Kazuko Tadano Wallpaper: ::Unspoken Memories::

Kazuko Tadano Wallpaper
Kazuko Tadano Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Returning to my root >. < grunge.
I tried to add bit of scenic and grunge together.
But somehow grunge prevails ^___^
all was done in vector, except for the grungish bit >.>
, the scan was vectored to have different look ^_^.
To kinda give that brownish feeling in autumn >.< , BTW color my looks weird on some monitor , this for LCD 1000:1 contrast ratio
Anyway hope you guys like it ^_^, feel free to comments ^_^
Till then ^_^

CREDIT: scaned by MadMover "waiting in the breeze"
Original Artist: Kazuko Tadano

PS: full view >.< thumbnail is evil XD hehehe

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  1. belmikry Retired Moderator Jul 06, 2005

    owwwwwwwieee cally- issat what your userpage is going to end up looking like? it resembles your userpage so much!@ :)

    i really like it, your grunge is always spectacular :)

  2. ventures Jul 06, 2005

    I think this is a very simbolic wall u made...
    hmmm..it looks nice..but sumwhat the brown texture is slightly overwhelming...
    n maybe if the text is a lighter shade it would look nicer...
    Im not too much into grunge walls but I like how u vectored the gurl..
    n there seem to be a lot of things going on in the bg..
    nevertheless..a very good job cal-san^^

  3. bromithia Retired Moderator Jul 06, 2005

    Love this wallpaper to death~ not much else to say. The text could use some work, but still great work :D

  4. Shadu Jul 06, 2005

    Very simple, but very elegant. I love how you blended the character in with the clothes. The effect you created made it truly unique. The browns are very calming and I'm glad it's not all wild with crazy colors. Very nice indeed. ^_^

    Keep creating awesome wallpapers,

    Ciao. ^_~

  5. Criox Jul 06, 2005

    Hey pal how you have been? ^_^ Its been some time since your last arts. This is quite a unique way of walling since seldom people can do it. I really like it. Its simple in color and smooth. Pretty neat. Keep it up. Cya around too!

  6. rythem Jul 06, 2005

    wohoo~ *0* it looks really nice..but..u can hardly see the textures on the bg coz the colours r too dark >.< n yeah, lighter colours 4 the font is nicer =)
    anywho,I love the vector ne~very simple but nice-looking ^_~
    great wall , cal~~XD

  7. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 06, 2005

    WOah awesome grunge, has this serenic bautiful look into it but it kinda feels a bit neautral in the eyes, could use some dark shadows to make it go togehter but very unique work mate! :)

  8. walkure245 Jul 06, 2005

    Oooo~ Me likies. I like it when people blend the character so that the girl becomes part of the bg like that. Unfortunately, I not partial the brown. But the bg grungey is absolutely pretty. I like the textures and slight variations in tones. I really like how her skin colors stick out like that. Creates a great focal point. Really great stuff!

  9. white-zero Jul 06, 2005

    Whoa looks like another sub-genre is born - Soft Grunge. XD

    Love everything in this one. Awesome stuff as always Calisque!

  10. Juclesia Jul 06, 2005

    the look is great, the figure and background are "working" together that's great, also the writings are really great kombined with the background. the only thing that's not mine is the brown color, it isn't a favourite color of mine.......so have a great time and cu soon

  11. ramchong Jul 06, 2005

    Holy!! i thought i saw chocolate painting in thumbnail version... looks yummy...!! hehe! after i opened up the full view... yes! your grungy wall sure really spectacular!! every small part seems so unique and i'm deeply impressed by the concept you put into autumn feels...

  12. Vinitachi Jul 06, 2005

    Looks great. Just got ot love your vectors. The grudge adds a very nive touch too. I love the contrast with the girl skin against the brown background.

  13. AC2N Jul 06, 2005

    What an amazing wallie....
    I can pass over it... MUST be in my Fav section !!
    real good job, the color choice is great, and the girl is so pretty...

    Hope to see another jewel like this soon @_@ !!

  14. zaira Jul 06, 2005

    wow!! i've got only few words to say! awesome grunge! and cool wall!!+fav!

  15. Sugasuga Jul 06, 2005

    lovely work as usual, calisqo ^-^ its so chocolately too xD my only complaint is her fingers, looks a bit rough, or sharp ^^;

  16. anji Jul 06, 2005

    I don't see very well all the subtilities with this *grrr* neon just above my head.
    Still, I think it's beautiful. Just really like how you to mix the background with the girl's dress.
    Really nice vector by the way, like the girl's face, with her eyes closed.
    Colors match well together, maybe I would hope to see more contrast between them.
    Maybe it's just the neon that kill the colors on my screen XD
    It's a simple font that you used, I don't know, I like more elegant font so I think it would look good with one. But still it's a question of taste.
    Thanks for sharing, add to fav! :)

  17. nkdksk Jul 06, 2005

    very simple and so strong the constrast between the two colors looks great

  18. DeathD13 Jul 06, 2005

    That is beautiful! I'm not normally a fan of brown but I like how this looks, its so soft and pretty... great job!! :)

  19. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jul 06, 2005

    Back to grunge eh?, as usual,a different and very great style of grunge,but im not too sure about the font u use,except that,is a very awesome wall.

  20. mentis Jul 06, 2005

    Looking good my friend. I'm at work right now, so I'll have to check it out again when I get home on my good monitor :D.

  21. levezzali Jul 06, 2005

    Hey Calisqo!

    THis one is really cool! I liked very much the "duotone" idea, BTW, vectorizing it was also a great idea, it got a lot more cool, I mean, the lines of vectors get a drawing very flat, but this one is with this 2 tones that it doesen't even matter if it is flat or not! Very good, and congrats!

    See you around!

    - Le

  22. buggydude Jul 06, 2005

    coolies. as alwayz your grunge iz best XD good stuff keep em comin alwayz like these wallz

  23. studio Jul 07, 2005

    Oh wow fabulous wallpaper calisqo. It looks fantastic. **luff it to bits*
    Luff the colour combinations; very elegant. ^__^
    i like it heaps. Great work. <33

  24. Ayamael Jul 07, 2005

    well, this is... brown >.< loll, oh well, at least it's not pink, so it looks nice ^^ but i still love the effects, especially the butterflies, (i love butterflies) oh, and this time i can read the Japanese text (flashback) yay!! loll anyways, good job ^^

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