Air Wallpaper: Friendship's Rainbow

Key (Studio), Air, Minagi Tohno, Misuzu Kamio, Potato (Air) Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Minagi Tohno Character Misuzu Kamio Character Potato (Air) Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

ok...for Chibi-Fest group contest X3...hopefully i'm not late xD
erm..air...i have not watched it xD...so i'm not one to wall but they were soo cuteeeee ...^^;;
lots of tutorials O___O i don't know so much =___=

and more that i forgot the links to ^^;;...er...2..or 3 more xD

yes..i know i overbrushed xD...couldn't help it...i finally found where the brushes were xD ^^;;;..and i finally learned how to use them O___O ;;;

i don't think the rays of light really show up^^;;;..i tried...over and over O___O
too bright or nothing...and this was the best it would come^^;;

title...thanks to onewingtenshi...because i didn't even know if they were friends xD ^^;;

the sun O___O ugly ...couldn't find tutorials for sun..so i tried a planet one ...omg it's ugly xD...eh well..hidden mostly by clouds =___=
scan from: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/126827/ byMadMover

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  1. hohogaga Jul 15, 2005

    That's so cute. Misuzu & Michiru & Minagi on the rainbow.

  2. Kiako Jul 15, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the charas look so cute and the buterflies are a nice touch too.

  3. Exonus Jul 15, 2005

    Wonderful wallpaper. I really love it (especially chibi like ). thanks for sharing with us your work. So beautiful waow ;)

  4. Exonus Jul 15, 2005

    Wonderful wallpaper. I really love it (especially chibi like ). thanks for sharing with us your work. So beautiful waow ;)

  5. rhiannon0919 Jul 15, 2005

    Super Super Super Cute!!!!!!! Fav for me :) The butterflies are so pretty!! Good Job :)

    The extraction is really good and the scan is super clear also :) How did you extract it ?

  6. bbls Jul 15, 2005

    omigosh this is too cute! i luv the concept of your wall with friends standing ontop of a rainbow, but i wish the background was a little darker.
    and good luck in the competition! :D

  7. Spystreak Retired Moderator Jul 15, 2005

    Oh look at the cute little chibis. Aww amn can't resist cuteness. >.<

  8. miyano Jul 15, 2005

    eh..not bad.it's simple and nice. haha..i was searching for AIR pictures just a few days ago XD..saw some of the chibi characters..yup yup,the same one you're using XD anyway,i thought rainbows are started with red,and then etc..well that...is from the top^^;
    but still,good luck in the competition :D

  9. tiger_jam Jul 15, 2005

    This is a really cute Air wallpaper! I really like it! Very nice :D

  10. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 16, 2005

    lol, I don't think you overbrushed at all. I rather like the butterfly trails... but download a set of custom brushes rather than using the photoshop default ones... they're boring :pacman:

    You've got clean extraction... the quality of the scan is really good... and I like the whole concept :)
    The butterlies through can be a little more "anime" or chibi-fied because they look like brushes rotated and put here and there... the clouds could have also been more clearly definied. Imagine a puffy white cloud that was bold and puffy against a sky. It'd be much more effective and bold with chibis :)

    Hmmm... and where they're standing is kinda funny. Maybe you could have chucked a few clouds at their feet... but this is a great wallpaper :)
    a wonderful entry ^_^

  11. Iyasis Jul 16, 2005

    Aww, this is so happy and cute!! I love the chibi characters, especially Poteto (the puppy), they're so cute it's almost scary, lol. The background really suits the theme well, I like the rainbow and the sparkles. The butterflies are nice, but they seem too detailed and realistic in comparsion to the rest of the wallpaper. Overall, great work ^^b

  12. faceofspades Banned Member Jul 16, 2005

    the butterflies and rainbow go great w/ chibis, so cheery looking. u belong in the pic too XD
    *Shtuffs the babyface into the pic*

  13. sukie Jul 16, 2005

    this is sooooo cute!!!! i think the bg is wanferful! and the scan is just super!!!! where did you find it???

    great job my friend!!!
    i've added it to fav

  14. Deathent Jul 17, 2005

    woo~ so cute... you entering the chibi-fest contest?
    good luck 2 you cos there so many ppl there.
    abt d wall... +fav ^^

  15. ayane-heine Jul 17, 2005

    aww~~ what a cute chibi air wallie.. :D
    although it looks kinda empty but it's still very cute and nice.. ^^
    good job oh Amaranth...

  16. smiels Jul 17, 2005

    wowys!! thats is soo cute
    i love the backgroung espacialy the rainbow^.^
    lol its my fave now!!

  17. LucyXlostangelwings Jul 17, 2005

    Awww, it's adorable! XD I love how you put them on a rainbow! It makes them look even cuter! You also added little wings for two of the chibis, I just noticed. I love those butterflies, they are very pretty and well suited for this wall.
    Overall, it's very nice! Simplicity is sometimes the best, like in this case. Good luck with the contest Amaranth-chan! :) (*Me favs*)

  18. Athrun Jul 18, 2005

    Tis adorable, sai jeh. >>; Geen mhm geen hoi deh hoh duc yee? XD

    Love the pretty stars and rainbow. <3 And the clouds are somewhat faint... but still nice.. :D

  19. KaWaiiXAnGeL Jul 19, 2005

    wOW! this one is very pretty and cute i love it!^_^ nice work!aww..! the background is awesome its cool so is the rainbow and the butterflies! i really think the cloud background is unique!wow very beautiful good job!^_^

    +adding to favorites

  20. Criox Jul 21, 2005

    Hi Ama! I am visiting Mt so I decided to pay you a visit ne~ Hehe! I like this chibi air characters! So kawaii! <3 Simply, clear and beautiful. Thats the type of wallie I like most! Keep it up! *Fav

  21. jessycoordinator Jul 26, 2005

    this is sooo cute *eyes huge and sparklie* it's pretty, it;s cute and it;s a chibi! *running to the fav. button*

  22. animefairy Jul 28, 2005

    I love the chibi characters!!!! They are very adorable!!!!
    They are the cutest things I seen!!! *adding to favs*

  23. _11of8 Jul 28, 2005

    Kawai~ Absolutely adorable wallpaper. I wish more of these would be made, as it's a refreshing change of pace.

  24. miyuzen Aug 02, 2005

    this is sooooooo cute amaranth! the colors are wonderful, soft and bright. also love the butterflies. thanks for sharing your work. keep it up. i've added this to my faves.

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