Saint Seiya: Shine of Justice

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Good evening!

Hello everybody!

Hm, my homenage to Sagittarius Aiolos. I think he is a very great character (not that he appears too much but anyway...), and is my brother's sign.... Yes, also I made for him, I'll try to print it in a good graphic shop and put it in a portrait, hope it gets cool, so I can give him to my bro in his birthday!

Well, this one is my latest work on photoshop.... this one weeeeew... was a real boomer do to right...

First the scan was really bad, so I had to vector it on flash (... vectoring in flash is so easy, but it is very boring cause take so much time.... specially when my scaner was crapy and the drawing was worse.... anyway...) It took me forever to paint, in particular the hair and the skin.

But what was really terrifying and gave me the jitters was the background, I never do good ones, but this time seems to have gone over expectations :D the light effects are a bit over too, but I liked them so much.... also, I was going to do some shining effects on the ocean, but that would draw too much attention out of Aiolos.

I based the stance on an image I found around the internet of a statue called "hercules archer", cause it seemed so cool, but I eventually changed some aspects so it wouldn't look like the statue too much.... And, also, the string of the arch, ok, looks like it passes through his face, and it really does, but well, it's saint seiya... it's magic ... ok, poor explanation.... another try: it's .... COSMOS!!!!! XD

ANd I know that people around here kinda like to show how much layers they used to do something and all, but I really don't care about it, cause if I would count how much, it would probably past over 80, cause well, I use a lot of them and after that I go doing things to get only one to send it too you! XD but anyway, I used a lot of them... but who cares anyway right????!!!!

Serious, I hope you like it and tell me what you think I'd be very pleased! ^_^

- Leandro

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  1. malenits Jul 13, 2005

    excelent the effects
    the sun, light and clous, all in an espacial gold
    nice wall
    its all

  2. rocknroll-isgo Jul 13, 2005

    Oh, wow. That's gorgeous. Not only is the vector line art done well, but the coloring, with the shine on the metal, is extremely impressive. (I can't color for crap, so I know how tough it can be. XP) And I rather like the light effects; gives him more presence and power in the image. The glowing clouds, I think, help set up a fantasy atmosphere.

    No complaints, Levezzali. I'll be faving. ^^

  3. benjaminchia Jul 13, 2005

    very nice of you. i think your brother will love this!

    as i must say. this the most excellant work i have ever seen. the character very very well drawn.i really like the vectoring . your coloring skills are superb . very well colored indeed.
    everything's great about this work. nothing bad. it's perfect :P

    the armor you have drawn is most beautiful.
    keep it up! *clap clap clap clap*

  4. DernierCri Jul 13, 2005

    now that's what i am talking about man....
    finaly everything makes sense visually and the bg brings the character to the next level.
    on the "being picky" note his head looks a bit too big, but that's a minor..
    keep it real real my friend...

  5. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 13, 2005

    Pretty omni drawing you have there and the bg just runs with radiance and power coming from the sagittarius character. Nice work as always mate! :)

  6. harakiri Jul 13, 2005

    Whoa, it really looks great with that light effect. The pose of the character is great though it is based on a statue's one. But all in all did you draw it or did you vector it (because you say something about vectoring)?
    The shading and the shining are really good and that background too. Amazing work, Leandro! ^^

  7. Anjhurin Jul 13, 2005

    wooohoo this one's out, and it's the most complete of all the st seya doujinshi you've done so far, especially on the background, plus as i said the stance is cool too ^_^

    well about the bg, i think it's pretty neat, maybe i wonder why you can see the stars at sunset ;) (oh well cosmos right !!!). the sea is a bit simple and it's true you've made a lot of shiny effects, but they're pretty cool actually... yeah, indeed, especially around the wings :)
    i think the bg fits the chara and the serie well, it made me think of greece (really, i'm not joking here ^_^). nice stance too, and as i said when you sent me the drawing, it's just awesome ;)

    good job on this one, and still many remaining muahahahah. XP

  8. Dende Jul 13, 2005

    totally awesome, great colors nice resolution, im pretty sure that your brother will love it! XD XD

  9. SENTRIONIC Jul 13, 2005

    outstanding!!! this is by far your best submission in this category
    or series. keep up the great work:-)

  10. rocketapolo Jul 13, 2005

    wwwaawwwww, enchants your tecnic to me, those reflections in the armor, very but very good, you prune to me to say that it programs or software you use to aser that drawing? in order to make those brightness, reflections, the drawing, so that I like a pile, I want so well you learn to haser that type of art... you prune to say to me? :nya: :angry: :D

  11. studio Jul 16, 2005

    Oo. Lovely work levezzali. The light effect is really lovely. The colours you chose for the sky are perfect also for the chara. Like it. =3

  12. calisqo Jul 18, 2005

    wow amazing pose.
    The details are just gereat as usual.
    Interesting choice of color.
    U have this nice details on the chars, however i feel strongly that there is the need to match the color in betwene the scana and the bg.
    Nonetheless amazing work and effort.
    Breathaking ^_^

  13. alanmf Aug 21, 2005

    great work!! very good effects , the golden cloth is wonderful.

  14. Alexmata Sep 09, 2005

    very goo scan but it' look a litlle weird because i'm not identificated with aioros but congratulatios added to my fav

  15. TILK93 Sep 16, 2005

    wth!!! What a high quality wall & doujinshi you've done so far!!!
    WTF!!! It doesn't fit into my background !! Never mind i'll keep it even if it looks like flat!
    A little question: is that you leandro with the cloth? :-)

  16. dengpeng Banned Member Nov 05, 2005


  17. Hycaros Sep 06, 2006

    woooooooooooooooooooooooo toooooooooooo wonderfulllllllllll

  18. ftama Feb 17, 2010

    Very amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

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