Digimon Adventure Wallpaper: UA3 - Digi-Island of Music

Toei Animation, Digimon Adventure, Yamato Ishida Wallpaper
Toei Animation Studio Digimon Adventure Series Yamato Ishida Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I was rather surprised when I was browsing the Galleries before this contest and found that Digimon had less than 40 entries in it! So of course when I was given the theme and guidelines for this contest, Digimon came first to mind.

This is for the third Underappreciated Contest - [STIMULUS] "Music" - With the guideline that we make a wallpaper of an anime series that has less than 100 pictures in it's gallery here on minitokyo and it has to have something to do with music.

I started this wallpaper first of my two entries, but actually finished it second... I still like my other wallpaper for this contest more, so I'm saving it for a little later... (It's torture waiting to post my work, really, it is!) Anyway, I went through the two themes below before coming up with this final one above. The BG is a stock photo (I'm really terrible at BGs, and this wall just had to have a nature BG or something and I can't do that) That I added a grainy filter to And then I made the staffs, distorted them and added the musical notes (It may look like it could be an actual song, but that's because I know how to transcribe music, but it's not... I wonder what it'd sound like... might be interesting XD)

After Misa's comment I went back and gave a shot at vectoring the BG (My first time!) I think it does look pretty good... I couldn't figure out how to get that blue effect that showed up on the original again after my fiddling so it's just a vector of the original image in the end... ^_^;

With more of Misa's prompting, I've redone the water entirely (Isn't it so pretty now? Nice and soft and more like the original image!) And I couldn't figure out how to recreate the diluded effect from the original, so I put the original layer with the effect over top of the new vector in order to keep the diluted effect (because I agree, the undiluted Lens Flare is way too much.) I did make a version without a lens flare at all, but it fell completely flat.

Someday in the Valley
http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/3295/digimonmusicv10ms.th.jpg My first attempt wasn't that bad, but again it suffered from a plain BG from a stock image... It had no character.
Out Loud on the Lake v1 + v2
http://img206.imageshack.us/img206/8421/digimonmusicv22ty.th.jpg http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/9447/digimonmusicv33ml.th.jpg This BG is beautiful and works well with the two images, but again suffers from being too plain...

Digi-Island of Music v1 + v2 + v3 - No Flare
http://img120.imageshack.us/img120/9771/digimonmusicfinal3rd.th.jpg http://img310.imageshack.us/img310/6408/digimonmusic1600x12003mc.th.jpg http://img310.imageshack.us/img310/6800/digimonmusic1600x1200finalno9q.th.jpg

Link to Vectors: Matt's Harmonica | Yamato Ishida Singing
Background Vector: v1: http://img103.imageshack.us/img103/7811/palmislandbgvector6vs.th.jpg v2: http://img316.imageshack.us/img316/3482/palmislandvectorv21gb.th.jpg v2No: http://img316.imageshack.us/img316/8180/palmislandvectorv2no3fd.th.jpg

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  1. RahX101 Jul 11, 2005

    this group is alwyas having contests, and that makes me want to join XD i should just apply and join in on the fun eventhough i dont do well with themes XD. nice work and good luck on your entry.

  2. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 11, 2005

    WOW. Digimon had less than 100 gallery items? That's insane lol!

    i see you vectored the chara... I think the background should have also been vectored... up close it's a bit too realistic but from afar it doesn't make too much of a difference... there's nothing much to really suggest or say... the stock was well chosen, and the music's all there ^_^b

    PS: sorry I have to edit this post because I cant' double post...

    It's lovely! The stars are a great add in ^_^ I think the texture of the island should be toned down a bit... for some reason I think of skin (I have no idea why) and the water... just create a new layer, do some random white horzontal lines of different thickness (brush or pentool holding the shift button or no shift, doesn't matter), give it a blur and then put down the transparency. There is also a default brush that is in the sign of an X. Use that and change the brush size and splat bits of it across the water to make it sparkle ^_^ Like there are stars in the sky so yeah ^_^
    The lens flare is a little too much for me... it'd be nice if the red ring disappeared, but if it can't be done, it doesn't matter ^_^ Great vectoring work!

  3. Tirdaelyn Jul 13, 2005

    Wow, that is so very pretty.
    The background is gorgeous. I love the music notes. Great job. :)

  4. Koujisama Jul 16, 2005

    Grat vector and fantastic background must give amazing wallpaper like this one :)
    Excellent work on this wall ^_^

  5. Kyelor Sep 20, 2005

    Yeah, it's Matt! He used to be my fave character on Digimon. I totally love the music theme, it's so fits him ^_^

  6. Wongo Oct 27, 2005

    Matt..and his harmonica......very very nice wall....I simply love it

  7. nightstar12 Nov 26, 2005

    I can't beleive Digimon had less than 50 gallery items!
    I would add some if I could but I'm just not cut out for making wallpapers.
    Yet, your wallpaper is really nice and the background makes a touching veiw of Matt playing the Harmonica. Great job!

  8. Feychan Feb 03, 2010

    Ah... so cute I love him... and I liked your work too... ^^

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