Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Fire of Destiny

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Athrun Zala, Rey Za Burrel, Gilbert Durandal Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Another wallie again ^_^ it's about asuran&shinn vs rey&dulindall (hopefully >.<)
Finished in 12 hours, I didn't remember what kind of things I've done >.< the things I still remember that i've spend 2 hours just to extract all scans! >.< and I fell asleep about 3 hours >.< (in my compy's chair >.< and I haven't finished it!)... when I waked up >.< everything are messed up x_x
Phiuhh... but thank God finally I can submit this wall now ^_^
I hope it looks quiet nice, though I have used kira's #1 enemies on this wallie ^_^'... I'm sorry >.<! I hate rey and dulindall too >.< but for shinn.... I hope he will get realize soon and fight together with archangel n kira ^_^

Finally,it's time to thank u knight_chylde
thanks for sharing it with us ^_^
Yup,that's all I can say ,,don't forget to comment, I appreciate any feedback from u guys
Thank u ^_^!

another version ^^

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  1. kyubinaruto Jul 17, 2005

    great! pretty much love the character scans ^^ U clean them up well b^^d. However, i think there's something wrong with the placing of characters. Their height and everything... Shinn height and Athrun's height has quite a contrast u c...

  2. yo-chanbokura Jul 17, 2005

    Hihi thank u kyubi ^_^' i think u're right, asuran is higher than shinn XD

  3. Leena Jul 17, 2005

    the extraction is awesome. very nice quality. i like the background and the fire effect.
    i agree. i never liked rey or dullindal. shinn is a hopeless case *running away from shinn's fan* athrun is still the best since he realize his mistake ^^
    well, anyway, *ahem*great job on the wallie. i wish i could do i starfield *pointing at the bg* like yours. overall...... fantastic. +favs

  4. tareren Jul 17, 2005

    Hm, extraction on some of the chara hair looks a bit weird >_< and I don't think you should put outer glow on them..kinda make it look weird though it is not that obvious.. I think the glows at the background and the red color looks quite good on the wall as a whole, but some of the fire doesnt seem to get the same effect (as those at the bottom part).. I think the fire is quite OK..
    Nice wall, but doesnt seem balanced..Uh, just a personal opinion ... >.<

  5. tian82 Jul 17, 2005

    Wah !! What a nice wallpaper here !!! I love it !!! They look so cool at here !!! Burning!!!! Awesome work here !!! Thank for sharing it with us !!!

  6. Rella Jul 17, 2005

    Wow, nice wallpaper! I really like the extraction, I think you did really well in that. The background of the stars and colorful galaxy looks very nice too.

    The fire...hmm...you smudged it huh? It looks kinda strange with the fire like that...But you know...the top part of the fire looks nice because it wasn't smudged. It wouldn't really look good with that as the bottom part though. I'm not very good with fire so I can't really tell you much.

    Anyway, the wallpaper in general looks awesome and keep it up your great work!! ^^

  7. Deen Jul 17, 2005

    O_O Impressive, cool, awesome. etc XD XD
    But .. i am honest, that is really impressive, the men style is really coooooll :hmpf: :hmpf:
    Ok, let us see, XD XD , they remind me something
    The first at the left end is like Vanness Wu Jian Hao as Mei Zuo
    The second is like Jerry Yan Cheng Xu as Dao Ming Si
    The Third is Vic Zhou Yu Min as Hua Ze Lei
    and the last at the right end is like Ken Zhu Xiao Tian as Xi Men

    Haa..ha.. just kidding

  8. walkure245 Jul 17, 2005

    The guys of ZAFT huh? Not a big fan of any of them except Athrun. >_< I like how you set them up in comparison to each other. I love the space bg. It's so bright and so full of colors. Pretty. Also, the fire is really nicely done. The extraction is really great. A very awesome wallie!

