Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: * Sweet Dream, My Love *

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Stellar Loussier, Shinn Asuka Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hello, this wall isn't from Shinobu, it is from his little sister, as he stopped to wall, he helped me to make wall, it is quite funny to make it, well it is not very beautiful but i managed to improve myself, in order to do this, my big bro give me somes tricks, well this wall is especially for my brother because now he got married, i so happy for him, so for this wall, the bg was made with corel draw and finish with photoshop, i think that the scan doesn't fit very well with the bg but i was focus on the scene, i hope that for a first wall you will like it ;)


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  1. tareren Jul 12, 2005

    Nice evening scene.. But I think the grasses looks a bit weird cos you cant really see it on the right side on the spot where he sat down.. and somehow the grasses looks messy... But I love the background, :) awesome scene with the ship there :D

  2. Kiako Jul 12, 2005

    i didn't know that shinobu has a litle sister naja anyway
    the wallpaper looks nice^^
    the scene is very good and i like how the water in the front looks. the ship is a nice touch but its shadow is a bit to long. the charas look good but you should put some more grass there so that it would look more like they are siting there.
    hope to see more of yor works.

  3. MadMover Jul 12, 2005

    I may not be a Gundam fan at all, but I do know a beautiful wall when I see it and this one is top notch!

  4. Eimin Jul 12, 2005

    I love the color of the sunset, it's a great wall, a fave for me :D

  5. itsDchlorine Jul 12, 2005

    The idaea behind it was great, i love the scene, buteverything seems really blurry which is odd, since the scan is kinda sharp, as someone said before the grass line could have been better, but all in all its a great wall ^^ nice job :D

  6. lunacrystal Jul 12, 2005

    hey shinobu's sister! good job on the wall and the setting looks really good!

  7. Chloe Retired Moderator Jul 12, 2005

    Wow, very nice! The scan is crazy, it makes me feel all tingly inside XP
    The background is also very well done, looks so peaceful! Excellent job!

  8. eclair-chan Jul 12, 2005

    Quote by Chloe-chanWow, very nice! The scan is crazy, it makes me feel all tingly inside XP
    The background is also very well done, looks so peaceful! Excellent job!

    so true I agree with chloe-chan the scan is cool and it is peacefull nice job +favs XD

  9. Daisuke-san Jul 12, 2005

    hum what a beautiful sunset, the grass looks a little weird but it doesn't matter, the composition a quite good even if the bg doesn't very fit with the scan
    anyway good wall and job
    keep it up fav* ;)

  10. Elena45 Jul 12, 2005

    i love this wall, first i'm a great fan of GS, so thx for this beautiful wall
    add to my fav of course

  11. ishida-kun Jul 12, 2005

    awesome this wall, i love the sunset, the composition is good, and the final render is really nice, what a beautiful couple

    ps:congratulation to your brother ;)

  12. audeaya Jul 12, 2005

    really very good picture miss XD !!!!! shin and stellar look so cute and lovely with this background!!!!! :D

  13. lthnadml Jul 12, 2005

    Ohhhh!!! Very nice! :D
    Its so romantic . . . I love it ^_^* Great work!

  14. shadowdeath Jul 13, 2005

    There is really nothing to correct on this... I simply love it. Great job and definatly fav+

  15. Barbara Jul 13, 2005

    It's a little bit dark, the grass is a bit weird. Other than that, pretty good job, keep up :)

  16. sukie Jul 13, 2005

    how cute!!!! you are so sweet!!!! i can't wait to hear more from u... congratulations on your bro getting married!!!!

    the wall is really pretty!!! i think the scan fit fine!! you learn fast!!! you're already way better than i'll ever be!!!!

    great wall!!!!

  17. Lenne Jul 13, 2005

    Superb work you made.Congratulations*shaking your hand*!
    Excellent work on the colors,background,and i just love this little boat in the sunset sea.
    Just great! XD ;)

  18. StarCentury Jul 13, 2005

    Cool, Shinobu-san returns with anotha one of his great looking scenic wallies! XD Oh wait, it's his sista who made this, even cooler! Hehe, I dunno if that's Athrun and Cagalli sitting together in the sunset, which looks plenomenal with great details and such, but they still are cute together! :D It seems that your bro has taught you quite well with walling, way to go! XD

  19. MagicianFairy Jul 13, 2005

    what a cool bg, really love the colors of the sunset^^!!
    all looks so quiet, i would like to be like them, just that with my bf...the one that i havent :sweat:

  20. gadgetgirl16 Jul 14, 2005

    wow! that is so beautiful! i love the solft colors in the sky. its so soothing and the reds in the sky....+fav

  21. chibi-lizard Jul 14, 2005

    indeed a pwettie scene :D i always wubb a sunset scene ^_^'

    anyway .. the scan somewhat fit with the bg you created :) the sea and that ship ish very pwettie in the setting sun. the grass around the scan ish not bad. but you might wanna thicken up a lil cause their legs look like a lil floating XD

    and how bout try blurring the edge around the sun at 2-3 pix cause it looks a lil crisp and sharp. but maybe it's just me.

    overall it's a pwettie wallie. even my dad who doesn't like anime wallpapers said that it's pwettie XD (and he never said that to mine >.<) uhh .. good job ^_^'

  22. FlowerDog Jul 14, 2005

    *Feels emotional* Shinobu13-sama's younger sister is so talented!! :D I congratulate you and your brother!! :) Aww! The BG looks so lovely and romantic!! To me, the scan suits the BG well. Yep, the artisticness really does run in the family. :) Great team work!

    I hope you enjoy MT!! I'll be looking forward to your future submissions!! :D

  23. AC2N Jul 15, 2005

    You're a nice sister... i think that your big bro is proud of you. For a first one, this is well !! i wonder of i can do the same thing...

    Hope to see you sooner, sister of shinobu13...

  24. Dray Jul 15, 2005

    non j'y croi pas !!!!!O_o je suis sur le Q (desoler pour le therme)
    vraiment tres beau Shinobu ton wall mes desuite dans l'embience de ce que tu a voulu faire et minifique bravo


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