An Jeongwon Wallpaper: A Caged Bird

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An Jeongwon  Mangaka

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Ah, a Maggi's Harem wallpaper, how awesome. The scan was posted on Minitokyo by calisqo, it was pretty high quality so I decided I would use it. The artwork is just amazing, I love it to death. It's too bad there aren't more images from this artist on Minitokyo.

I wanted to have bird cages in this wallpaper, but I didn't know how many I actually wanted. Tama-Neko provided me with 4 bird pictures, which were quite nice, but I never really got to putting them in the wallpaper. The chains I did in Photoshop, that's why they are so bad. The main pattern backround came from Tama-neko's Patterns website. Oh where would I be without Tama?

You can expect more resolutions of my two latest wallpapers up at Antique Fairy Tales shortly.

Kari and Serena also helped me on this wallpaper, they aren't members of Minitokyo though :(

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  1. w00tazn Jul 11, 2005

    «00:56:52» {%w00tazn} nice flowers
    «00:57:07» {%w00tazn} its actually a good wall
    «00:57:17» {+Bromithia} o_o
    «00:57:19» {%w00tazn} not something i would use though
    «00:57:35» {%w00tazn} everything matches
    «00:57:36» {%w00tazn} lol
    «00:58:28» {%w00tazn} u should've
    «00:58:39» {%w00tazn} blurred the edges of the chains
    «00:58:46» {%w00tazn} maybe a little
    «00:59:05» {%w00tazn} still
    «00:59:11» {%w00tazn} i dindt notice till u pointed it out
    «00:59:12» {%w00tazn} heh

  2. DREAM Jul 11, 2005

    i don't believe this- i told calisqo that i wasn't going to use this very same scan for my 1st wallpaper.




  3. RahX101 Jul 11, 2005

    very visually appealing. it came out quite nice might i add. the artwork is very unique and it makes it just nice. i dont know but it seems some sort of grugny effect on the text will bring it all together quite nicely. +fav

  4. Yina Jul 11, 2005

    O__O looks like a perfect piece of art.. great using on the textures.. there is not much to say about it.. cuz to me it looks more like a scan.. XD so +fav ^^

  5. mughi Jul 11, 2005

    Wow, visually impressive wallpaper to say the least. You really excel in your creativity of wallpaper. Lately I've notice drop in quality of wallpaper submital but yours are still coming strong in originality. Thanks much for showing us your latest work.

  6. volrath77 Jul 11, 2005

    This is spooky. It may not be your intent to create a spooky wallpaper but the effects convey that somewhat weird feeling. Perhaps it's the girl's expression, stark white in the midst of a gloomy bg.

    Very nice choice of effects. Fav'ed.

  7. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jul 11, 2005


    this ish scary, and she looks like some japanese porcelan doll ....

    everything rocks, but i cant tell apart when her dress stops and stuff ... make her less black or at least show the difference between her dress and bg ..


    yu walling machine .. go and shed that to pink and euna .. ==;;

  8. tAtEkAnE Jul 11, 2005

    unlike w00tazn.......pffft XD
    this wall is totally my thing i like dark and scary stuff xD
    mostly becoz im weird..and coz bright and cutesy things BURN MY eyes! xD
    i really like this one brom awesome job :D
    everything blends great job on that..damn i love that artwork @_@
    only thing i could think about u could improve is the text...but im a text whore i'm super picky with it..so don't mind me XD

  9. pinkdoremi Jul 12, 2005

    Wow... awesome wallapper!! o.o
    Everything blends in really well... and the colours really match. The texture looks awesome too ^^

    Only thing is that she really freaks me out .__. wonder if she'll come out of my monitor when i put it on my desktop o.o... i'll go try it tonite!! hehehe ^-^

  10. bbls Jul 12, 2005

    luv the composition and concept of your wall...and it does give off an eerie, spooky feeling because she's just staring so intently at you... :o
    and the texturing is very nice, and i also luv how some of the elements in the background are very subtle...like the red fan and birds.

  11. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 12, 2005

    This is something i like, could use a small teek in brighness but maybe its my eyes...anyway love the dark character, the patterns as well goes very somothly on the girl and bg though the chains dont look crappy cos i dont notice it.
    Great job as always mate! :)

  12. calisqo Jul 12, 2005

    wow you gave a different look to it .
    I like the rustic feeling in it, and the pattern in the bg, looks nice, very authentic.
    I looks like as if it was derived from some chinese pattern design, *i could be wrong*
    Overall nice use of scan ^_^, very interesting. Didn't expect this of you ^_^
    Good job

  13. toujin1 Jul 12, 2005

    great great!! work...i just love this wall! the colors are darn amazing and the chara fits in so well!

  14. StarCentury Jul 12, 2005

    Cool, dark colors and a very moody character equipped with white flowers all over the background! XD Brom, you're wallie reminds me of those art pieces at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Overall it's a bit too dark but works for a moody atmosphere! :)

  15. rocknroll-isgo Jul 13, 2005

    I knew this was going to be awesome when you showed me the scan. The background is perfect for it. You really did a great job Brom. No complaints. ^^

  16. Skillzpay Jul 13, 2005

    Wow this is a bit underrated for what I think may possibly be your best work up to date. The darkness, texturing, and everything else just comes together seamlessly. The whole dark mood to this makes this wicked good :D

  17. euna Retired Moderator Jul 14, 2005

    brom... another wall? O_O
    you wall too hard xD
    btw, nice wallie... reminds me of sue from Clover ^^
    that's such a great wallpaper... the bg and scan go perfectly together. brilliant wall as usual brom! *fav*

  18. biriwilg Retired Moderator Jul 16, 2005

    OMG...it's incredible! Who is this artist, and why haven't I drooled over them before?! XD This is so beautiful, I love it! The scan itself is amazing, so delicate and very poignant. The sumptuous patterns provide the perfect backdrop to a subdued, understated scene. I love the rich jewel colors and textures, it seems almost tapestry-like. The way the scan blends into the bg, especially, make it seem to be a very coherent piece of artwork, not a wallpaper. The only thing that bothers me slightly is the text - it seems to utilitarian for something as rich and patterned as this. Otherwise, this is simply superb! Congratulations on a job well done.

  19. ayaki Aug 17, 2005

    it's really hard to use such an incredible bg u've created...cuz it's very busy...but still u've managed to incorporate it with the scan...and @_@ it's a perfect match.
    seriously it looks like a piece of art work.
    loving the dark and creepy mood it's giving off....ack, the girl's facial expression is a bit scary to be honest with ya...haha
    yea...the only thing is the text...doesn't really match with the rest of the wall. but i love the phrase....
    excellent job indeed...!!~ sugoi..

  20. Dejiko-chan Oct 23, 2005

    Great wall ^^ ! Very dark X3 I like it. Good job !

  21. ipio Mute Member Nov 12, 2005

    o_O oh cool! i luv those kind of drawings! very nice

  22. cyd84 Nov 26, 2005

    A beautiful piece of artwork...I love the eerie atmosphere of the piece and your detail work is amazing.

    merged: 02-01-2006 ~ 10:02pm
    Andddd I'm back :) ...as part of my occasional looks through my dled walls in order to go back and give favs to the ones that I enjoy more and more as I see them
    so adding a fav to it now

  23. hydetenshi Oct 15, 2006

    very nice theme and colors... I really like the bird cage and the title "A Caged Bird... will fly free" and the over all dark atmosphere... wonderful work! :)

  24. Sabbathiel May 26, 2007

    Beautiful dark wallie, I like details and colors so much!

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