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Okay okay *hides* - I know I promised the next CG would be of a girl. And I *was* going to do that but then I had to finish this pic first. XD I started on it waaaaaay back in February. This is the CG version of http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/81427/.

I named it Parallel Vision cuz this wasn't how I envisioned the pic would turn out in the end. I was going for a beach scene, but I did a crappy job with the bg and the blue sky didn't match. So...I ended up altering some of the colors slightly and now it looks like a scene from hell. Great... Oh, don't ask about the watermelon patterns on the shirt. I think I was tired and feeling a little sadistic.

Comments & Critiques are always appreciated! I know everyone is busy nowadays and I've been pretty bad about getting back to everyone, too. If it takes me foreva, please know that I am very thankful of everyone's support :)

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  1. Acuni Jul 10, 2005

    nice nice
    i like the picture
    keep it up

  2. chibikko Jul 10, 2005

    lol the melon shirt keels me XD but okay i won't ask :x i like his hair, so many details. lol well your coloring is perfect to me, no complaints. but do cg a girl next time please XD umm anyway like this piece.

  3. pamkips Jul 10, 2005

    yay! another new drawing by evasion!!! i just love the detail ..he he don't feel bad about the watermelon shirt i likes it!!! yep great coloring and drawing job like usual evasion!
    keep it up

  4. Angelette Jul 10, 2005

    SOOO Artistic!! <3 <3 It's so beaulitifulll and it has watermelons... his shirt, that is!

  5. renato Jul 10, 2005

    *dont hide!!*
    It's awesome and i love the way u did the CG :) u need to make a female CG next time co'z that will be sweet! XD + fav

  6. Rella Jul 10, 2005

    Wow! That looks so nice! I love the coloring and this version is much better than the one without color. I love it! >_<

  7. tAtEkAnE Jul 10, 2005

    weeeee! bishies! lol
    very nice evasion! @_@ looks really good i especially like the eyes and the hair, u really focus on it when u see it :D

  8. frozenwilderness Jul 10, 2005

    Ooo nice.. I love his shirt too XD Coloring looks great as usual and thee background is awesome, great work ^^

  9. SamuraiHaruko Jul 11, 2005

    yesh! the smexyness! I steal i steal! Instan Ramen! Instant Ramen!

  10. Tatsuya Jul 11, 2005

    wow, awesome doujin and coloring! this is definitely getting a fav! thank for sharing anyway

  11. Yumi-Chan Jul 11, 2005

    x__x waaaa your drawing and cg is so good!! x_x
    it's so clean >_<!
    the hair especially, is so nicely coloured ^_^
    btw the ear looks funny x_X olol
    but the shirt with melons on are cute..weee XP

  12. benjaminchia Jul 11, 2005

    nice . the character looks very cool. *giggles* love his facial expression.
    wings for the character look really cool/dark.
    good combination of black features.
    the crosses at the back gives the gothic feeling.
    overall it's pretty impressive. *rubs hands together clicks on the fav*
    keep it up!

  13. walkure245 Jul 11, 2005

    Heheh~ I kind of preferred the b/w version but this is really done well. His expression *laughs* is kind of funny. XD Other than that, everything is amazingly well done. I love the hair and the bg. The bg is slightly simple but carries such a big meaning. It boths holds both good and evil in one. Your cging is always amazing. *.* Really great stuff!

  14. ventures Jul 11, 2005

    wow ...I luv ur cg-ing....so luvly n detailed....
    *hugs the pic* I luv the red bg n his facial expression...n his hair...
    n of couse his watermelon shirt..lol
    a really good job on the cg-ing ~~

  15. jingjing1208 Jul 11, 2005

    Oh,so amazing!!
    It's really a great job,your doujins always great!!^^ This one is especially nice,the boy's hair you draw is rocks!!!Every detail is great!!^_^ +fav!^_^
    Keep your awesome works!^_^

  16. Kiako Jul 11, 2005

    great drawing, i like the charas look. his eyes are very good.
    keep it up

  17. rythem Jul 11, 2005

    *0* sugoii ne~~~8D luv ur cging.... *___* the chara is well-drawn~~
    so pretty...+FAV

  18. Yina Jul 11, 2005

    argghh.. I tried three different browers to write a comment to this fanart.. X__X nyuu.. I really love this pic.. it looks perfect to me.. O__O perfect shading.. and highlights.. the hair is pure amazing.. excellent work!! +fav ^^

  19. Jormungand Jul 11, 2005

    Whee~! Amazing CG work~!
    Funny that you started with beach scene and ended up like this xd
    i love how the background looks though
    and the colours look great :d
    i also like the highlights on his eyes
    great work.. definitely a fav ^.~

  20. ynk Jul 11, 2005

    Wohohohohoooo.... that's nice :) very nice... ewen if the bg is ...pink... and his wings are a little too short... I like that circle abowe his head... and the crosses in the back... really great job! It's drawn very good!

  21. Ryokan Jul 12, 2005

    evasion chan~~
    this CG looks very beautiful!!!!
    I like the colouring~Good Work you made!!
    You MUST teach me how to colour the hair~~~
    I am very interseted in it!!!!

    Next picture remember please show a beautiful girl to me~~~>w<!!

  22. AkinaSpirit Jul 12, 2005

    Wow... so awesome!!
    It's really good :D I can't see any real flaw and the colouring is great!!
    I love his hair and generally everything~! Plus I'm glad you fixed the shadow underneath the chin *where in the sketch I said it looked like a double chin :nya:*
    Really~ it's as good as perfect ^_^

  23. ashura001 Jul 13, 2005

    Man, I wish I was as talanted as you...

    The CGing is spot on and very professional looking. The lineart is amazingly clean and there's no errors in the inking whatsoever (that I can see).

    This is just as good as anything coming out of Japan right now.

  24. Yoh Jul 15, 2005

    Yeah! What happend with the girls? Better submit something with girls next time! Have to say that it looks good! But don't want to say more, prefer girls! ^_^'

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