Aoi Nishimata Wallpaper: [Aoi Nishimata] Flower Field

Aoi Nishimata Wallpaper
Aoi Nishimata Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well... another wall from me ^^ was reaaaaaally bored and decided to wall..

Found the scan in MT, when I was just browsing through..
I really liked it and was thinking of walling it when I saw it for the first time XD
I love the bright and sunny feeling that I get from the scan :D
At first I had the idea to kinda like 'continue' the scan,
and place the girl at the center of the whole wall.. :D
but after all this and that ^^" , the idea developed a bit,
and that is where the idea for the rainbow came up >_<

Scan : here
Time spent : more or less 7 hours, keep on correcting and re-doing some parts
Layers : would be around 30 (after merged and all)
Details : Uh, clones a lot of things (especially the flowers) and decided to keep the sky kinda like the original in the scan.. I drew the rainbow myself.. i know it kinda suck.. well, I dun really know how to do rainbow you see, so it was manual work... Never use any brushes, since most of the work to do is cloning... XP I cut out the butterflies from another wallpaper, the original color was the orangy one, then I recolor it for the blue and red ones.. you can try seeing the original scan to see how much it differs with it :D

As usual, comments are greatly appreciated,I really need to know what is wrong with it to repair it..
So please please please give me some criticisms...
and thanks for the comments and faves in advance :)
hope you guys like this one :D

Exchanged some of the butterflies position, and added few flowers..
I know a lot of ppl question the rainbow concept and that it shouldnt be on the land ^^
I know that, but I guess I wanna be a bit fantasy-ish and made it land on the land...
though it is not supposed to be like that.. real rainbow is not like that >_<

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: VagrantDreamer
Wall: Yellow Buzz
Reason:A simple wall with great colors and cool background structure ^^

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  1. AngelKate Jul 15, 2005

    Oh, I love this scan! I've seen it on MT too, its so cute! Anyway, I love the wall! The butterflies look good, and the flowers and everything fit really well. The rainbow looks nice too, good effect. ^_^ Keep it up! :)

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Jul 15, 2005

    Wow! Very very nicely done! The colors, scan, background... everything is so nice! I would add this more than once to my favs if I could ;)

  3. Kiako Jul 15, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very pretty and the background fits well to her too. i like it ^_^
    keep up the good work

  4. hytokiri Jul 15, 2005

    The colors match perfectly, and also the butterflys, well done tareren. Live on!!! :D

  5. d479 Jul 16, 2005

    It look nice, but can you take the rainbow out it a little weird with rainbow that size close to the girl.

  6. RahX101 Jul 16, 2005

    wow nic3e job. were rainbows every to come from somehwere im sure it would look something like that. its also nice that you didnt use the grass brush, im sure we've seen it a few times too many. well just want to say great job. +fav

  7. Balljacker Jul 16, 2005

    Nice wallie. I like the scan n the bg, n also the colors are goon anyway good job. I like it. add to favs ;)

  8. Verbeek Jul 16, 2005

    Nice wall. The colors are really nice. Like the bg too.
    Good work on this one!!

  9. Jormungand Jul 16, 2005

    Ooo.. pretty~! XD
    Great work developing the scan ^.~
    The butterflies added a very nice feel to the wallie
    I love the idea of the rainbow too, although the curve seems a bit funny
    Anyhoo, this looks really great
    definitely a fav ^^

  10. Sakura0chan Jul 16, 2005

    I love the scan. ^__^ And the background is nice too. I love the colors and textures of the grass. Looks different from the other walls. Nice job! ;) The flowers and butterflies look nice too.
    I think the rainbow should be moved at the back... Because it looks strange in it's position...
    I love the glow of the text. ;) Looks very nice. ^^
    Keep up the good work!! :D

  11. ayane-heine Jul 16, 2005

    aww~~~ the scan is so nice..
    a very nice wallie there.. it looks very colourful.. :D
    a very fresh wallie... the flowers and butterflies.. ^^

  12. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 16, 2005

    Love the scenery with the cloned flowers XD now we know theyre the same species as the rest of them but hey the raiinbow is pretty neat and the butterflies go well with this wall.... all i could say is that it needs more grass.... ^_^'
    Great fav!

  13. Tatsuya Jul 16, 2005

    awesome background, but i has a litte complain the rainbow shoulb in the sky, not the land! In my humble opinion

  14. Akaiken Jul 16, 2005

    Nice backgroud and it's really CooL! The character blends well with the environment...

  15. Asuka27 Jul 16, 2005

    nice wallie , keep it up !! ^^ Must be my fav'


    ok , SEE YA

  16. Deen Jul 16, 2005

    Hii..hii Panda-Chan :hmpf: :hmpf: :hmpf: , you must go study hard, to take seat in the famous university , don't spend your time to make wallpaper XD XD , but ... i must be honest, this wallpaper is really pretty .. really pretty, and really adorable. Especially the girl ^_^'

    Wrong ...? I only see a bit strange for rainbow, because there is no rainbow on the ground, but ... if the ground on the sky, maybe there is.

  17. akaichou Jul 16, 2005

    The girl is soo cute and really fit the background.
    Fave I must ^^

  18. sukie Jul 16, 2005

    this is super cute!!!! the sky is very clean...and the grass so sweet...the rainbow...how did you do it??? it looks so cool!!!!!

  19. missy1066 Jul 16, 2005

    This wallpaper looks very nice tareren... You've obviously put a lot of work into it... ^_^... the only thing that seems a bit weird is the positioning and size of your rainbow... personally I think it would look better if it was a bit thinner and if it was positioned in the sky instead of starting off in the middle of the grass... The flowers and butterflies look really awesome though... ^_^... Keep up the good work... ^_^

  20. snowhite Jul 17, 2005

    heyyy!!!! this sure is a kawaii wallie^^ the scan is soooo pretty & the backround is sooo pretty too:) I reeeeally lovee it^^
    u use a brush for the butterflies right? they are just like real ones^^
    keep creating beautiful wallies^^

  21. kyubinaruto Jul 17, 2005

    I love the way you clean the scan tara-chan! Great job in that! Yes, the rainbow is really strange >.< It's too sudden. Will be better if u put it in the background? :\

    The butterflies look to real to blend into the picture as well >< Mayb it's just me...

  22. zaira Jul 17, 2005

    wow!! soo pwettie flowers! i love the butterflies as well! for the scan, nice choice for the springy scenery!! me love also the clouds XD though me dont like the rainbow but overall nice springy wall!!+fav!

  23. Barbara Jul 17, 2005

    Lovely and colorful wallie, the bg is gorgeous, I love the rainbow. Exquisit job, +fav ;)

  24. Sandra Jul 17, 2005

    Wow This Is A Nice Wallie From You ;d
    i Liek the scan you used, looks calm , no pixels, no edges. Fits the bg.
    I Also really like the rainbow ;D Looks so sweet !
    Flowers...... in some parts they look like they flying or something
    Butterflies are nice but I can see some white edges.
    Nice sky and clouds , but you should add horizont or something because this white thing looks unreal. But the concept is very nice and overall i like this wallie ;D
    Keep up a good job !

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