Memories Off Wallpaper: Common Jasmine Love

Mutsumi Sasaki, Memories Off, Inori Misasagi Wallpaper
Mutsumi Sasaki Mangaka Memories Off Series,Visual Novel Inori Misasagi Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Layers: 34
Time: 5 hrs
Image Scan: Memories Off
Image from: lamhoimanvindy

Hey everyone, I'm back at Australia already and I have just started walling again with my comp.
I miss my computer very much since I have everything to do wallpaper in it.

And so this my new wallpaper, Common Jasmine Love; which was inspired by Jay Chou's song: Common Jasmine Orange or Qi Li Xiang.

It's a very beautiful song and the song somehow gave me an inspiration to make a wallpaper out of this scan. And it was a tiring job for me to make it since I couldn't decide on what to put on it and it was a pain in the neck as well. And I haven't been doing much walling lately either, but I'm happy with the outcome of this wall.

Hope everyone likes it. Enjoy it everybody.

PS: I put a flower brush over on her hair to cover the thingy to make it more lovely.

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  1. AngelKate Jul 13, 2005

    Awww, how cute! And the background looks so dreamy...I love it. ^_^ Nice job!

  2. DarkVirus Jul 13, 2005

    the background looks so pretty with the stooting stars and clouds
    and it blends well with the two lovers.
    good job DarkEVO and keep up the good work :)

  3. shadowdeath Jul 13, 2005

    very good. I think it is a great concept. The only thing I woudl add is a little more variety. It is a bit redundant if you ask me but maybe I am just being to critical. Good job! Fav+

  4. Kuzoku Jul 13, 2005

    Very romantic ^_^* I like the windy look and the background is really nice. Great Job!!

  5. kai81220 Jul 13, 2005

    another blue wall from evo! XD
    like the concept of the wall ^^ but somethings could look more natural ex. vary the sizes of the comets and spacing, so it looks like there is distance between them. looks too robotically spaced right now. but great job with the sky, nice shade of blue

    i like the cloud surrounding the scan but maybe add some details like a rooftop just visible behind the clouds and stuff that make it look more complex.
    amazing choice of font, looks awesome >.<
    scan is a bit pixelate and extraction is a bit grainy in some area.
    other than that, nice work +fav

  6. walkure245 Jul 13, 2005

    Has a simple feel but it's really sweet. The night sky is really pretty and I like the shooting stars alot. But I think you should vary some of the the tails a lil bit so they differ. The scan is very sweet and the clouds realy add a fantasy-like feel. I'm not too fond of the red flower in her hair since it doesn't go well the color scheme. But it's sweet as well. So it's okay if you leave it in or not. This is a really good work~

  7. KittyPuchiko Jul 13, 2005

    It's beautiful!!! Great job DarkEvo. ^_^

  8. sukie Jul 13, 2005

    this is soooo cute!!!!!! the bg is pretty too!!! but we can't expect anything worse from you my friend now can we???

    great work!!! a must fav!!

  9. Yina Jul 14, 2005

    great work on the sky and the stars^^ the clouds/fog below gives the wallie a great touch^^ also like the way how you blended the scan into the bg.. mhmm.. but I think the left part is quite empty.. nyaa.. nonetheless great work ^^

  10. halcyonTwilight Jul 14, 2005

    Nice starfield. But i think you kinda overdosed on the shooting stars there XD Awesome work on making this wall feel all dreamy and romantic, although the left side of the wall is a bit empty...the text isn't enough. Something like a planet (even though it's soo overused >_< ) would have worked there.

  11. Yumi-Chan Jul 15, 2005

    I think there's too many comets there :S
    Btw nice sky ^_^ hehehe.. the stars were very twinkly.
    The flwoer on the girl's hair, very outstanding a little.. x_x
    You could've work more on the font too..
    ah overall its not such a bad wall.. keep it up

  12. KoutaMiyafuji Mar 04, 2006

    a very cute wallpaper ^__^ I like it so much *-*

  13. yrseers Banned Member Feb 10, 2007

    Serves as contrast and likes to each other love Italy oh feeling good
    shy oh anticipation next oh likes this tablecloth oh

  14. ander88c Sep 15, 2007

    Try and put a Jay Chow's Qi Lin Xiang MV scene as a background will be wonderful...

  15. Vaan Nov 06, 2010

    Very romantic! This deserves a click on the favorite button! ^^

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