  9. KeiranHalcyon Jul 17, 2005

    Wow, it's a great wallpaper. I don't really like Shinn, or Ry or Durandal (especially this two) but this wallpaper loooks really well. The fire effect looks so cool, it's a really good wallpaper.

  10. Ian999 Banned Member Jul 17, 2005

    I just have a question, what's up with the fire which is at the bottom of picture. Totally, it is very good picture. Thanks for posting up here.

  11. Rai1e Jul 17, 2005

    hmm? nice wal...well i guess i can't talk too much.....but i think Athrun already get out from zaft??? =D

  12. SweetGrl Jul 18, 2005

    Wow!! Nice wall!! I luv the background and everything!! Keep up the good work!!! ^_^

  13. white-zero Jul 18, 2005

    The wall is uh, hot? XD

    The BG is well done but the flame could do more variation. Other than that, it's okay. :)

  14. Kiako Jul 18, 2005

    the position of the charas on it is very good but the fire effect there is too much in a line. and it doesn't fit to the red one in the back.

  15. KaiJule Jul 18, 2005

    I like the result very much tho the fire doesn't really convince me. The BG fits the charas, who have a nice posing (I mean, the composition of them), but the fire annoys me somehow. Overall, the result is very good ^^

  16. MystikJ Jul 18, 2005

    aww, why so many >.< faces?
    the scans are so smooth and clean, and the b/g looks nice :]

  17. MoonlightEternity Jul 18, 2005

    whoa XD i like the fire you had! so many characters ^^ i like your idea, its really creative :D great job, thanks for sharing!

  18. animegal213 Jul 18, 2005

    Wow your wallie is so nice! I like the little firey thingy they have around the 3 zaft members and the 1 members of the archangel/orb.Anyways nice wallie and it's going to my favorites asap. ^^

  19. soujiokita Jul 19, 2005

    The fire does look a little strange, but it's okay. I like the background color and the stars. +fav

  20. enchantressinthedark Jul 19, 2005

    nice wallpaper!! its so lovely! i love the fire effects! Good job!!!

  21. Ephemeral-Garden Jul 19, 2005

    Waoohh... really amazing extraction, yo-chan! I really love the nicely extracted scan, sugoi! And the starfield is simply fantastic. I guessed that you used the tutorial from artofgregmartin webbie right? I love the background. Really very pretty~ However... the musdged fire don't really look so nice. I think, you over smudged it? Anyways, I've got some opinion bout the chars... Shinn's pose holding his hands is relly suitable for this... vs vs thingy. Seems like he's ready to fight and something like that. Dullindal has amazing pose too, really cool. But Athrun's and Rey's don't really match with the title. They have that melancholic and dreamy expression and somehow I think the title don't really suit these 2 at all.

    Overall, the background is simple fantastic, character scan is absolutely great, but the fire effects and character-choosing isn't so good. Keep the great work coming, yo-chan!

  22. starpandangel Jul 19, 2005

    Wow...I love this wallpaper! Athrun looks cute in this wall (and shinn), not to mention, the background is also nice. Thanks for sharing. *fav* See you around.

  23. GunFinal Jul 21, 2005

    >< Yochan! IT's so cool.><V I very like scan.>///<
    I like.^___^
    *-* Gillu Gillu *0* The Burning Athrun 5555+

  24. chibi-lizard Jul 23, 2005

    oooooo .. a wallie combination of all the zaft guys XD i think this ish the first wallie i've seen on dullindal. hahah .. yeash .. everybody does hate him .. but we just need him to be awound so there's some baddies to throw rotten eggs at ^_^'

    nice combination of all the scans. i like how you put all the scans together. but athrun looks more tanned than the rest ... he must have gone sunbathing with cagalli XD maybe you could change his brightness/contrast a lil to fit in with the rest :D

    as for the bg .. it's neatly done. but i don't reallie like the flow of the flames. though i think i'm not reallie good with it either >.<

    anyway .. good job with this one :D

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