Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata Wallpaper: Reinventing Your Exit

Hyung-Tae Kim, Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata, Reith, Calintz Jerevinan Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I hate my mood swings..anyways, like I said..I always do my walls out of feelings, gives them a crispier look ;). I see people going around dedicating walls like crazy to everyone..kinda takes the meaning out of hte dedication if everyone gets one no? ;) its like winning first place, but everyone else gets gold as well. So, I am dedicating this wall to my love, firedemon.. I love you gorgeous :) (even though you hate me for saying it)

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Browse Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. ramchong Jul 08, 2005

    Oh~! special concept i can find here... looks like a exit for those two who's now desperately looking for new conditions!!! nice wallie!!! fav it!!

  2. sjolley Jul 08, 2005

    lol, it's great Sharingan. Thanks for lettin us see it. :D teh, now I get your moods. :D I'm favin it! :D

  3. pamkips Jul 08, 2005

    ah that's sooo awesome your dedicating this to firedemon!^_______^ *runs away from flying cans* yep like usual SharinganKnight you have a way of making me like grunge walls!
    aaahhhhhh wonderful job!! yep! ah it's a definate fav like usual!...*hides from the cans*..sorry^_^

  4. limes-eye Jul 08, 2005

    This looks nice! :) I like the wy you made the border-like thing. the colours look nice too. I think it's the first time I've seen a way like this. Very creative. :) *add to favs*

  5. Firedemon Jul 08, 2005

    realy pretty wall! I like all the colors and the beautiful sky. thanks for dedicating it to me! I love you too :D

  6. Kally2 Jul 08, 2005

    realy nice wallpaper. i love the scenery. and the sky. nice job!

  7. Bam64 Jul 08, 2005

    awesome wallpaper. the sky is so pretty. and the colors are cool to. +favs

  8. MS0B9 Jul 08, 2005

    Awww.... That's sweet of you SharinganKnight to make a wallie for Firedemon. :)

    But anyway love the scan from Magna Carta and the effects look great. Awesome job and adding to favs!

  9. joycev Jul 08, 2005

    Very nicely done! Usually I dont like anything with too much yellow but this deffinitly looks great!! That's so sweet of you dedicating a wall to your love... :) Thats a great scan you used as well. The sky in the back is a nice touch also... Another awesome wall from you as always... :nya:

  10. fawna-chan Jul 09, 2005

    wow, very nice, good concept. i love the colors too! nice work with this and thanks for sharing! :D

  11. walkure245 Jul 09, 2005

    Ooo~ I like the fact that you kept that wallie style from the last one. It's really quite lovely. And the scan you used for this works out perfectly with the layout of the wallie. The coloring and the rexture matches the couple so well. Also, the wings on the guy is really a beautiful idea. It looks so eyecatchy and something beautiful to look at. The grungey bg looks wonderful and I love the brightness. Really wonderful work!

  12. Zanejin Jul 09, 2005

    Wow, this wallpaper is amazing. I added it to my favorites, by the way. Also, I don't think you should be ashamed of the fact that you create artwork based on your emotions; emotions are what fuel you to do better in art.

    The half-abstract, half-realistic background is so awesome! I now know that using all brushing techniques is not the only way to make a wallpaper look good. The rendering job you did is superb! The text is well-positioned and I like the effect applied that makes it stretch seemingly vertically.

  13. DeeDee Jul 10, 2005

    Hey!! Very Very Very Nice wallie!!!!! Its amazing :)
    I really like the bright colors, and how they all blend in :) The concept is great, and the dedication is one of the best I've read ;) hehe Plus the character are awesome!!! :)
    very nice job ;)

  14. k3r7j10 Jul 10, 2005

    you always have the most interesting walls, so full of detail. magna carta always has the nicest characters, you used them well in this wall. the bg is well done too, i like the concept behind. and that was very sweet of you to dedicate it to your love...even though it makes me feel very lonely right now XP . nice job as always. +fav

  15. lthnadml Jul 11, 2005

    Wow, cool background! The background is really nicely done, and the effects are very amazing. Keep up the great work! :D :D :D

  16. flipguykenobi Aug 01, 2005

    holy crap. that's a really awesome background, very cool indeed. thanks for posting

  17. natz Aug 04, 2005

    This wall is beautyful! I added it to my favourites immediatly.

  18. FredGreg Aug 06, 2005

    I don't really have much to say about most of this wall bar 'nice,' but the colour scheme is awesome! The yellow & blue seem to conflict, yet fit as well. How else can I put it... uhhh... they clash, but in a good way? The blue & brown look great at the top where the blue is like cracks or roots running into the brown too. Basically, none of the colours go together well, but somehow they do.

  19. Patchy Dec 02, 2005

    i'm usually only interested in wallies of anime i'm familiar with, but i know i like this one. minimilism, more often than not, is an excuse for laziness, and in that case, no one can say you were lazy with this wall! XD i like your use of brushes (is it?) in the wallie and the colours used, the great deal of overlapping give it an elegant sense of freefall, so the wallie isn't at all typical or boring. if you've understood any of my rambling i give you an extra thumbs up for this wallie.

  20. borisaladin Aug 08, 2010

    it very beatiful!
    i love it!
    nice wallpaper

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