Bottle Fairy Wallpaper: UA3: rhythm in G Minor

Yuiko Tokumi, Xebec, Bottle Fairy, Oboro (Bottle Fairy), Kururu Wallpaper
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1600x1200 Wallpaper

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EDIT: kara's suggestions taken into action ^-^

Here is the story of this wallpaper.

This is the entry for the UnderAppreciated Group Contest Round 3. If you are interested in participating or judging as the contest runs fortnightly, or you're just interested in seeing our entries and would like to support us or you're just curious, bored, lethargic or indifferent or just want to know more, please refer to our group page by clicking on the link just up there in the second sentence I typed

This time round, the theme was STIMULUS. People looked at a flying gif of a blob with angel wings, playing a cello. The aim was to produce a large sized wallpaper with something music related in the wall, and the catch was to submit it into a category with less than 100 gallery items.

((Inspiration)) I was originally going to do "I'll Generation Basketball" wallpaper, but I saw that it went too out of context. I was going to do "Sentimental Grafiti" but there were like 130 something items- I went on a mad search for something practical, and ended up with nothing but uber cool scans but nothing music-able. I ended up with this. I don't know if anyone has used it before, but hey, it ain't illegal.

((What I did)) Well, extraction was funnily enough, the easiest in a long time, and making the wall didn't take as long as the other stuff I made. It took me around 4-5 hours, so I'm happy ^_^
I got the idea of using like a music box (those things you open that make a sound and twirls) but I never found the one I wanted. I have one in my drawer which is perfect, but I have no digital camera. I ended up using the sheet music that I found for myself and my friend. In case if you were interested, it was actually "Crucify my Love" by X Japan and "Cage" by Dir en grey. (Sorry Yoshiki and Kaoru >.<) The scene was also a photo I found. I rearranged the furniture and selected what I wanted and didn't want... and vectored it. That's about it really.

((Sources)) I am a bg sucker for cute things. Yes, I like Hello Kitty. Now you know the truth about Misa -_-' The scan was from Kawaiish.

((Comments)) Um... comments as usual appreciated ~ this is my last gift to you all before I leave... well I hope so anyway or else I'll be screwed for exams...

((Final message))

This will most probably be the last wallpaper you'll see from me before November 2005 when I fully return to Minitokyo and regain my activity.
I will drop in every now and then, however I will not be able to spam (did I say spam?) with you on the threads, go around spamming (oops) your guestbooks or coming around to thank you for gallery comments, faves, guestbook entries or reply your PMs. I might even have difficulty finding the time to have a look at your submissions and threads, so I apologise here in advance if you don't see me coming around to doing that. I won't rant and rave. I've done that on: 1. My userpage 2. The Yamamori Guestbook 3. The groups I admin 4. The Yamamori Ninja Clan thread, page 232.

For now it's a temporary bye bye... I might submit just sketches from here on... but who knows about the future...


Thank you all~~~

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  1. Kryuzei Jul 11, 2005

    hey, i thought you're gone from MT....
    good pics anyway.
    i'll read the story later...
    but i think its fun

  2. ayane-heine Jul 11, 2005

    what a cute wallie by misa..
    nice last wallie before you return.. :D
    the reflection on the mirror of the score is cool.. ^^
    but it's also abit messy there.. ^_^'
    but overall, it's still pretty well done..

  3. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 11, 2005

    there's no mirror o_O

    it was to show the motion of the falling sheet...

  4. cardmage Jul 11, 2005

    Hmmmm... I think there is just one thing that isn't exactly right about this wall... The page with the musical notes and all that is actually facing us. For printed scores (like the one you're using), only 1 page will have notes right? Doesn't that mean that a blank page is being displayed (since the back of the stand is to us and the page is on the side of the stand). Errmmm... do you get what I mean? I suppose I shouldn't be so evilly critical since you're going off soon... I mean I even like the wall a great deal.

    And yes, I do. I think the bg sorta suits the scan. It has a bright, cheery, happy feel to it. It looks nice. I'm faving it...

  5. Akaiken Jul 11, 2005


    Even though this is your last wall for the season I still want to see you!

    Very nice and I hope you come back soon...


