Jing: King of Bandits Wallpaper: King of Bandits Jing

Studio DEEN, Jing: King of Bandits, Kir, Jing Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Jing: King of Bandits Series Kir Character Jing Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

You don't have KoB under the Aniem Selections..

And sorry to dreamweaver for deleting the comment that he wrote by deleting this.. i wanted to update but there isn't a update button. I'd like to Thanks Daeya for the asstance with the firery effect in the wall ^^.
This took about 4 hours ^^ *is now tired after all the correcting*
I hope oyu enjoy it Comments plz ^^

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  1. crapmonster Mar 19, 2004

    as i said on AO, this wall is just awesome!!

  2. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Mar 19, 2004

    hhee...commented in AO...lookin hot dude!

  3. silverdragon Mar 20, 2004

    cool wall ^_^ I like it a lot!

  4. Mizuki-Chan Mar 20, 2004

    Kewl I love it! I love king of bandits jing!

  5. dreamers Mar 21, 2004

    this a kickass wall.

  6. Tantaga Mar 23, 2004

    I really like the grid effect and the firey Bg behinf him. It really matches the character's clothing and I'm assuming personality. The font you've used is kinda gothic and helps to tie everything together nicely. The sudden "light burst" is pretty cool. Also, I don't know why, but that owl really creeps me out XD. Cool job on the wall.

  7. xbluefish Mar 26, 2004

    It's so TwistedGTX's style !!!

  8. Cloudnine Apr 02, 2004

    Awesome work~ I remember seeing this on AO. It's a real eye catcher XD

  9. Zaccheus Apr 05, 2004

    Jin is the coolest, my fav anime character. Great extraction of the pic, i see almost no fault. And the colors fit really well, but it may be a bit too bright for me.

  10. neji-neji Apr 17, 2004

    w0w! looks great! =] love the colors perfect

  11. Think Apr 28, 2004

    nice wall man nice

  12. chunli61 Jul 31, 2004

    very nice king of bandits wall :D

  13. markos423 Sep 04, 2004

    very nice...not enough walls of this series out there...nice work, twisted ^_^

  14. bucket-shot Oct 02, 2004

    Great wall. :D I really love the colours and that image is one of my KobJ favourites. XD Sweet extraction work, too.
    Argh! Tantaga took most of what I wanted to say-- the grid and fire and lights work well... fweh. Cool wall. I'll just hush now.

  15. Evanrued Nov 04, 2004

    I love Jing! This one is soo awsome!! 5 stars to ya! The mixes of colors is genius. I like very much! Very good work!

  16. squink Nov 22, 2004

    this is an awesome wallpaper i looking for a wallpaper for king of bandit jin.... thsi is sooo koool

  17. kalong Restricted Member Nov 28, 2004

    woow it's cool

  18. danh21 Nov 28, 2004

    it's really a cool wallpaper!~~

    i will use it for my desktop wallpaper today!!

    thank you!!

  19. Blackmetal Banned Member Dec 02, 2004

    Very good!

    Congratulations ^^
    This work are very impressive, and goes direct to my desktop. I like that, now at the end of day ... ak.a... nightfall smiley

    Anyway,,, good work.-

  20. annihilator10000 Dec 24, 2004

    nice wallpaper! its great
    i love this series and everything about it

  21. Mossdog Dec 31, 2004

    very very very very good background colour ^_^

    nice writings hiding there, it would sure be cooler, if there where lots more of them, hiding in the background

  22. Jeri29 Jan 08, 2005

    yaaaaaa....that's mine..^^.....now it's my wallpaper
    i loved it & i love so much Jing ....^__^
    that is soo woasome wallpaper!!!!!

  23. made Mute Member Feb 14, 2005

    That's good. Favorites wallpaper.

  24. Kira-sama Jul 26, 2005

    cool wall. WHY DOES JING LOOK diffrent IN THE anime THEN IN THE MANGA!!!it confuses me. its still awsom.

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