Steamboy Wallpaper: [in the S.K.I.E.S above London]

Yu Kinutani, Studio 4°C, Sunrise (Studio), Steamboy, James Ray Steam Wallpaper
Yu Kinutani Mangaka Studio 4°C Studio Sunrise (Studio) Studio Steamboy Series James Ray Steam Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

a Steamboy wall ^^ i guess no catgeory was created for it so its unknown ^_^'

i think this movie was released recently or will be released so i made a wall of the main character.
set in London this movie really looked cool, from the poster anyway. its grungey style and the land behind him is the London landscape.
lots of clouds and smoke XD well steam, really.
the text is a London Underground font and i thought it was a nice touch.

Personal Messages: dedicated to the recent terrorist bombing victims in London. may their souls rest in peace.

[kai's Cities Trilogy]
1. >> A.S.I.A.N. Frontier
2. >> in the S.K.I.E.S. above London
3. >> coming soon ^^

more resolutions coming soon at kaiProductions

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: bluSake
Wall: To the Sky
Reason:awesome colours and the texture is very cool ^^



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  1. Krew Jul 15, 2005

    Nice wall man i like the background i added it to my favorites what's that on his back.

  2. kawai Jul 15, 2005

    it makes me think of Band of brother if you know this serie ^^ lol
    excellent job, great composition with the smoke :)


  3. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jul 15, 2005

    @.@ etto,i told what i think about this wall in the sandbox,but here i go again:

    The top left part seems a little empty for me,also the text is a little plain and maybe u can change the position of it

  4. mimia-chan Jul 15, 2005

    its so lovely kai! i really like the smokey feeling that you made with that look you made.
    i like the font too XD
    very nice work :) +fav

  5. asianspirit Jul 15, 2005

    oh, interesting...

    the stlye of the wall is very unique. it reminds me of an "uncle sam's i want you" poster with a little more texture. this is really cool. XD great job, kai!

  6. Nona Jul 15, 2005

    As I say the titel, I kwoned. It must be a steamboy wallpaper :D
    Very nice as always! The clouds are amizing! :)
    i like it!

  7. meteorcloud Jul 15, 2005

    hey kai ~! aah an entry :O.....hmz.....I dunno...if I can let this wallpaper enter my contest=/....I was saying no scenery....and I see abit of the city....and...well...I dun really see this wallpaper as a grunge, abstract or tech. hmz....well..I can see some texture and some clouds got a grungy look but......I think it isn't enough....gomen.....if you wan to enter with this wall I think you need to edit the wall abit. anyways, it's a nice wall.

  8. sakoikai Jul 15, 2005

    Nice! I like the style. Though I think the font stands out too much, perhaps it's because of the white border.

  9. bluSake Retired Moderator Jul 15, 2005

    Love the textures: the cloudy grunge-ness. & you were very bold with your text, which I think is a good thing ^_^ .

    i was wondering why specifically London until I saw your message. Have you seen WE'RENOTAFRAID.com? It's a site set up after the bombings. Your subtitle reminded me of their concept. Kudos to you.

  10. Amaranth Jul 15, 2005

    ooo this is cool X3.. i like the steam..
    and the London landscape... tho you can't really see much in the thumbnail..
    but the bigger version it looks so detailed O_O
    the font's o reminds me of that sign :nya:

  11. MagicianFairy Jul 15, 2005

    I like it the bg...i think only, seems real again, nice work as always Kai^^

  12. IllusionistAria Jul 16, 2005

    You pulled off the text really well here, and the font you chose IS a nice touch. ^^ The grungy sort of texture looks fantastic as well, and the background looks great. It's a really wonderful wallpaper! :D +fav
    (On a side note, I'm going to be gone for a week, so I might miss some of your work. T.T I'll check back as soon as I get back though! And I was just wondering if you needed hosting for your site.)

  13. hongrboi Jul 16, 2005

    Ooo a trilogy. I was wondering why it had the capital letters with periods again. Do they stand for anything? Anyways, I like the steam.

  14. DarkEVO Jul 16, 2005

    Hey I was gonna make steamboy wallpaper almost like this but I guess you made it first.
    Heard it was a great anime although I haven't seen it yet.
    Great job on it. The background and the clouds or mist surrounding him is good.
    Nicely done.

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 16, 2005

    At last someone actually made a Steam boy wall and i thought no one knew about it but yeah i love the textures, simple text an that steam rockket on his back! XD Nice portrayal and dedication t the London bombings...Great job man!

  16. Iyasis Jul 16, 2005

    Ah yes, I remember seeing an ad for Steamboy in the Metro some time ago ~ the movie didn't seem to get a lot of attention, probably overshadowed by all that Hollywood stuff >.>

    It's a really interesting and unique wallpaper. The clouds/steam are nicely done and it certain parts even look grunge/abstract-ish. The faded teal blue for the sky matches the same sorta faded texture of the steamrocket. That London Underground font is neat, especially that O. Actually the wallpaper looks like it could be a promo advertisement ~ great work!

  17. sukie Jul 16, 2005

    ...this is really nice...the scan used fit well with the greyness of the bg...and the bg...*stares are clouds* looks sureal!!! i love...i love...i love!!!!!

    great work!!! my friend!!!

  18. Jiwoo Jul 16, 2005

    OoOoOoOoOo ^-^ i really like this wallpaper ^0^ the effects and stuuff look really nice ^0^
    good job :D

  19. rocknroll-isgo Jul 16, 2005

    The whole effect with the misty grunge with the city in the background is incredible. And I rather like your different, almost movie-style, approach to the text; it really gives the wall a different impression. The wide open spaces help add to the effect, too.
    In the corners, the black grunge are a bit too noticeable in my opinion though. I think you should stick to the bright/flat colors --- black just looks strange.

    Overall though, this is fantastic work and nice tribute, Kai. Needless to say, fav'ed. ^^

  20. KaWaiiXAnGeL Jul 16, 2005

    heh this is awesome it has such cool style! i like the background the clouds mix in with the sky!nice!thats really tight! keep up the good work!

  21. anji Jul 17, 2005

    I don't like the art of this movie very much.
    Still I think you did a really good job wiht the textured/blurry background.
    Nice effect on the bomb.
    And I think it's a really cool idea to have written the tittle on the scan, the way you did it. I like the font also, it matches well with the wall overall, even if it's a big contrast.
    It's difficult to see it's a city in the back, maybe it should be in bigger plan.
    Besides that, I like the setting, nice work! :)

  22. Sandra Jul 17, 2005

    Wow , first comment after my small brake ;) Let's rock !
    This is absolutly a great style ! And i like it .
    I liek how you made clouds , looks really nice. This thing behind the man is a city , am i right ? Looks good but i think you should make it looking more like a city but that's just my opinion. Overall nice wallie . I like ppl which are making walls in their styles . Fav for ya

  23. tareren Jul 17, 2005

    Hey, nice tribute for London, may the victims rest in peace ^^
    As for the wall... etto.. I love the effect (on the texture of the whole wall), made it looks so... classic i should say XD
    love the background too :) the city looks so cool at the back,but I think you should let out the clouds a bit so that it looks a bit clearer.. nice concept there :)
    though I think since he is wearing the goggles and all, maybe it will look better if there are planes (you know, the old model ones) at the sky on the background :D
    So for the cool concept, nice effect, and great overall, I think you deserved a 9.4/10 and a fave :)

  24. slivermoon Jul 17, 2005

    interesting, never heard of it >_>
    anyways the bg is nice
    the blend between the clouds and grunge texture is really nice
    though i can't see much of London at the back
    oh wellszz nice work ^-^

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