Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: [Gundam Seed] Peaceful Night

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Kira Yamato, Haro, Lacus Clyne Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series Kira Yamato Character Haro Character Lacus Clyne Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hey, been a looooooong time since I last made a wall ^^
I was feeling kinda down and was surfing the net, then I came across this scan on some other web, and then I just wanna wall it :)
then I research it again in MT, you can find it [url="http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/15025/"]here[/url] :D
at that time I kinda picture a night scene on my head so... ta-daaaaah...

I kinda happy with how it turned out, cos it kinda look like the one I had imagined in my mind earlier.. though not really (the sky part)..
but I still feel something is lacking here... (please be so kind as to enlighten me what I need to add here...)
Oh, it is a lighthouse on top of the hill ^^ (I just wanted to draw one...), and yes, the fireflies are pink in colour

As usual, please feel free to comment on it :D I know am not that good and I deserve lotsa harsh critics and all ^^
Thanks in advance for all incoming constructive comments and faves..

Hope you guys like it :D

p.s. May not be able to keep in touch with lots of you, cos I am gonna be really really busy with school work and all, I have lotsa exams coming and all..
but I will still be here and there ^^

Oh, btw, the light came from the front of the wall too (there are moons on this side)..
At least that is what I intended it to look like :)

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  1. Zerox0714 Jul 10, 2005

    Nice wall it is great I like it a lot ^_^

  2. Dufoe88 Jul 10, 2005

    :o i like the way you made the background, its cool the scan fits it too :)

  3. niina02 Jul 10, 2005

    lovely wall-ie!
    i like the colors and the back-night-sky...
    great wall!
    + fav

  4. AngelKate Jul 10, 2005

    Oh, how pretty! It looks so calm and gentle. :) I love the sky too, great job. ^_^

  5. Tatsuya Jul 11, 2005

    nice background and good composition, though the font need give it some work coz it look flat!
    but it doesn't mean this wall is bad ^^'

  6. ayane-heine Jul 11, 2005

    aww~~ >.< they look so peaceful and sweet together.. :D
    the wallie is nice.. ^^

  7. Sunira Jul 11, 2005

    I really love it. Its very well done. I love how the peaceful mood flows throughout the wallpaper and then out of it at you. :)

  8. cygnus Jul 11, 2005

    great bg, I like the details of it, matched with kira n lacus' scan overall...but....u know why I just can't fav it.... ^^' ....

  9. Asuka27 Jul 11, 2005

    great bg it suits well with the picture. yeah,

    I loved it ^^ .....Cool, thx for submit it!

  10. Kiako Jul 11, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the effects on the ground are good but i somehow don't like the sky.

  11. kouta84 Jul 11, 2005

    wow ,great i like them ha5 ^^ nice BG,nice wallpapers ^^ add to my fav ^^

  12. Yina Jul 11, 2005

    the bg is beautiful.. XD and it fts perfectly to the scan... >____< I love those stars and the sea.. nyaa.. and great work on the grass ^^ excellent work, +fav ^^

  13. Sakura0chan Jul 11, 2005

    This is very nice. XD I really like the background, it suits the scan. ;) I think you should remove some stars because they look too many. Other than that, it's okay. ;)
    Keep up the good work!! ^__^ *Adds to favorites*

  14. Rai1e Jul 11, 2005

    wwaaaa....spamming panda-chan is spamming a great GS wallpaper! oo...it's so nice that i can only stare at it.....huu...hhuu....T.T i'll add to favs.^^

  15. kyubinaruto Jul 11, 2005

    damn nice ^^ Love the background and all the details in it ^^ Great job b^^d

  16. Silgret Jul 11, 2005

    you did a great job, and you deserve good comments not a harsh one, cuz i haven't made any wall yet T_T
    btw it's a great job,

  17. Jormungand Jul 11, 2005

    Whee~! Very nice wallie~!
    I love the background and the fireflies
    imo the scan looks a bit too bright for that background... but maybe that's just me ^_^'
    Still, it's a beautiful wallie.. great work ^.~

  18. lunacrystal Jul 12, 2005

    wow! im not a lacus fan but this look really good!

  19. anji Jul 13, 2005

    Nice setting overall, I like the idea of the lighthouse.
    I think the sky has a bit too much stars... Maybe you could have less and add more gradation of different tint to the sky.
    I like the water and the grass, it's well incorporated with the scan.
    The contrast on the scan is pretty high, maybe a bit too much.
    A really peaceful scan though. :)
    I don't think you need to add much stuff, it's already a pretty complete setting I think.
    Keep it up with your good work! :D

  20. chibi-lizard Jul 13, 2005

    ~heeee~ nice setting :D it's reallie pwettie to look at :)

    the scan's color ish kinda sharp .. maybe soften it a lil to macth with the night scene ? but it still look kinda good that way :)

    the grass and the pink firefly ish neatly done :D i like that hill and lighthouse part too :) the sea's color ish fitting. but the horizon looks a lil too sharp and straight. how bout blurring it a lil so it'll blend with the sky ? ^_^'

    the sky !! wow !! so many stars. i think that there's too many ^_^' eto .. and add a lil glow to them too XD cause i can only see a few of them has that.

    anyway .. it's a good work and i wubb the idea :)

  21. yo-chanbokura Jul 13, 2005

    Wah keren banget!!! >.< ga' ada komen lagi deh, langsung fav!!!

  22. andRox Jul 13, 2005

    beautiful wall
    it so matches the scene with that scan, where did u get it from?
    very nicely done
    adding to favs+
    see u around :)

  23. Skilledge Jul 13, 2005

    Very peaceful wallpaper , tranquility is a rare thing to have , but this wallpaper shows that it does indeed exist, thank you for your work and share.

  24. Leena Jul 13, 2005

    wah. cool wallpaper. really peaceful. i like the picture and background. very nice. great job. hope to see more from you soon.

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