My-HiME Wallpaper: \[Walks Away......]/

Hisayuki Hirokazu, Sunrise (Studio), My-HiME, Mai Tokiha Wallpaper
Hisayuki Hirokazu Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio My-HiME Series Mai Tokiha Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Please full view for full details^.^
Hello, minna-san^.^
Yet another once again uniquely terrible wall by yours truly.
I know...bad ne?
though i do need to say one thing....
i say this because...usually half the people who comment on my walls think that the vectors are mine..they are not..

*wipes sweat off forhead*
I've been working on this wall for acouple of hours....about lemme see...late last night to last this night o.0 weird ne?
About 53 layers..i believe...o.0 hmmm.
A lot of hard work...though i know its terrible..as usual.
A lot of meaning behind this wall.
Mostly about..how i ponder at the world and its tragedies. And i stand alone..watching and it all passes by soo quickly..as if a fast forward movie...

I hope you enjoy it^.^
ja ne~

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  1. mdayumi Jul 08, 2005

    why Mai always have a sad expression... sigh.. what about makin a Happy Mai wall???
    btw.. it's a great wall.. i'll add it to my collection.. nice..

  2. AngelKate Jul 08, 2005

    Oh, how nice! The girl looks almost sad..she has a kind of dreamy look on her face. Really nice wallie though, keep it up!

  3. ramchong Jul 08, 2005

    Oh... quite a nice scene you designed here... hm... can i know why the sakura tree like that?? becos of strong wind? if yes, i think the scan's hair direction become inconsistant... may be you need to make those ppl on bridge some movement too... Ah... i mean they look too "dead" on the brigde...

    However... this time you made a very nice and neat bg...the scan amd bg sure blended quite well together... and again, i'm sure this ain't ugly wallie!!

  4. Sunira Jul 08, 2005

    Good placement and very nicely done background. Your work is improving. :)

  5. Lenne Jul 08, 2005

    Not bad girl.Maybe this isn't your vector but you've putten in right surrounding.I love the bridge,you did great job with it.Only the cherry blossom tree is a little bit odd.
    Still a lovely work yaou made.
    See you girl! :D ;)

  6. THE-DARK-PRINCE Jul 08, 2005

    WoooW coooooool background...
    In my opinion, the scan doesn't fit the background that much, but it's just my opinion and don't worry because u did a great job and this is a well-made wallpaper...
    Keep up the good work...

    :D :) :D :)

  7. fawna-chan Jul 09, 2005

    wow, such a nice and pretty wallpaper....good work with the background...it's a nice vector and goes well with the bg...

  8. anji Jul 09, 2005

    I like the setting of this.
    I especially like the color theme overall. There is a beautiful shadow on the vector, don't know if it's you that added this.
    But I think it needs more grass on the horizon, just to hide the line.
    I like how you write on the grass though.
    Keep it up! :)

  9. Regnak Jul 09, 2005

    Great wall.

    The background is cool and Mai is so cute.

  10. sukie Jul 09, 2005

    so pretty...the bg looks great. the vector goes really well with the bg...great choice!
    the ppl on that rode looks soo cool! how did you manage??!! and the grass...very pretty, the tree stand out too much, but i like it just fine!

    great wall!!

  11. mYNamEisMimOxxx Jul 10, 2005

    man does mai look pale....XD
    okies well this wall has a very nice feeling to it. :)
    i like alot...nice and clean. ^_^
    thanks for sharing

  12. chibi-lizard Jul 11, 2005

    i like the idea you had in mind. and i gotta compliment you for workin hard in carrying it out :)

    the vector by zephie ish very good. i like the bridge and those buildings at the back thought they're a lil simple.

    but i think you could do better with the grass and tree. the petals on the tree looks quite big but they're smudged or blurred. the grass .. you chould add more of it near the edge so it wouldn't look so round. oh ya .. the clouds .. they look kinda blurry too and cartoonish .. but that's cute XD

    other than that .. it's a nice attempt :) keep it up :D

  13. kyubinaruto Jul 13, 2005

    yup, i love the buildings and how the font blends into the background. The people at the background is great as well.

    However, i think you have to work on the trees like everybody has said. It's either u add a few more trees so it won't look awkward or else u can make the tree more realistic. The grass looks rather fake, but it's not bad ^^ At least much better than mine ^_^'

  14. YugureKaze Jul 14, 2005

    the buildings looks cool
    and the text that is almost hidden is nice
    mai looks good too
    more detail would be a + though..
    wonderful work! ^_^

  15. Clone1006 Aug 09, 2005

    good piece of artwork, sad that sche's so sad ;(
    (stupid 64 characters thing :P )

  16. glamdring Dec 21, 2005

    Kinda sad but i love it ! Thanks !

  17. Burnerneil Feb 20, 2010

    Like the feeling of the pic

    Good work

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