RahXephon Wallpaper: [ Fall Gently, Dear Lucifer ]

Ayami Kojima, BONES, RahXephon, Ayato Kamina Wallpaper
Ayami Kojima Mangaka BONES Studio RahXephon Series Ayato Kamina Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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This is originally from a RahXephon scan which is in my personal collection(theres one here on MT as well). I changed a lot of things, from the lighter colors of the original to some dark colors with the great light coming out his chest.

I always thought about Paradise Lost, what a beautiful book. On seeing this image, I decided to play around with it to see how I could possibly portray such a painful and epic downfall of God's most favorite angel, Lucifer. His very name embodied the meaning of light.

In this piece you see him losing the last of what he was named for as the darkness created for him embraces him. "Fall Gently, Dear Lucifer"

This is my first attempt at a grunge-type wallpaper. Critiques gratefully accepted.

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  1. Tantaga Jul 08, 2005

    This is definately going to spark some religious freaks comments ^_^' .

    i like the way you've taken this not usually displayed concept and have really flown with it. The dark mood and underlying sense of pain really shows through. This has to be one of the more artistic wallpapers I have seen on MT. You should probably put something in your description that says to full view this wall because the thumbnail doesn't do it enough justice.

    The falling feathers are also a nice touch and continue with the fallen angel theme. It would almost appear as though the light is being withdrawn out of him as he slowly slowly, but violently) is being cast into that darkness. The text also works very well with this wall. Everything is practically perfect, but I do feel that the gainyness wither by scan or implied on purpose looks a bit off. Too much grain, when everything else is so sharp and smooth. Very great work overall ... you have impressed me :nya: .

  2. bbls Jul 08, 2005

    you're absolutely right that your wall needs to be seen full size because the thumbnail hides the detail and power of your wall. you've made a very dramatic scene...and it's very striking how you were able to express the darkness that is enveloping lucifer. we can really feel the torment. but there's a stray red "string" of light that is falling from the bottom of the huge ball of light that is bothering me because it doesn't look like it belongs in there. you've got an astounding concept here... :D

  3. Yina Jul 08, 2005

    i can't really see where the angel on this wallie is.. ^_^' but I see that you did an excellent work on the effects.. XD the feathers look great and the colours fit perfectly to the atmosphere.. also like the effects.. +fav ^^

  4. Kiako Jul 08, 2005

    it looks nice, i like the colors and the feathers

  5. Spystreak Retired Moderator Jul 08, 2005

    Haha the thumb looks like a bad spiderman poster lol. I can't really tell what the picture is though. The colors are nice though.

  6. chi4ever Jul 08, 2005

    verty cool man.. you never seice to amaze me^-^..congrads ::hugs::

  7. ramchong Jul 08, 2005

    Eh.... frankly speaking Sunira... me can't see or catch what's inside your wallie... (Sorry..) But i can see you cool effects and efforts contributed to get such powerful scene design!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. MasterFoot Jul 08, 2005

    Very... different from some of your other wallies but still very well done, what with the bold colours and great effects Great job :)

  9. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jul 08, 2005

    MMm,nice scan and overall nice idea and wall,but in my opinion u need a texture on top of the layers of the feathers and the lines,to give them a less "photoshop made" look

  10. rythem Jul 08, 2005

    lol really..it took me some time to see where's the chara? O__o
    I see it now..very interesting themed wallie ne~
    the colours goes well eith the chara n the textures r nicely created ^.^
    hmm.. overall , great work ^^

  11. macky Jul 08, 2005

    The big view is alittle retarded... took me a while to realise that i was looking at.. Nice work there!
    I like the colours.. red would be the most difficult to work with....
    Keep it up~

  12. macky Jul 08, 2005

    The big view is alittle retarded... took me a while to realise that i was looking at.. Nice work there!
    I like the colours.. red would be the most difficult to work with....
    Keep it up~

  13. minamitakayama Jul 08, 2005

    well, it's really... amazing? ingenious?
    what is it on the left? A girl?
    it's really cool and these colours...
    good work ;)

  14. thecatmistress Jul 08, 2005

    love the effect... and its red!!! me luv red. i see him falling.. amazing Sunira!! just absolutely bring the emotion to the wall.

  15. carlos18 Jul 08, 2005

    This one is really a piece of art. I love the effect of light and dark and is true is better see it in full view. the red is amazing!! great work my friend

  16. rocknroll-isgo Jul 08, 2005

    Such a powerful wallpaper, Sunira. The scan, along with the blur and intense colors, is amazing. I'm just not a big fan of the 'dotted' grunge look.. but that's just my opinion, not a critque. XP

    Anyway, great work.

  17. Regnak Jul 09, 2005

    Wow Very very nice wallpaper.

    Adding to my fav :)

    Great job

  18. asta Jul 10, 2005

    Uhh... wheres the chara? oh there it is! anyway u r right you definitely need to view it in full size anyway great work and cool rffrcts ^^

  19. vfan Jul 10, 2005

    its a pretty awesome and interesting looking wallpaper. I like it, the color choices are really nice!

  20. Windir Sep 18, 2005

    It's a great picture, but as a wallpaper I wish he were centered a bit more. If used as a wallpaper I feel I'd have to more all my icons to the black portions on the bottom and on the right.

  21. epherlite Oct 12, 2005

    I love the feeling of movement you've made on this wallpaper, though I personally don't much care for the little sparkle-lines you've got coming from it. Still, it's really dramatic, good job.

  22. Alcyndore Nov 17, 2008

    He doesn't seem to be falling gently. You've used a violent red and he almost seems to burst into little flaming pieces...That must hurt...I like its raw force and the power of suggestion. I also like Paradise Lost...The guy is in real pain here. Thanks a lot for this original interpretation!

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