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Gonzo, Gankutsuou, Edmond Dantes Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Gankutsuou Series Edmond Dantes Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

When I was cleaning up my room I found a stack of old anime magazines that I hadn't fully scanned. In Newtype Japan 3/04 I found a stunning picture of the Count in a different, sketchier style. Obviously I had to wall it.
At first I wanted to focus on the sword cutting the image into four quadrants, then I remembered my wish to make another 'clock' styled wallpaper based on a scene from one of the middle episodes in which we see Eugenie through the face of an old clock. I really liked that style so I decided to combine both ideas into this wallpaper. The image became much more experimental as I kept working on it, and it's certainly not your typical sceneric or grunge.
The background is a blending of numerous stock photographs of clocks and clock gears in a more abstract style.
The foreground clock was drawn in Illustrator based on several stock photos of large clocktower faces, and each slice of hour was colored differently, as if stained glass.
The title is the Latin inscription the Count has engraved in his pocketwatch, translating to "Death is certain, its hour uncertain" and seemed to fit very well with the time themes running throughout this wall.
Additional resolutions are available at DA! Desktop Anime.
EDIT: I've decomposed this wallpaper so if you're curious as to how the Count looked before I obscured him with my big happy clock of DOOOOM! then you can.

Aspiring Mafia Plug
Who: Ultimaslair
What: Uzumaki Naruto!
Why: Not your typical vector wall. Fresh, clean, minimalistic, and stylized. Sweeeeet.

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  1. LordStyphon Jul 08, 2005

    The colors are beautiful; the clock you set them to and the different style the Count has found himself drawn in gives it a feeling of looking at a stained-glass window. Very nice. Amazing work.

  2. Electrastar Jul 09, 2005

    Wow. very abstract. I have that scan in a copy of Newtype USA and I never thought it would have been possible to wall it, but you proved me wrong of course. Amazing detail and very beautiful dark-gothic colors. A truly beautiful job.

  3. calisqo Jul 09, 2005

    awesome work .
    I really like the cololr blending in it.
    The colors gives that kinda feeling seen in glass works , such in church windows?
    However , i feel that the black could be soften down a bit, giving a sense of texture to it , to break the flatness that the black created.
    The work is very nice and clean, great work on the color composition,
    Overall amazing work

  4. Criox Jul 09, 2005

    I can't seems to understand the wallie. Gomen! but.....its really beautiful. It looks like some color glass in some buliding. You know what I mean? I enjoyed those arts so I like this type of arts. Very mature type of wallie. You have the talent to make these kind of wallie. Keep it up.

  5. Meg Jul 09, 2005

    abstractly artistic.
    I've always loved your ideas for wallpapers. You never seem to run out. >_<
    As for this one. I really like the clock and stained glass combination. Although, IMO, the clock would look better if it had shadows because it would add more depth to it ,and would blend more with the stained glass giving it a more realistic look.

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 09, 2005

    woah! something you usually do but i know your more of th eexperimental type, love the stained glass look color scheme encripted all around the clock works. Love how th ewhole wall comes together in all this, Great job girl! :)

  7. meteorcloud Jul 09, 2005

    ooh goood~! tama always got nice ideas u_u~! this is some nice work, although I dun really like the thick lines and...that middlepoint is kinda annoying on that place ....... mayB placing it to the right under corner should be better =/..... but I think that's just personal XD. hmz...and what about some shadows =O?? anyways great job tama~!

  8. ayanechan Jul 09, 2005

    the wallpaper has a very nice sense of originality to it. i love how you tinted every section of the clock. looks great and thanks for the decomposition ^___^

  9. happianime Jul 09, 2005

    This is very very pretty Tama-san. I like the clock formation. I also noticed you changed your avatar! Cute! Nice wall!

  10. junaxp Jul 11, 2005

    wow thats freakin awesome i love the colors! good gankutsuou stuf is so rare! but damn this one is heading straight to my desktop *_* thats awesome. luv it.

  11. shinorei Jul 14, 2005

    very creative. it's like a stained glass window in various colours with a clock on it.
    reminds of Big Ben in England but that's boring compared to this.
    there's a bit of grunge added here and there, and gradient blending of some sort.
    cool work. keep it up! +fav

  12. Firefly Jul 14, 2005

    i love these types of walls!
    an old century gothic stain glass...
    and made from that rather less interesting scan!
    amazingly done.

  13. ibmman85 Sep 17, 2005

    awesome! I really gotta watch the rest of this series i guess. hmmm a stained glass clock would actually be a pretty neat idea to do in real life, i dont think I've seen one before, 'twould be pretty though,

  14. albelofthe21stcentury Nov 16, 2005

    At first I didn't see the man featured inside the clock. The man hidden in time... Great work!

  15. CTrigger Nov 29, 2005

    beautiful wallpaper!
    I like it so much that I might make a large print of this one and hang it on my wall :D

  16. natsume44 Feb 23, 2006

    Ah, I love this one too. I think it totally captures the "feel" of the Count of Monte Cristo book and anime. It's definitely one of my favorites. ^_^

  17. Sable May 09, 2006

    Nice one. ^^b

  18. saraane Aug 08, 2007

    That... is the best wallpaper for this anime I have ever seen!
    A friend and I share wallies and she is gonna go NUTZ over this one... then start complaining how a friend hasn't returned her series yet...

  19. beyondmeasure Jan 29, 2008

    Finally... I see it again!... The Doomsday clock!...

    Tick tock... tick tock... tick tock...

    Doomsday clock...!

  20. Asphyxy Feb 22, 2009

    Beautifully done!

  21. mkforema May 29, 2009

    This is an awesome picture! Good job! :)

  22. Fensuz Dec 18, 2009

    vlw pelo wallpaper.....................................

  23. mkforema Oct 13, 2010

    This wallpaper is beautiful! Good job!

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