Soul Link Wallpaper: Digital Winter

Hiro Suzuhira, Soul Link Wallpaper
Hiro Suzuhira Mangaka Soul Link Series,Visual Novel

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

What can I say? I decided to try something new. And this the dodgy result of my attempt at abstract, I don't even think it's very abstract anymore >.<

Thanks to Revan-san for the inspiration to attempt this, but I'm so sorry it turned out so pathetic. Nothing makes any sense at all, I was thinking of not submitting it but oh well, at least hopefully I can get some crits so I'll just leave you to it T_T

The scan seems to have gotten deleted so I can't really credit it, but I did get it from MT.

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: rocknroll-isgo
Wall: Shallow Water
Reason:It's simple but the effects are so nicely done. It's a very beautiful wall.

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  1. rythem Jul 07, 2005

    waa~~I adore the bg *0* very nice matrix-style XD
    but the chara doesnt blend with it >.< suits a high tech girl more ^_~ lol
    anyways~great work ne~~8D

  2. ever-ruler Jul 07, 2005

    Wow, cool background! The background is really nicely done, and the effects are very amazing. Keep up the great work!

  3. Leena Jul 07, 2005

    Cool background. the matrix effect is awesome. the other effects is great too. keep up the fantastic work.

  4. kurodousama Jul 07, 2005

    O.o!!!! very pretty... i love the background... jeez i wish i could make wallies like that lol... thanks for the submission

  5. THE-DARK-PRINCE Jul 07, 2005

    ^_^ Cooooooooooool ^_^

    The baqckground is so nice and wonderful, really really outstanding background...
    Nice effects too, u did a great job, nice work and well-done, keep it up...

    ^_^ :) :D :) :D ^_^

  6. MoonlightEternity Jul 07, 2005

    its really pretty abstract kara-san! ^^ really great attempt i think it turned out awesome! the scan fits well too. thansk for sharing its beautiful!

  7. Kiako Jul 07, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the background colors and effects are very good. the girl is very pretty.
    but i don't like the part where i can see trough her.

  8. Revan Retired Moderator Jul 07, 2005

    really nice abstract-tech wallie you have done, I like the little swirl on the tip of her finger. Nice work on the text and a good extraction ;) perhaps the scan could have been blended a bit more just by adding some bg color layers to it, because I feel it stands out a bit from the bg... but it is still a great job!!! :D

    Quote by karaThanks to Revan-san for the inspiration to attempt this, but I'm so sorry it turned out so pathetic. Nothing makes any sense at all, I was thinking of not submitting it but oh well, at least hopefully I can get some crits so I'll just leave you to it T.T

    it is not pathetic at all ;) in abstract not everything needs to have a point :hmpf:

  9. ayane-heine Jul 07, 2005

    the scan is nice.. and the bg looks like matrix. what a digital wallie there.. :D
    nice one kara.. XD

  10. Sugasuga Jul 07, 2005

    as usual, ur work rox XD i adore the abstract background, its veri kool ^-^ the scan quality could be a bit better. great work as usual, kar~

  11. MS0B9 Jul 07, 2005

    Wow this is a nice wallie you got there. I really love the maxtirx writing. XD The scan's cute also. Great job and adding to favs!

  12. Acuni Jul 07, 2005

    lovely wallpaper i like the effects at all the colours are great and the chara is lovely to
    and the points wher the girl is taching the ja whatever are nice made to
    hope to see more

  13. ramchong Jul 07, 2005

    Nice abstract you got here!! me like it very much..... and the extraction of scan is good too!

  14. bbls Jul 07, 2005

    i think you did a wonderful job experimenting with a different style! i luv that techie feel of your wall, and i really like the concept of your wall. but i wasn't sure if the scan was the right choice for your concept and background. oh, and you did a perfect job in blending your scan and background together... :D

  15. MagicianFairy Jul 08, 2005

    what a nice bg!!, like the colors, everything!
    i like the scan too!!
    +favs! ;)

  16. melymay Jul 08, 2005

    nice wall ^_^ the bg looks great and the scan u used is adorable, great job! +Fave

  17. Tatsuya Jul 08, 2005

    cool background, though the white/snow ball on her head, it's look a bit weird in my eye ^^' i think you should remove it will better! in my humble opinion

  18. tevi Jul 08, 2005

    Wooo! Greeen~~ *lub* I definitely like the background, the "abstract" effect looks really really interesting! ^^ The only qualm I have about this is the girl... >.< Too... Happy... -_-;; And weird pose... But yeah, blame the scan... ^^; ... So... Patterning of the background is really cool, love the randomness of shapes, ^^

  19. walkure245 Jul 08, 2005

    I really like that bg. So very high-techy. It's really amazingly done well and I love lights and textures. Even the planet in the corner is really ingenious. It's a like an Escher drawing. The character does look like she's traveling through the cyberpace but she doesn't look the type though. Maybe a mecha girl would look a lil better. But it doesn't matter. I like how her fingers has the sort of magic or light coming from it. It's like she's trailing her finger across the walls. There's so much to appreciate. Really wonderfully done!

  20. FlowerDog Jul 08, 2005

    You have done an amazing job with Digital Winter, Kara-sama. :) Nanami Inatsuki looks so cute and to me she does match with the BG very well. Love the transparent effect and all of the lighting in your wallie. :) You got really creative with your first abstract style wallpaper. I adore every detail. :D Wonderful job!! I'll be looking forward to your next wallpaper, Kara-sama!! :D

  21. Yina Jul 08, 2005

    matrix style?? XD I think that I would never use such a bg for such a scan.. but you just did a wonderful job on putting those two together!! XD the effects are pure amazing and the wallie just looks perfect.. XD excellent work, +fav ^^

  22. zaira Jul 08, 2005

    weee soo cool! i love the matrix look on the bg!! nice colors and other cool effects!! the scan is cute too and it fits the style of the wall!+fav!

  23. snuffy Jul 08, 2005

    i like the background... its nice and good.... tho i dont get the winter bit..... nor do i think the scan suits the background very much... but hey... who am i to say?

    overall its done quite well... sure the scan is cute and nice... but.... i duno.... jus doesnt fit.... nor does it appeal to me that much.....

    sorry if i sound a bit slack.... but yeh...

  24. Skillzpay Jul 08, 2005

    I can see how a lot of people might like this...it's got a lot of well done effects with some nice abstract and flashy colors to it. Doesn't really do it for me somehow, I guess it's cause parts of it seem disorganized and randomly merge into others. Plus using the type of character that was used for this type of wall seems a bit of odd since she seems better suited for something like a scenic wall.
    I'm sure you'll learn a lot from this tech wall and will improve on this aspect of your walling. Keep up the good work kara!

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