Violinist of Hameln Wallpaper: Siblings Forever

Studio DEEN, Violinist of Hameln, Lute (Violinist of Hameln), Clari Net Wallpaper

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Ok, this is for the Chibi-Fest Contest. featuring Lute and Clary of Violinist of Hameln.

Take about 3 hours. i did a plain background since there is really nothing but i will try and update it. found the scan somewhere in the internet. the extraction is not so nice in the hair. credits to imanimetion for the wings. i tried to add a rainbow but it did not turm out good.hehe. got the idea of the title when i was having a great time with my two sisters.

well, anyway. my wallpaper *Siblings*

made the bg darker

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  1. animegal213 Jul 15, 2005

    Wow I love the way how the two siblings are in front of a kind of radial blar thingy.Anyways what do I have to say...your wallpaper is really nice and blue ^^ The scan is well clean. Anyways great work you did ^^


  2. Yina Jul 15, 2005

    mhmm.. the left part is a bit too empty.. and i think you should make the font more transparent... nyaa.. overall nice work^^

  3. Dufoe88 Jul 15, 2005

    nice work ^^

  4. MyrrhLynn Jul 15, 2005

    Wow this is kind of freaky... my sister was watching this series on my computer last night. o_o XD

    I'm sure just finding this picture was a hard task since this series is not so popular. Nice work on the wings behind the text. You are right the background is a bit plain though... I'm not sure what you could add though since I'm not all that good with abstract type background myself. XD

  5. halcyonTwilight Jul 15, 2005

    Agreed with yuunachan that the tex should be a bit transparent. There's nothing wrong with simple walls in my opinion..all the better for desktop icons i say XD Nice work and hope u do good in the contest :)

  6. starpandangel Jul 15, 2005

    I've never seen the series before, but nice wall. Although like what some of the others said it is a bit plain. Anyway, keep up the good work!

  7. yamazaki Jul 16, 2005

    ok good concept but i think you left too much empty space ^^; you can actually put something there like maybe tree or whatever. but overall its nice
    good luck on the ocmpetition ;)

  8. Zanejin Jul 16, 2005

    A fairly good job on this one, Leena. I like the way that image attracts the viewers attention with that radial vortex effect. Also, the way that the siblings were made to look like they were standing on the cloud was superb! The text effects are very good, in addition.

    The only problem is that there's too much emptiness surrounding the text, as Yamazaki said. And I wish you luck in the Competition!

  9. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 16, 2005

    My sole worry is that the two characters you used aren't really chibis! >_>

    The hair extraction definitely is a bit suspicious... I think you used the magic wand or the lasoo tool. I suggest you get familiar with the pentool to do extractions... especially with this scan as well... the quality is a bit grainy... could do with a duplicate layer, noise--> median and then changing the layer to a soft light and playing around with the lighting levels by hitting ctl+L

    I like the radial effect... the burst really brings out the cheeriness. But as many have stated, the left side is a bit empty. I can't think of what you would like to put into there, but a scenic would have been one option. Another is brushes... but at this stage it's fine as it is... that'll be something to think about with your next wall.

    I don't think the text should have more transparency. Instead I think the text is excellent, but it would have worked better if the characters were of better quality, or you vectored them.

    One of the better entries :) Well done!

  10. chibi-lizard Jul 17, 2005

    mmm .. i actually kinda like the way it ish now. plain and simple chibi wallie :D

    i kinda like the scan .. they look cute :D but i find the edges of the scan a lil grainy. maybe it's because of the extraction. especially around the hair. the lines around the scan looks uneven so i suggest that you could put a light stroke of black around it and lower the opacity of the stroke to make it blend :)

    i especially like what you did for the text :D though i think you could use a lighter sade of blue for the base of the font .. or maybe lower its opacity :) the bg ish okie .. a lil empty on the left side. but overall .. i find it kinda neat :D

  11. Liz Jul 18, 2005

    I love the characters there so cute and the background reallly suits them its an amazing wallie great work! :)

  12. tender Feb 07, 2006

    Kawaii! Lute is my favorite character from the Violinist of Hameln series.

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