  6. Deathscythe-Hell Jul 11, 2005

    haha.. ayane says that she actually wanna say about the reflection of the glass window. ^_^'
    it's a cute and nice one from misa.. :)

  7. Terra-chan Jul 11, 2005

    I think it's really nice... but I have 1 problem... the character seems to big for the BG! It's a giant kid! I don't see enough perspective in the image to think of it otherwise o.o I find that really odd.

    And no not all Sheet music are only printed on one side. Photocopies would be, but if you get proper sheet-music, it generally has music on both sides *knows because she's done so in band and choir before and has gone to music stores looking at sheet music*

  8. slivermoon Jul 11, 2005

    nice pattern u made on the dress
    but to me the girl seem't seem to be doing anything musical
    all in all its really nice and bright >_<
    nice work, see u again in november ~

  9. kara Jul 12, 2005

    Hmm... this is great!! ^^ I really like it! But then again I'm always in love with good scenics XD
    The idea's quite good except it'd make a bit more sense if she was holding an instrustment or if there's an instrument in the near vicinity. I think a violin or flute (though somewhat overused) would suit her well^^
    Some technical crits:
    The extraction's pretty good except there's still a fair bit of white in some places and the top of her head is a bit lumpy... >_> But blame the scan XD
    Light should be coming from the entire window not just the top left corner, but it looks pretty damn good anyway XD
    Now the cupboard.... it kind of lacks distinct 3D feel, maybe some extra colour difference might sort that problem out. And oh, that maroon line between the side and face is suddenly chopped off at the left ;) But the textures and the handles are *thumbs up*
    The music stand seems a bit blurry to me >_> Also you should add some gradient to the vertical bit, the lights coming from the right, so the right side lighter. Because right now your stand looks too flat and doesn't fit the rest of the wall.
    The ground under the bed and cupboard, though there's very little, should be much darker. Not much light should be able to reach it since there's the cupboard and the bed in the way.
    Now the thing that irks me most is that floating sheet of music x_x It's so rigid that it's >.< And seeing the direction of lighting, it should not cast any shadow on anything that's on the wallpaper. But that motion trail thingie's cool :d
    a slight bit of shadow under the window frame might give it a better touch.
    But anyway, I'll shutup now. I'm just an annoying scenic freak XD
    But still, really awesome work!!

    P.S. Aww not frequenting here till the HSC's over? Good idea... maybe I should follow your excellent example XD

  10. bbls Jul 12, 2005

    luv the concept of your wall and the scenery...you added really nice details like the dresser, windows, and bed. and adding the sheet music right on the dress was a cute idea, and the black ribbons on the edge of her dress reminds me of piano keys... XD
    but i agree with kara that the falling sheet music looks too stiff.
    overall the wall is so cute with a lovely scenic background... :D

  11. RahX101 Jul 12, 2005

    i just joined but its sad to see you go. i wish you the best of luck on your exams and i suppose ill see you around from time to time till september. as for your wall, it came out looking nice. kara pointed out a few things that would improve the wall and i dont think i have anything to add. although her dress sort of looks like an instrument right ^^ it sure looks like piano keys of some sort to me. good luck in the contest :D

  12. andRox Jul 13, 2005

    Thats sad news, well i gonna miss your presents, even though i wasn't always there at times,
    But this wall is kinda new to me, haven't seen this concept before, but you did well :)
    Overall a very cute wallpaper.

  13. sakuralim Jul 13, 2005

    Hi kuromisa ^^
    although I dont what happen here
    but I kinda sense it that it is a sad situation
    hehe ^^, my english aren't good
    but I haope everything go fine for you
    I love this wall.
    It is very cute and pretty
    nice work !!! ;)

  14. angelchan8123 Jul 15, 2005

    Awww a cute wallapaper :), i like the bg, only that the light coming from the window is a little too bright if theres such a thing, but that's only my opinion, but still i like it

  15. ganstamonica Jul 20, 2005

    awww adorable wall!! the girl's cute! i really like it! great job! ^^

  16. moonelf313 Apr 08, 2006

    Wonderful job again! I love the sunlight coming in with the music sheet just floating in the air, as well as how the music chords ended up on everything! The fact that you made everything is great too! +Favs for me!

  17. abelini4 Mute Member Oct 13, 2009

    Excelent Wallpaper ^_^...

  18. siewww Nov 07, 2010

    so cute
    Thanks for sharing

  19. gemsoil Nov 07, 2010

    i like the cuteness . . .

    thx for this good work

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