Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Fields Of Hope

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne, Kira Yamato Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I finally finished this wallpaper taking about a few months of not doing it (Family issues, friends, life, etc. ) I continued to finish and ended up with what I have.
This took alot of consideration and heart i took about a month by planning by finding good stocks and by coordination with what picture or what planet should go where I added as you can see wind power fans to make it look real I enhanced the fans by making all of them reflect the color of the atmosphere. I also added trees and electric poles and lines for more realism making it mostly a country style look again I zoomed in real good to reflect the poles light source and wires with a bit of both the planets.

I then added clouds to enhance the bg and again made the clouds reflect the light source of the blue planet. The starfield took about 4 hours to complete most of the starfields I created looked to dull and distorted so about the time I was completly happy was about the 17th try :P lucky me I saved at a point or I would of done this bg in more than 4 hours ;).

The planets did take about 2 hours basically I got used to making them somewhat :P. Finally the stock itself Lacus And Kira, Lacus' hair was cut off so I attempted to imagine the rest of her hair at one point :P I added just a few simple meteors showering down not too much so that the WP would look too cluttered. I removed the scan lines with the despeckle and then added the atmosphere to them and my end result.

I hope you guys enjoy this wallpaper as much as I did making it :) I might even continue with this see If I can expand my mind futhermore and possibly make it better but right now Im tired lol so, cheers! ^_^

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  1. Citsitra Jul 05, 2005

    Wow, this looks really pretty. I love how its dark and stuff ^^ The pics of Kira and Lacus look really good and suits the whole mood. Like it heaps :)

  2. suren Jul 05, 2005

    Wow..this wallpaper is awesome. Kira looks so cool. Kira X Lacus..Nice..add to Favo.

  3. SakuraX Jul 06, 2005

    Wow. I love the darkness of this wallpaper. Its really wonderful and i really like the planets in the background.

  4. audeaya Jul 06, 2005

    hi cute wall!!!! :D
    good background!!
    I'm sorry I did a scan with this picture ^_^' with lacus and kira!! your work is better than my work!!!! -_-
    see you I like your wall XD

  5. Hideki313 Jul 06, 2005

    a very very very beautiful wallpaper o___o ... i really love it!!
    i just do not know what to say about it!!
    its just a fav
    congratulations for this masterpiece *applause*

  6. Rheta Jul 07, 2005

    Cool! This is a very nice wallpaper...
    This is must be my favourite! Thanks for sharing....

  7. glitzening-starz Jul 07, 2005

    very very nice wallpaper!!

  8. chibi-lizard Jul 08, 2005

    eehh !! haven't seen your walls for quite some time .. and this ish a nice piece :)

    i like everything bout this .. but maybe the front planet ish uncalled for .. it kinda disturbs the blue-ish atmosphere ^_^'

    nonetheless .. nice work .. but i'd prefer if it's bigger resolution XD it's kinda small for my desktop

  9. Coordinator Jul 08, 2005

    Hi there!
    That's pretty nice wallpaper. I really like the concept and these colors.
    And there are also planets in the background :D, lol I jsut like planets
    Finally any nice GSD wallpaper after some time.

    Bye bye

  10. paintmearainbow Jul 10, 2005

    i think it's a really beautiful wallpaper!!
    i simply love it :D
    -add to fave-

  11. zero-3 Aug 10, 2005

    this wp looks very pretty
    love lacus and the background
    very nice

  12. lilboymonkey Aug 10, 2005

    This has got to be one of the most romantic couples :)
    The scenery is just fantastic and the blueness(I think) adds extra to it

  13. merelie Aug 10, 2005

    kira and lacus is so much love
    the background is so nice
    i like the under-effect

  14. EnnaKiky Aug 11, 2005

    Aww how cute it's really nice.
    The backgrounds really cool.

  15. Doggynpoop Aug 13, 2005

    Whoa...this Kira x Lacus is so beautiful....especially Lacus starin in the distant sky...

  16. Vainn Aug 17, 2005

    I love this wall! Kira x Lacus is my favourite gs/gsd couple, and I love the song Fields of Hope that Lacus (Rie Tanaka) sings. <3 <3 <3

  17. Ninjutsu Aug 18, 2005

    Kira and Lacus are cool and the bg fits very well with them. The planets are nice, the land is great and the stars are beautiful. Great wall :D

  18. thitipong Aug 22, 2005

    i like this picture alot!!!the colour dam nice hehe thx for shareing your picture.

  19. Vetrox Sep 15, 2005

    Cool, you realy got the fields great.
    I don't know if i like the planets, feels like excess material... other than that: beautiful!

  20. Nakita Sep 16, 2005

    Ish me Naki! ^o^
    Luv your wallie!Me add in my faviie!
    as always you soo good making me jealous xD

  21. rosepoet Sep 23, 2005

    Kira and Lacus an excellent couple indeed, and you did a nice job of reflecting them in the night skies, beautiful bg and complementary text to tie the theme together. Excellent work.

  22. Cagari Sep 28, 2005

    You submitted this on clynefaction.net too right!?? I saw it and I thought wow!! It's soooo beautiful!! I have it as my backround on my computer at home. I think it's so beautiful. Great work!!!

  23. darkheartknight Oct 07, 2005

    I love this wallapaper..... it looks so tranquil and peaceful... the space background gives a strong affect of that... *__*

  24. zimzim Oct 13, 2005


    its so nice, calm and peaeful, makes me want to go there now. i saw this while listening to Shinkai no Kodoku and it just fit teh mood perfectly!
    teh problem is, i cant get it to download, not showing up, so if you can please and try to post it again...THANX!

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