Mahou Sensei Negima! Wallpaper: Magical Rainbow Collab!

Ken Akamatsu, Mahou Sensei Negima!, Nodoka Miyazaki Wallpaper
Ken Akamatsu Mangaka Mahou Sensei Negima! Series,OVA Nodoka Miyazaki Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

HAHAHAHAHA! it's FINALLY finished!
the redness(redxxii) and kalico collab!
i think we came up with the idea to collab back in....march. yeah. exactly. this collab took a lot of work and was a big challange for both of us. neither of us had ever really attempted a wall like this. which makes us wonder still just why we did lol.
but, it was a lot of fun, and we're both finally happy with it!
let me give you a little insight on the creative process we went through :D
Suicide Throw : but you'll have to take care of the sig on the wall
Kalico Dreamz : you gotta tell me what you wanna say
Kalico Dreamz : HOORAY!
Kalico Dreamz : I GET TO MAKE THE SIG!
Suicide Throw : \o/
Kalico Dreamz : hahahahahahahahaha! -thunder and lightning- >:D
Suicide Throw : who are you, Thor?
Kalico Dreamz : we shall see!
Kalico Dreamz : we shall see......
Kalico Dreamz : SEASHELLS
Suicide Throw : if I meet you, and you're wearing a viking helmet and carrying a big hammer, I shall be most worried...
Kalico Dreamz : what if i have funnel cake?:D
Suicide Throw : then I will be exuberant
Kalico Dreamz : hooray!

okay, probably not the part you wanted to know about xD
what else to say about this...
redness did the recg or nodoka, while i worked on the outside. redness made the interior, and iw orked to bring it all together. form there on it was a whole bunch of little details and text which ALMOST defeated us, until we prevailed against the most difficult of odds! photoshop 7 and photoshop CS don't like to cooperate with text.
even though it was rasterized -_-

anyways, comments and critiques appreciated. other than that, just enjoy :3
hopefully redness and i will collab again, maybe with a GRUNGE wall next time lol

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Browse Mahou Sensei Negima! Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. jasmine Retired Moderator Jul 07, 2005

    Whaaaaaa! It is amazing! The most beautiful wall of the week XD My personal fav. No faults in it thus no criticism included :P it looks like an official poster and not a wall :) simply great ^^

  2. meteorcloud Jul 07, 2005

    waaah...this wall is great~! really like the landscape *_____*~! and congrats...it's finally done XD~! hehe although the font colour dun really match .______. but...other then that...it's a great one ~! ^^

  3. pamkips Jul 07, 2005

    amazing..that's alll i can say...this has been the best wall i've seen all week...
    and i have to agree with jasmine all the way!very wonderful job thanks for sharing!

  4. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 07, 2005

    Lol thats your more crazier than me kalico but hey i like the collab, its prissy, pretty and beautiful at the same time and i love the text cos it unique from most texts and all togehter this is a great job from ya.... Also you need a jar to hold redness soul XD

  5. evol_kimchi Jul 07, 2005

    good lord, when you and red collab you make some slick eye candy. I like the subtle glow everthing has. sweet stuff XD

  6. Keishu Jul 07, 2005

    It's perfect ._.~...
    So clean and all things really fit together *__*~
    I have no complaints about this wall, luv it ^_^!
    ... and those windows are the best I've ever seen XD~ great job. (+ the sun's rays are a nice touch to the scene, warm and happy n_n also the landscape... *pokes* so.. perfect ._.).
    The font and it's colour are also good chosen.

  7. fooblued Jul 07, 2005

    I can't begin to imagine all the work that went into this, even the subtle details of the announcment baord and the suns rays, so wonderful big +fav!!!

  8. Yumi-Chan Jul 08, 2005

    collabs are so fun. i've never collabed in my life -_-
    anyways the background is really nice! especially the outside part =D great job on that Kalico ^_^
    The window and the sunlight were a marvelous job that has been done. kinda soft too! XD
    good job on the recg as well. honya-chan really looked like a nerdo x__x waa~~
    well everything looks amazing! even the wood effect on the wall ^_^
    loveing it, i'm faving this ;)

  9. ansk21 Jul 08, 2005

    Yo Nodoka-chan \o/ Sugoiiiiiiiiii I lovely your wallpapers haahahahahah


    Good jobbbbbbbbbbbb

  10. Rella Jul 08, 2005

    That looks so nice!! I love the soft-light used here. The background and the view of the outside looks very neat. I especially like how you did the name of the title. The font is great but the fact that you actually also have a pic of Nodaka in the back too rocks. Very good work! ^^

  11. ayaki Jul 08, 2005

    ahhh this looks great!~
    the background looks sooo good...!!
    everything looks so clean and sharp...
    and the font of the title looks super cool!~ a great touch ^_^
    definite fav for me ^^

  12. revolver Jul 08, 2005

    nice wall love it becouse Nodoka is there add to fav.

  13. brynjar Jul 08, 2005

    Very good I must say. Everything fits quite nicely, but I'm getting some strange vibes from the landscape. Hmm. Maybe it's a bit too realistic? I mean, did you use a real photo, and worked from there? It's not a big deal. No complaints :)

    Great work all in all. Btw. Love those glow-effects, or what i should call them. Makes the wallpaper shine in all it's glory.

  14. witsarut Jul 08, 2005

    Oh >>>>>>> my gods
    what .....? I like it picture nodoka cha
    thank you... very very good
    ^-^ 0_^ o_O 3_3''

  15. marcus Jul 08, 2005

    Thanks for this one.. Nodoka is my fave in the show... hehe Its always good to have a ncie wallpaper of her on the desktop sometimes.. hehe

    Nodoka-chan ! kawaii ne !

  16. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jul 08, 2005

    kawaii >.o,like jasmine says,looks more like an official poster or something,instead of a wallpaper,the tree look so nice,also those wood parts,but i agree with MC,the font is nice,but the color dont match with the whole wall,but i can live with it after all,is a fav.

  17. fawna-chan Jul 09, 2005

    wow, such a nice wallpaper. a really good one of nodoka! the background looks amazing! really good work on this! XD

  18. kenzuke Jul 09, 2005

    nice... I dont know what to say... but a great job!
    It's nice to see some great indor walls... XD

  19. Furikuu Jul 10, 2005

    It's a stunner ;D Quality is top-notch and the scene just looks almost real. The only thing that looks off is the drop-shadowing on the windowframes, it makes them look a little flat and appear to be 'floating' in front of the wall. But the realism and attention to detail on the wall as a whole more than makes up for it O_O

  20. Wolfwood411 Jul 12, 2005

    Wow now that is an amazing wallpaper you made there. everything fits and Nodoka looks so....KAWAII!! ^^ adding this to my favorites

  21. Agat Jul 13, 2005

    I really like it! (not to mention that Nodoka is my favorite Negima char ^__^)

  22. flyindreams Jul 13, 2005

    Nice~ looks great! Awesome job with the lighting, and I like the details in the background. The soft tone of the wall is lovely, the only thing that I find strange is the rainbow... it's really small and feels like it should extend outwards more. But still, as everyone pointed out... fabulous job in making it look like an official poster ^.^

  23. Ian999 Banned Member Jul 21, 2005

    Hey, I love this pictue, it sure is a wonderful picture. You combined the libary backgournd into it with Miyazaki. It suited. The whole thing is prefect. Thanks.

  24. Sakome Jul 22, 2005

    Wow this is amazing. Great detail and its Nodoka :). I love it, I think this will be my new wallpaper even. Great work if you did make this! I LOVE YOU nodoka!!! haha

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