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This wallpaper is based on a Japanese PC Visual Novel Game "Mermaid no Kisetsu".

I had finished this one a few weeks ago but have been unable to upload it until now. Anyway, I had thought of making a wallpaper about the season summer and so I came up with this. I had the idea of making a wallpaper about the happy memories in summer (even though summer isn't really over yet ^^).

I thought that a diary lying open and pictures spread on a table would fit the theme really well. The diary was the hardest thing to make in my wallpaper, but I'm very proud of making it ^^. When I had first made the diary, it looked incredibly flat, which isn't very realistic since a book doesn't usually stay flat when you open it to a page. So I had to "bend" the paper to make it look real. And then I drew the lines on the page with vector curves. Afterwards, I thought to make it a bit more interesting and added a little weather selection box under the "Date" in the diary page (I had seen some diaries have this so I thought to make one too), I used the line and pen tools to make that. The words written was written by me using a graphic tablet (sorry if my handwriting is bad or shaky ^^;;).

After that, the other parts of the wallpaper was fairly easy. The post-it at the top right is also made by me and I hand-wrote the title on it with a graphic tablet (aww, I want a post-it like that too, with my name and picture ^^).

I know everything written is in kana, which is usually since most Japanese is a combination of kanji and kana, but I'm still learning Japanese. I apologize if I have made any mistakes with the words written. If you find a mistake, please point it out and I'll correct it.

Anyway, I had kinda lost count on how long I spent on this, sorry about that. But enjoy, and I hope you like it!

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  1. Wakarimashta Jul 10, 2005

    Excellent work! I admire the attention to detail gone into making this. It definately inspired me to do something like what you did here.

    And finally a wallpaper that fits my monitor perfectly! :D

  2. kara Jul 11, 2005

    It's a very interesting concept and it's good to see you trying different things^^
    It's all arranged in a nice way and the pictures are of excellent quality!
    Great work!

  3. MoonlightEternity Jul 11, 2005

    wha its cute! i love how each pic is a photo! ^^ really cute, and great title for it its awesome :D thanks for sharing

  4. rene3088 Jul 25, 2005

    cool detail.............

    Even I don't know much bout it (^^)

  5. rmuyo Aug 03, 2005

    Another awesome one. I really like these picture collage ones, they are great because it does seem like someone looking back a favorite memories. Another favorite.

    i actually think the diary is a nice touch, it looks to me as if she is looking through her pictures to help her remember what she wants to write and to past them into her diary to go with her memories, a nice subtle touch. The details are also very impressive, a lot of the smaller ones particularly. Excellent job.

    Now I really want to try and find the Japanese PC Visual Novel Game "Mermaid no Kisetsu". Thanks for sharing this one!

  6. SilentNymph Sep 20, 2005

    WOW! This is sooooooo cute. Relly like the ideea behind this one and it turned out very good. I'm not allowed for now to add more fav but I'll be back cause I really like this one. I really don't know this anime but I see it has many fans and the art is really good.

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