Norizou Type-R Wallpaper: Resonating Dreams

Norizou Type-R, LEAF (Studio), Kizuato, Chizuru Kashiwagi Wallpaper
Norizou Type-R Mangaka LEAF (Studio) Studio Kizuato Visual Novel Chizuru Kashiwagi Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Happy Birthday, DianKibou, Rythem-chan, and Emi!
This wallpaper is dedicated to my three very sweet friends who's been with me for a very long time. Thank you guys for always being there for me thoughout this whole time! DianKibou and Rythem-chan's birthdays are on the 16th of July (same date XD). And Emi's birthday is on the 17th of July.

DianKibou: Thank you so much for always showing really awesome screenshots from various anime. I really like them alot! It's great talking to you about alot of interesting things! You're an awesome friend!

Rythem-chan: You're such a sweet friend that I love talking to! You always brighten my day and we always have great convensations. Stay sweet, and you're really talented!

Emi: I always have fun talking to you! You're a relly sweet and kind person who is really good at writing! Really, you have a really great use of words! Always so nice to me, you're a really great friend!

The wallpaper took so long to make! I'm a very slow worker ^___^;; I thought really hard about what to make. I made four different versions of this wallpaper and I picked this one because it's the most calm, and I really like the way it turned out. Scan was okay to clean, had to recreate half the water. My mountains, I made a whole bunch of random jagged edges, and I hope it turned out okay. I love these shades of blue! I got the feather brush from a friend, so if someone recognise where it's from please let me know! Please view full size, it looks better.

I hope that some of you like it! Any comments, suggestions, critisms, etc. would be great!

Thanks Biriwilg for the lovely scan: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/14603/

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  1. llxcharlenexll Jul 16, 2005

    its so cute i like the background im adding it to favourites keep up the goodies!!!

  2. Asuka27 Jul 16, 2005

    nice, i loved the bg it mix well with the image, and i put it to my fav'list keep it up !!!^^

  3. witsarut Jul 16, 2005

    Oh """""""""
    thank your very mach
    I like color blue and sky-blue . this is a picture very good
    ^-^ 0_^ o_O 3_3''

  4. Firedemon Jul 16, 2005

    realy pretty wallpaper! i love the blue color and the background is so beautiful!

  5. Regnak Jul 16, 2005

    The girl is cute.

    I love the background and the blue color.

    Good job. Nice wallpaper.

  6. sukie Jul 16, 2005

    this is really pretty!!! the feathers looks great!!! i really likt the bg...very very very pure ans clean!!! the mountains in the bg is nice too!!!
    great work Keep it up!!!

  7. lunar-angel Jul 16, 2005

    I love the colors and how well they go with the character ^_^
    Happy b-day DianKibou, Rythem, and Emi ^_^
    + to favs

  8. firelycan Jul 16, 2005

    Nice wallpaper.
    The chick is so cute :nya: !!!
    the bg looks good and i like the blue color scheme goin on.
    nice work!

  9. naomi-akiyama Jul 16, 2005

    nice job!! the girl and the background match perfectly ^^, + fav n-n

  10. Athrun Jul 17, 2005

    Um, wow. It looks beautiful. Plus it's blue, blue, blue. <3 Ah, what can I say? I love it! Heavily biased, but it's still a wonderful piece of work. Nyah.

  11. rythem Jul 17, 2005

    ah ah ah ah~~ *0* heavens-chan~~*glomps on yew* thx so much >.< ur so sweet~~ *gives u some b'day cake ^.^ the wall is very nice~ ^^ the girl is pretty n the bg matches well with her.. plus its blue ^_~ the sea looks great too ^^n I love the floating feathers with the swirly effects~ wonderful work XD +favie *hugs*

  12. Electrastar Jul 17, 2005

    I adore blue, so this is a beautiful wallpaper to me...it has a mystery about it I can't really explain...it's very nice and I love the floating feathers.

  13. Nayako Jul 17, 2005

    Beautiful wallie!! Ohhh...and happy B-day to DianKibou, Rythem-chan, and Emi!!!! :D

  14. LucyXlostangelwings Jul 17, 2005

    This is really lovely! The colours are very nice! That blue in the backgrouns is especially eye-catching....it seems to shout out: "Look at me! I'm a pretty color!" XD
    That's a stunning background! It suits the character very well! The feathers are so pretty too. :) They give this wall an enchanting feel.
    Well done! You did great. A fav!

  15. bbls Jul 17, 2005

    you made such a beautiful scenery, and i luv the ripples when the feathers hit the water...i thought that was a nice touch! the colors of your wall are very soothing and the background and scan compliment each other perfectly. :D

  16. Skillzpay Jul 17, 2005

    Another beauty from you :D
    Everything comes together well to create this beautiful scene, from the water to the starlit sky it all looks great. Only thing that irks me is the appearance of how high the water is, it looks good at where it's at, at the girl's legs but as you go back towards the mountain it looks as if it dramatically rises cause of where you have the feather falling on the water. Aside from that though good stuff :D

  17. lunacrystal Jul 18, 2005

    omg the bg looks amazing!! i luv blue so yeah..

  18. IcyFyre Jul 18, 2005

    AW! XD this is a very cute wallie! XD you did a wonderful job! XD

  19. luckymouse Jul 18, 2005

    wow this is really good hd,at the girl is cute to lol,cant wait to see your next one,great job again (^^)

  20. jingjing1208 Jul 22, 2005

    Beautiful and fantasy!!^_^
    Love it!!!!and love the blue color!!^_^ +fav!^_^ And happy b-day to them!^_^

  21. hykyit Jul 22, 2005

    XD I really like the swirls effect and also good job brushing the feathers! Looks really nice!! Someday i'll ask you for help on drawing mountains hahaha~ Hmmm...I think the sky looks a bit empty but i think there really arent anything to add there (maybe some Mobile Suits??? Hahaha~) BUT! I definitely like this wallpaper! Good job heavens-san!! ^^

  22. LastDeuS Jul 23, 2005

    Hey Heavens-Dragon how are you, havent talked to you in a long time well i was really busy and not even logged on MT, but i can see your great work is still coming so nothing to worry about ^_^ i hope your school is going great too, well c'u around (*kisses*)

  23. zaira Jul 23, 2005

    wow!! its been a loong time heaven-sama!! me really love it!! the feathers are soo pwettie and the scan fits the soft colors!! +fav!

  24. Sugasuga Jul 26, 2005

    lovely blue wallie you made there, heavens ^^ its veri peaceful and calm alright xD hmmm...well, im not all pleased with the feathers, but their alright, i especially like how the one feather hits the water ^_^ and the text is a little too big, lol. overall, veri good work :D

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