Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: [ S.I.D :: Kira Yamato ]

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Kira Yamato Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First of all,thanx to all the ppl in the sandbox threads for their ideas and suggestions about this.

Suggestion: Read the lyric before see the wall,for some reason i wanna reflect parts of the lyric in the wall (i dont know if i make it). Also check the full size for more details on the back

Another wall from me,back to the "Seed of Grunge series"(yes i found a name for it),is not fully a grunge wall or a scenic,is some kind of blend between them,try to remake the scene of a old factory,some fog,silouttes,stars.

All made with PS,just brushes and filters,nothing special.

More resolutions soon at Cynical Angel & [url=stray.atspace.com]STRAY[/url]

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Bucket-Shot
Wall: PeaceMaker Kurogane Files
Reason:Forget about those big walls with a lot of things made on PS,and take a look at this wonderful wall made by bucket,great concept and simple look.

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  1. meteorcloud Jul 14, 2005

    hey hey rebel~! I like the idea of this wallpaper :D~!!!
    the composition is nice, texture, effects are nice, but looks likes the scan looks kinda dull =/....but that's your idea if I'm right ^_^"...hmz..is that a window =o?????? I see glass....I think ^_^"....hehe...ow well..great job ^_^~!

  2. llilliathari Jul 14, 2005

    Wow! I just love this dark atmosphere, it's fits so well with the character and what's going in the tv show!
    I fing interesting the shadows behind an the starry sky ( good job on it).
    You definitively deserve a big favorite for this wallie!

    Thank you so much for sharing your work ^^

  3. toxictea23 Jul 14, 2005

    Hmm pretty background...very nicely done..but the scan looks bad with that awesome background...it should be much darker..it shouldnt be soo light since kira yamato is indoors and it is dark outside^.^

  4. iarly Jul 14, 2005

    I like the way you tried to convey the lyrics in just an image... successfully! Very good concept, it just feel right for the character. The window (?) background looks good too. Angsty... oh, yeah, give me angst! And I'll give you a +fave!

  5. Nadriel Jul 14, 2005

    Wow I'm wordless.. This is just cool photo.. And I'm a Kira fan..

  6. MrsBloomie Jul 14, 2005

    It's a really nice wallpaper. I think I get the feeling from the lyrics and how you tried to blend it into the wallpaper like trying to show the true nature and what he's been dealing with the character.~ That's my idea of what you tried to give with the lyrics. ^_^'
    Either way, you did a really good job with the background. The moon, the shadows, the window's texture, and the mist outside blend real nice though for me it's a little too much of stars outside and I think you should had made Kira a little more darker and with that he would perfectly blend in the bg.
    You made an awesome job here~ +fav ^.~

  7. anji Jul 14, 2005

    Really nice work on the wall and window, with the crack in the wall. I like it.
    Great grunge/blurry background for the space, it's pretty artistic.
    I agree with MrsBloomie about Kira being a bit too bright, I think he has a bit too much of yellow in the scan for the blue theme of the wall overall. Just a bit less in it and it should be perfect. :)
    Keep it up with your good work! +Fav

  8. kai81220 Jul 15, 2005

    awesome work RSK ^^ esp the sillhouettes in the bg, lol kinda reminds me of OA's style but nonetheless it looks great.
    scan matches great with the starry bg and the cracked glass is good.

    >_< i need to find out how to do sandboxing!


  9. ayanechan Jul 15, 2005

    looks really cool for the fact that it isn't just 'grunge'!! XD i think you did a great job for the background. the 'broken glass' however looks a little odd. cause it's rare to have just one or two cracks when a shard of glass goes breaking. it usually leaves lots and lots of cracks. but maybe you just didn't want to overdo it ne? i think some light interior detail on the black space wouldn't hurt XD but good job nonetheless

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 15, 2005

    At last something prestine and beautiful in many ways possible, love how the bg is atmospheric and the buiding shadows go together well. The image and text work!
    Great job and keep that spirit up! :P

  11. Electrastar Jul 15, 2005

    I have to say that I'm no fan of GS, but this is a new twist to your wallpapers. I love the textures in the sky and the broken window is very nice as well.

  12. DernierCri Jul 15, 2005

    this should go in the highlighted submissions...
    Rebel is back. excellent in many ways...
    can't wait for the plug. i wonder what would it be...

  13. zaira Jul 15, 2005

    i love it!! kira tootally rockz!! me love the window and some grunge style!! love teh dark colors!!+fav!

  14. RahX101 Jul 15, 2005

    wow, nice. you captured that whole old factory look you were going for and then some. the outside looks very nice, the whole industrial/spacy look blended well. nice job. +fav

  15. shinorei Jul 15, 2005

    Ooh, nice concept of this new thing of yours. *cheers*
    What happened to Kira's face? It has lightish and darkish colours all over, and if you're doing a some sort of shadow effect on his face, it is a bit of weirdy because there's this dark spot at his long fringe. o_o maybe i'm just overreacting. ha-dee-ha. XD
    the stars are really nice and the texture's great.
    keep up the great work! +fav

  16. sUmm3r Jul 15, 2005

    waaaaa! I wub it rsk! Nice overall finishXD Awesome! The texture is very cool. Rockin wallie^_^

  17. Leena Jul 15, 2005

    Cool. love da background. the stars are awesome. kira is great too. fantastic wallie *thumbs up*

  18. asianspirit Jul 15, 2005

    wow, this is some work you've got here. :D

    the lyrics to that papa roach song really does convey it. the atmosphere of the colors and texture is one of a kind. and the background is really great too. the scan of kira with that expression fits it well.

    great job, RSK!

  19. rocknroll-isgo Jul 16, 2005

    Hey, it's not grunge! But it's GSD. >_> MT has a serious GSD craze.

    Anyway. Love the destruction looming in the background contrasting with the 'indestructible' Kira. The cracked glass could use some work though... it would be thicker and more erratic.

    Still, awesome chaos and destruction wall. Love those things! XD

  20. Lady-Cagally Jul 16, 2005

    Sugee!!!! Nice and cool wallpaper here. I really like the stars behind Kira and why Kira looks so sad? Be cheerful, Kira chan, I like your smiling face *giggle giggle* Love this wall so much and Love you too my friend ^_~

  21. sukie Jul 16, 2005

    what can i say...i'm faving this...
    the bg you make is very good, it brings out the expression on his face...
    the misty bg is a great idea!! wanderfuL!

  22. StarCentury Jul 16, 2005

    Simple yet very grungy as usual, Rebel-san! :D Nice idea of using the Papa Roach lyrics as a infuence on designing the wall, kinda fits the mood quite right! Also the soft textures on Kira as well as the Gundam reflection on the slightly broken glass are very cool touches that dun make the grunge wall too complex! Great work, Rebel-san! ^_^'

  23. Hel-Ya2 Jul 17, 2005

    Quote by meteorcloudhey hey rebel~! I like the idea of this wallpaper :D~!!!
    the composition is nice, texture, effects are nice, but looks likes the scan looks kinda dull =/....but that's your idea if I'm right ^_^"...hmz..is that a window =o?????? I see glass....I think ^_^"....hehe...ow well..great job ^_^~!

    what i have to say is very much the same as meteorcloud

  24. FlowerDog Jul 17, 2005

    You mention that the items you use to create this wallpaper was nothing special but you have a great talent with combinding different elements in to your wallpapers and with using the PS. All of your intentions do show clearly. Love the faded vision of the mobile suit Gundam in the further distance behind the old rusty window. Excellent job Rebel-Soul-Kaze. Looking forward to more of your works. :)

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