Loveless Wallpaper: Dominate

Yun Kouga, Loveless, Ritsuka Aoyagi Wallpaper
Yun Kouga Mangaka Loveless Series Ritsuka Aoyagi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I wasn't going to post this here (just keep it to my lovelees site) but I decided to (I may delete this wall still anyways). I think mt is too big for its own good. If I post here I'm afraid some n00b will take it, delete my sig, and use it somewhere else.... I hate that thought a lot.

I see really bad walls get so many comments and it kinda makes me mad. Friends will overlook a bad and pixellated extraction, hug, and + fav too. Enough about my rant.

I got the computer layout idea from one of Shinta's walls. I stuck a planet in there but deleted it.

Over 50 layers and 6 hours - gaussian blurs + merged down many layers to get the main bg; brushes to get the stars, fractals, chains, tech stuff, "Butterfly" Soubi, and the honeycomb pattern. I wanted to do something out of the norm for loveless walls.

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  1. soryane Jul 12, 2005

    thanks for the wall of loveless ^^ the anime is finished ! i hope they will continUe soon !!! i like it a lot !

  2. K4N3 Mute Member Jul 12, 2005

    Not sure about the Hug an Fav bit from friends. I've seen plenty of bitching about poor extraction and plain walls. Its a Neko so it gets my attention and you put a lot of good work into it so it gets a fav as well :-). And Minitokyo can never be toooo big for its own good. anything beats having to sift through porn sites just to find quality backgrounds. Or just finding the same backgrounds in 20 places.

  3. RahX101 Jul 12, 2005

    Quote by jeniferdonoI see really bad walls get so many comments and it kinda makes me mad. Friends will overlook a bad and pixellated extraction, hug, and + fav too.

    i have to agree with you on that one. i try to be honest on my comments towards walls and what not but then there are A LOT of people out here that dont take constructive criticism well and end up flamming you about your comments. as for your whole ripping bit, anywhere you go you will get ripped one way or another if the person really wants to. just take pride that you have stuff that people want to rip and forget about the lame arsed rippers.

    back to the wall. ^^ it came out looking pretty nice. a couple jaggies here and there on the scan and i think it could do without the chains. the tech and the stary background seem to clash in my view. still a good looking wall though. nice job.
    dont delete it due to the rippers, want to prevent it from being ripped then add some water marks to identify it and mention your name on something they cant crop/edit over ^^

  4. Tirdaelyn Jul 12, 2005

    Oh wow, this is totally cool.
    I looks really nice. I really like this. It looks very good.
    It is totally gorgeous. I love that background, and the main image... very nice. :)

  5. ayaki Jul 20, 2005

    omg...look @ ritsuka *_*
    i luv the details on the wall...it looks amazing!
    the blending of the colors is great, very fantasy feel.
    the chain is a nice touch too!~
    from the look of ritsuka, i'm leaning toward a grunge feel...
    but yet u chose abstract , it still works..and makes him stand out much more too. ^^

    yea, i agree with u about the bad wallies...*sigh*...

  6. BlackDemonMyst Aug 18, 2005

    Don't delete, don't delete, don't delete! It's a very nice wallpaper. It actually look kind of like a Loveless-.hack crossover, if you ask me.

    Love the corset, Ritsuka-chan.

  7. occasionalutopia Sep 08, 2005

    Exquisite! <3 So much detail in the bg, I particular love how beautifully you blended the colours for the main bg. So many elements (different brushes, colours) yet everything fits together beautifully. A definite fav! ^_^

  8. junaxp Oct 16, 2005

    dude the tn doesnt do this one justice. i love the BG its gorgeous. i dun really like the edges but ill get over it xD hehe great wall!

  9. ChibiChula Oct 30, 2005

    Finally, a wallpaper that makes me want to comment!

    In general, I love this wallpaper. I'm a great fan of the whole techno-grunge type feel, and you've captured that look really well here. There is a very surrealistic feel to this wallpaper, which corresponds to the feel of the manga/anime and makes it really great. However, it does have a few things that bug me. First and foremost being the effect that the shadow underneath Ritsuka gives to the black of the outfit and outlines. It looks brown instead of black, which causes it to look like the image was poorly extracted. Perhaps lightening the shadow a bit and darkening the black on the outfit and outlines (the burn tool would be great for that if you work with Photoshop or similar program) would fix that problem.

    Another thing that bothers me is the white in the honeycomb pattern. I like the pattern itself, it's just that the white is a bit too stark against the darker colors. Maybe if you lightened the opacity a bit (like you did with the other details) it wouldn't seem so harsh.

    The chains... While I like the feel they give, they might be a bit too square. Maybe if they were rounded out more like normal chains, it would look better. Again, it's the harshness that bugs me. The stary sky effect in the background is so soft (even with the techy stuff) that it makes little details like that stand out a lot. In my opinion, which admittedly could be different from yours, a wallpaper's background should be have just enough detail to be interesting while complimenting and drawing attention to it's focus. This one takes the focus away from Ritsuka just a tad bit too much.

    I hope you don't mind my comments. I just feel that, while the wallpaper is great as it is, it could be absolutely fabulous with just a few minor tweaks. ^__^

  10. takerzmuse Nov 21, 2005

    Oh...wow... When I finally got ahold of scans from Kouga Yun's "Your Eyes Only" artbook, I was so hoping I'd find a few good wallpapers utilizing this particular image. It's amazing, though a bit harsh in places (such as what ChibiChula said). I'm so happy to have stumbled across this, na no da!

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