Black/Matrix Wallpaper: Love me always . . .

Black/Matrix, Abel (Black/Matrix), Domina Wallpaper
Black/Matrix Game Abel (Black/Matrix) Character Domina Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The original scan black matrix 04 was submitted by hellangel. I've actually used this same couple before in a different wall, but I never thought I did the art any real justice. I loved the art so much that I tinkered off and on with it . . .finally I came up with this, it works, and I don't think it is all that much better - but it suits my personal feelings at the moment *smiles* I hope you all enjoy it. Later

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  1. MS0B9 Jul 06, 2005

    Wow... I love this wallie. It's very romantic. Reminds me that no mater what comes still love. Very sweet. Adding to favs!

  2. darkspiral486 Jul 06, 2005

    Great wall. It gives off a sense of a dark, desperate romance. Adding to my favs ASAP.

    Btw, how's it going, Jhei? I haven't seen you in forever!

  3. apocaplyse Jul 06, 2005

    Wonderful wallpaper..great scan of character u got there and u choose the right background to fit them.they blend in nicely.addin to fav.

  4. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 07, 2005

    oh wow... that really is really romantic and great... I love it...
    Haven't seen you on for ages auntie jhei *sniffs*

  5. narutofan92 Jul 07, 2005

    Your a very emotional person eh? I see that your wallpapers have tendencies to reflect your current emotions when you post them. That's really what makes some of your wallpapers more interesting to me. ^ ^

    Other then that, this wall looks great. The environment and the color tones and just the general mood of the wall all works out very well. There are little things you need to fix such as the extraction around the dark wings, it strikes me as a bit odd and just some tiny things around the edges of the scan but other then that, it is great. Keep on posting walls Jheir it's good to see some work from you.

  6. Jheiracks Jul 07, 2005

    Heh, the white around the wings was supose to be from the windows *smiles*

  7. ramchong Jul 07, 2005

    Hey my dear sweety!! Very romantic scene you designed here!! but a bit sad feeling from there too... well, other than fav it... i juz don't know what can i comment into this nice wallie!!

  8. bbls Jul 07, 2005

    the use of your scan with your background perfectly compliments the concept of your wall. and this darker, "dirtier" version definitely suits the mood of your wall. i was also gonna comment on the extraction because of some of the white edges, but you had already said it was from the window...maybe you could change the lighting over the edges of the wings from the back window so it looks more like an outer glow? overall we can really feel your emotions through this wall and the scan and background blend together quite nicely... :D

  9. ayane-heine Jul 07, 2005

    aww.. sis-jhei.. >.<
    a aweet wallie from you.. so romantic.. XD
    it suits your personal feelings now?? :o

  10. Revan Retired Moderator Jul 07, 2005

    Guess that now you have made justice to the artwork... I like so much dark and emotional walls ;) I only wish it was available in higher res... :\ anyways great job!!!

  11. Yoh Jul 08, 2005

    I think that this wall is better, the image is really good, and the bg is great! You made a little weird effect at the top of the wall. But is good! :nya:

  12. missy1066 Jul 08, 2005

    Hello there Jheiracks... ^_^... Yet another great wallpaper from you I see... I found it very interesting, complex and dark... Definitely gives one food for thought... Your choice of background definitely adds an extra dimension to the whole thing... Keep up the good work Jheiracks, I always look forward to viewing wallpapers made by you... This one is definitely going into my faves!!

  13. lthnadml Jul 11, 2005

    WOW! This is soooooo good wallpaper.
    I love it + fav
    Sorry for the late comment but i'm having my vacations XD XD XD

  14. prizz Jul 11, 2005

    Wow! I like the background!! Nice work! Thanks for sharing!!
    .................... ^_^ V,, ...................

  15. flyindreams Jul 12, 2005

    Mmm... haven't looked at all your walls, but I think you really did do the scan justice with this background... the distortion just creates such a surreal feeling... I'm starting to get used to the disturbing vibe of your walls ^.~

  16. skysong Jul 12, 2005

    i love the scan, no wonder you wanted to use it again! ^^
    nice job on the bg, it fits the mood of the scan nicely. great job Jhei!

  17. YugureKaze Jul 13, 2005

    it looks really cool
    that scan is from one of your other walls right?
    it looks really awesome ^_^
    the gloomy bg is nice too
    wonderful work!

    sorry about not commenting on your previous walls...
    i was falling behind as usual ^_^'

  18. suestrange Jul 24, 2005

    aawwww...... i LOVE this wallie..... so sweet & romantic but forbidden, enduring love between an angel & demon..... ;)

  19. loveyou Mute Member Sep 08, 2005

    i like the old effect and the grungy too. but you have to get rid of the with outline of the renders.. it's pretty good.

  20. Ryllie Dec 18, 2005

    I like it..a lot acually..I can't even makes my own pictures yet..and to me your doin great

  21. Hikari87 May 31, 2006

    The bg makes this wall much more sad~ but it's very nice. Keep it up! ^^

  22. blacklistgenesis Jun 05, 2008

    Romantiko wallpopero...I like diz...
    Best u luck!

  23. dcolares69 Mar 01, 2011

    Wonderful wallpaper..great scan of character u got there and u choose the right background to fit them.they blend in nicely.addin to fav.

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