XD I think Cagalli look better in here than the one you did in the past.

  6. benjaminchia Jul 18, 2005

    everytime i look at your work. i always feel like i am looking at a piece of scan. i thought it was drawn by the original artist.
    the characters look wonderful. and the pose for Cagalli is very
    well drawn. can see you most definitely train a lot in drawing anime characters as they look some much like the original.
    keep it up! very beautiful piece of work!

  7. CosmoStar Jul 18, 2005

    Hooray! Another drawing by Misy-K! (Hey, I've made a rhyme :)) I'm really really fond of your drawings, but y'know about that, ne? And I'm really fond of this couple (my fav GS couple...) and your drawing is just awesome! I loved how you pictured it!
    Congrats! Keep up the good work and I'm waiting for more!
    P.S.: I'll fav it, okay?

  8. angstelf Jul 18, 2005

    awesome! cagalli and athrun are my favorite couple! many thanks for sharing!

  9. andrewong1980 Jul 18, 2005

    Ooh...another Missy-K masterpiece! I'm so happy! I think my favourite thing about your works is the stunning original costumes you design. (Well, for the girls at least. I can't imagine boys wearing any of your designs so far. lol!)

    As for Cagalli looking 'too different'...maybe just a little. In a good way though, she looks much cuter with longer hair. Let's just say I couldn't recognize her as easily as I did Athrun (whom you did an amazing job on, though he looks a bit younger than he is).

    Ahh...enough nitpicking! Instant fav! Again! I think all your SEED art is in my favs! Here's to hoping you make a KiraxLacus pic too (my fav SEED couple personally)! Congrats again on a beautiful piece of art and thanks a lot for sharing. Take care, okay? So long!

  10. CagalliYulaAttha91 Jul 18, 2005

    wahhh!!!! Envy!!! Love ur artworks!!!! This one is so nice!!! ASuCaga Forever!!!!!!! Keep It up!!!! Jaa~

  11. eternally-asuka Jul 18, 2005

    wow another magnificent work of Missy-K love this one, specially cuz i am an AC fan xD
    Cagalli looks sooooooo cuteeee!!! and her clothes are divine!! *-*
    lol Athrun really looks younger xD

  12. IceQueen Jul 21, 2005

    oh wow!!! that's soooooo cute!!!! what a wonderful picture!!!!
    thank you SOO very much Missy-k, for letting me see such a wonderful picture!
    awww!! i love it!!!

  13. enchantressinthedark Jul 23, 2005

    wow!!!! this pic is so kawaii!!! cagalli looks sooooooooo hot! and athrun's nose is sure to bleed!!! haha!! Lovely!!

  14. enchantressinthedark Jul 23, 2005

    wow!!!! this pic is so kawaii!!! cagalli looks sooooooooo hot! and athrun's nose is sure to bleed!!! haha!! Lovely!!

  15. Nyuu-chan Jul 24, 2005

    Wow! Kawaiiiiiii!!!!! I love this couple. Cagalli looks here awesome, Athrun too. I must add it to my favs.

  16. Lie74 Jul 26, 2005

    It's so cute. I love it!!!! It looks great. Cagalli looks so cute in that outfit. And Athrun relly does look nice. Nice job.

  17. Leena Jul 29, 2005

    Bravo, Love Cagalli in her clothes. same goes for Athrun. Very nice. Great job.

  18. yo-chanbokura Jul 30, 2005

    lovely..... n cute dress for cagalli n athrun, it looks so pretty >____< good work!!

  19. Shinn7755 Aug 05, 2005

    OMG OMG omg!!!! that looks adorable!!! it's freaking good! i'd always picture cagalli and arhtun like this, but i never knew it came true!! //_*
    cagalli looks cute in that outfit!!! and you put a great quote next to athruN!
    keep up theg good work! //_^


  20. grizlyed Aug 30, 2005

    the girl is very cute and the background is beautiful.thx for sharing.

  21. phaerax Sep 05, 2005

    you ve drawn cagalli so c-u-t-e! your work was sure rewarding! how did you think of those clothes? they re absolutely fantastic! and seem in perfect harmony with the techy gundam seed universe.

  22. Aralana Sep 22, 2005

    I love Cagalli's outfit! And Athrun looks so cute! *claps* Great work!

  23. LilKittyCrazie Oct 20, 2005

    GAWD GAWD gawd!!! I love it!!!! Its so cute!!!! With Athrun there!!! And Cute Cagalli in Cute OutFIT!!! My fav!!!

  24. JCzala Oct 31, 2005

    OMG! This is so nice! Looking at Cagalli makes me wanna drool.
    She looks so hot in that outfit. Her hair suits her perfectly. Fav! Adding this to
    fav! Thank you for showing us your wonderful work!

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