One Piece Wallpaper: Inner Peace

Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation, One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy Wallpaper
Eiichiro Oda Mangaka Toei Animation Studio One Piece Series Monkey D. Luffy Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Since Luffy not looking stupid seems to be considered a miraculous phenomenon, Eastern religions are cool, and vector brushes are...fun.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

WIDESCREEN version on my site. Insomnia Works

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  1. Tama-Neko Jul 10, 2005

    Oh, I love this wallpaper. I like the composition - lots of free room that really adds to the idea of 'inner peace' - nothing distracting at all in this wallpaper. The little lotus to the side adds a hint of color and design to the left helps balance the image too. Peaceful colors, and instead of a soft fluffy cloud there are vector circles! My only complaint is that I feel the diagonal lines are a little too strong, especially at the top of the wall - I like them at the bottom where they're subtly visible but at the top they're too obvious. Still, great composition!

  2. kawai Jul 10, 2005

    great composition ! :)
    the diagonal line are too strong like say tama neka but just in the top of background :)
    just say, i love your style, so clean and godd :°)

  3. kai81220 Jul 11, 2005

    ^^ my first note from bluSake!

    no fuss and straight to the point XD like the clean circle brushes and the scattering of lotuses. like the transition from green to white as well.
    whole thing ties into the inner peace, i feel calm when i look at this :nya:

    nice ^^ +fav

  4. Electrastar Jul 11, 2005

    I had never seen that image of luffy before. For once, he doesn't look hyper lol. I love the simple pastel colors of this wallpaper. Nothing outrageous or shocking, simple and peaceful just like the original image.

  5. flyindreams Jul 11, 2005

    *nods to all the good things that people said about this wall above*~ nominating it for the featured gallery ^.~

  6. kakitsubata Jul 12, 2005

    whoa! another great composition. i haven't watched one piece yet, but this one is so different from the typical pictures. well done! [+fav]

  7. rocknroll-isgo Jul 13, 2005

    I love this, 'sake. I agree that lines at the top looks a bit off, but still: beautiful design work and a beautiful concept. ^^

  8. lilo-puchiko Jul 25, 2005

    hey...love how you did your picture up there!! it goes very well blended..where is that animated from?? just wondering..hehehe..i think you did a well done design..very well done!!^^

  9. fifaifo Jul 31, 2005

    OH VERY nice! The colour of the background really suits the image. I am.. enlightened! +fav!

  10. ravgni Sep 30, 2005

    great wall! very simple and relaxing, going on my desktop :) +fav!

  11. Xinil Oct 12, 2005

    love it. luffy is awesome. the cat on his head is a perfect depiction of him. :)

  12. Apans Oct 15, 2005

    nice pic :P Luffy rules the town ^^ :D but what is that cat doing on his head??

  13. Kazumi Oct 20, 2005

    I love it! Wonderful wall~

    I love that the background looks like the sand on a beach softly going into the ocean. That looks very soothing. I like the strong lines at the top, because without them, the vector circles would look out of place and the wall would take of a softy light feel. :/

    And now this is my desktop. =D

  14. panchu Oct 22, 2005

    great picture very nice !!
    i like the background!! very nice
    omg i love this one luffy is in such a cool position and its very good space

  15. anime-boy Oct 31, 2005

    i thought he doesn't drink sake

  16. EtherealTsunami Feb 02, 2006

    oh its adorable! nice job!

  17. cyd84 Feb 03, 2006

    Don't know how I missed this wall when I browsed your gallery before :)
    It manages to be funny and quirky yet still oddly in line with the peaceful buddhist feeling...
    I like the pattern you used over the background...adds texture
    The colors and the placement really do justice to the scan

  18. GoodnightAndGo Mar 13, 2006

    I like how you smudge the characters in your walls. I also like the the patterns behind luffy. It sorta' looks like he's floating on a cloud.

  19. evilchunli Apr 20, 2006

    good job yet again ^^ i like how your walls have one character to focus on and not alot of things all over the place good job :D:D

  20. kyouk May 15, 2006

    it rare for him to stay quiet :)

  21. monkeyd76 Jul 09, 2008

    fantastic! u rox!

  22. ChuchoJaggerjack Nov 24, 2008

    beautiful thanks

  23. Tsunako27 Feb 15, 2009

    Q gran wall me encanta

  24. Frolay Feb 26, 2009

    I love how peacefull Luffy looks.

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