Samurai Deeper Kyo: Samurai Deeper Kyo: School Time

Studio DEEN, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Hotaru (SDK), Benitora, Akira (SDK)
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Artist Comment

I'm (tentatively) entering this in the MT Samurai Deeper Kyo Group doujin contest. The theme is "School Uniforms," but I've actually had this sketch for some time, which was nice.
I decided to draw Akira (duh, fangirl!), Benitora, Hotaru and Shinrei hanging out in their classroom.

Shinrei looks a little put-out 'cuz that's just how he is when he's around the other guys (sorry shinrei fangirls, but it's true!).

Hotaru's reading manga - bet you can't guess which one... (*~.^*)

Benitora's watching a girls' gym class out the window with binoculars (If you think about it, Benitora's too old to be in high school, but then Akimine-sensei had him in the same class as everyone else in the fanbook...).

Akira's doing homework on a laptop. I got that idea from a guy in several of my courses who was blind but had a special laptop that "spoke" to him during class and also recorded the prof's lecture. It was pretty darned spiffy!

As for Kyo... umm... he's skipping class. Yeah, that's the ticket... (^.^)

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  1. miraku-spike Jul 13, 2005

    Wow! I really like this wallpaper! These guys look seriouse. Or kind of. Well, great job and keep it up. This is going in my favs for sure! XD

  2. benjaminchia Jul 13, 2005

    wow, very nice combination of characters and the background. keep it up! i think you have done a wonderful job in this one. the coloring is really good.
    keep it up!

  3. walkure245 Jul 13, 2005

    Heheh~ I like it. Simple but everything looks fantastic. XD Each of their poses are really great and it looks like a normal scene from a manga. The cging is really good. Great work!

  4. candida Jul 13, 2005

    Nice drawing! Everything looks laid back and very neat. Still don't know Akira but that's okay. :D Thanx!

  5. bbls Jul 13, 2005

    oh my...this is such a great showcase for your cging and artistic abilities! and the scene is so funny! it's also kewl how each individual chara is doing their own thing. but for some strange reason benitora looks like he's sitting on top of akira's head... XD
    i guess it's my eyes playing tricks on me...lol!
    but you should definitely enter this into the contest...good luck!

  6. kaylamew Jul 13, 2005

    yeah the pic that has a story! very fun! well if you do enter it in the contest, I'm sure you will be doing very very well! heheh I would vote for you!!

  7. Shkira Jul 13, 2005

    Oooo, multiple people.... Nice job on their placement thorughout the room and the perspective!

  8. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jul 13, 2005

    wow! great job sylvacoer-san! everyone looks great and the perspective is perfect! i hope that you enter this in the contest! :D

  9. Leaf Jul 13, 2005

    awesome! ^^ +fav again XD ...uuumm.. I'll add your drawing to the sdk group/contest area in a few.. >_>; anyways awesome job! ^^ Your drawing skills are exellent as always ^^

  10. Ayamael Jul 17, 2005

    woah, wish i had them in my class, such cool looking guys... it would probably make it more fun (especially since there are a lot more girls in my program... the price to pay to study in translation XD)

    anyways, they look cool, only thing i have to say is about the perspective of the desks... we see the one Akira works on from the side (his comp as well) , when we should see it about the same way as the one besides it... and the desk in the back does...

    anyways, everything else in the pic looks fine, so good job ^^

  11. joker2005 Aug 27, 2005

    very nice... better effect and i love it ;)
    thx for the picture...

  12. syivese Sep 03, 2005

    You know what I am gonna say.. *Hotaru-sama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Love how everyone is potrayed here. :D

  13. ashimaru Sep 16, 2005

    nice Scan.... and the picture quility is very cool....keep up the good work...

  14. zanile Sep 17, 2005

    wow,so beautiful pisture!Amazing!But,why there was no other characters such as Kyo,Sasuke,Yukimura,Yuyue?

  15. shinorei Nov 16, 2005

    Lovely doujin~~ ^^ I just checked the group a while ago so I just knew that I needed to add favourites for the top 3. Okay, no problem. xD I'll add you as a favourite and you really deserve it. It's really out of the ordinary~~

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