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Hello all....
Finally, I can submit another theme....
That girl is so pretty, so I choose to walling her ^_^
I've found the scan from mt, it was zabel's submissions http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/30120/
Thank u so much Zabel for that lovely scan ^_^

Not much to say about this wall -_- a simple wall , the idea just come out when I saw the scan
I choose the title 'purple' because this wall filled with purple color ^ ^ ( hopefully I choose the good title ^ ^' )
and mostly.. because I don't know who's the name of that girl ^ ^' ( tell me if anyone knows her name.. )
I think that's all I can say...
This time my big thank u goes to my best friends, cygnus and raxis
thank u so much for everythings... LOL ^_^

yo-chan really appreciate any critics n suggestions so feel free to write them...
Okay, hope u guys like it... ^_^

Tutorial : www.artofgregmartin.com great tutorials!
Brushes : www.rebelkitty.com great brushes!

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  1. white-zero Jul 08, 2005

    Is it just me? I can't seem to read some of the sentence. >_<

    As for the wall, you went for simplicity for this one which is good once in a while. :)

    But the scan seems off from the BG. Heck, maybe it's just me.

    BTW, Greg Martin rules. Hands down. His works are just THAT good.

  2. Kiako Jul 08, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very pretty and the background suits her well.

  3. MasterFoot Jul 08, 2005

    Nice to see something from you again you wallies aer really good (including this one). Great colours and great effects in the bg. Keep the great work :) :)

  4. Rella Jul 08, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper! The scan and background looks very nice. Seriously, the background looks very good! I love the galaxy-look and the colors are beautiful. It's just that...well...the scan and background don't match...in terms of colors, it does but not in terms of common sense.

    I think the scan would've been better off with a farm/Japanese house background. Well, anyway, I really like it each for itself. Good job, even if it doesn't really make sense, it looks very pretty! >_<

  5. Leena Jul 08, 2005

    First thing i am gonna say, the backgrouns and picture is fantastic. Keep up the great work.

  6. Rai1e Jul 08, 2005

    Maaak....keren amat wallnya! ga bisa kmen apa2, langsung i fav aja.

  7. cygnus Jul 08, 2005

    mmm...the bg and the scan kinda....not quite blend together, she looks a little too bright compared with her dark bg... ^^' ...the glow also separated her from her bg, but on the other hand, it quite effectively make the girl looks like she's floating on the space...nice work yo-chan, keep it up! :D

  8. ramchong Jul 08, 2005

    mmm...the bg and the scan kinda....not quite blend together

    me hav the same common too... may be the scan juz too cute to match with this type of bg... anyhow i think both is rally nice!!

  9. tian82 Jul 08, 2005

    I dont think this picture is simple... I think it is cute and lovely !! The colour is match with the girl !! I love it !! Thank for sharing it with us !!!

  10. lunar-angel Jul 08, 2005

    Its so beautiful
    I really like your new wally ^_^
    + to favs
    great job ^_^

  11. fawna-chan Jul 09, 2005

    wow, i love the purple color! such a nice wallie! :)

  12. Ephemeral-Garden Jul 09, 2005

    Simply fantasic, yo-chan! I love the spacey background, with all the planets and stars and nebulas behind, this background is truly fantastic, and I really love the tutorial. ^^ The character's extraction is good and precise, well... although like what cygnus and ramchong have mentioned: the scan just don't fit in the whole thing, but this wlalie is trully an amazing one! Great job, yo-chan!

  13. Kudoki Jul 09, 2005

    HEY!!IT's a nice wallp!!although i don't know who's shE!!but i think she's sweet.....good job :D

  14. walkure245 Jul 09, 2005

    Ooo~ Really purply. It's really quite lovely. The bg is really pretty and colorful. Not overyl so that it would distract from the girl. The extraction and the quality are really great. Really nice work~

  15. kara Jul 09, 2005

    Very pretty indeed^^ The girl is so cute and the background's very nice and sparkly. Very nice^^ But I think that you should do something to blend her in with the background more cause right now it just looks like she doesn't really belong there...
    But anyway, great job^^

  16. lacusklein83 Jul 10, 2005

    Aw, that's so cute! I love the backround too. It's very original and pretty. Keep up the good work!

  17. Ica Jul 11, 2005

    Kyaa.. The girl in wall is very cute....
    You did a great job! This is must be my favourite!
    Thanks for sharing !^_~

  18. chibi-lizard Jul 11, 2005

    ~heeee~ haven't seen your work for some time .. or was it me day dreaming again >.<

    anyway .. i like this one :) the scan ish cute and it looks clean too :)

    but it kinda don't fit with a space bg. how bout adding some sparkles awound her to make it look magical ?

    or those swirls so that she'd look floatie in space ? ^_^' just a lil suggestion of mine though

    those stars are reallie pwettie .. and planet too. but the odd part ish some part of the stars are on top of those planets. maybe you'd like to fix that :)

    but overall .. i wubb this wallie :D keep it up !!

    ps : ~heee~ do you mind trying to make wallies in higher resolutions ? XD gomen ^_^' but you don't have to if it troubles you x_x

  19. yo-chanbokura Jul 13, 2005

    thank u so much guys ^_^ great advices from u guys! ^_^..... lol.....

  20. Merodia Jul 13, 2005

    a cute one, besides i like purple so much
    great wallie :D

  21. animegal213 Jul 13, 2005

    wow you wallie looks s awesome.i like the color theme because it's my one of my favorite color.the girl looks so cute.and i also like the way how she is positioned in the center.anyways you really did a great work on your wallie.


  22. metalsummer Jul 25, 2005

    The girl is very pretty. I like this wallpaper a lot. I also like the background in the picture.

  23. animenintendo Jul 14, 2009

    best wallpapers all funds that are very good especially their resolution through

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