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Sho-u Tajima Wallpaper
Sho-u Tajima Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

When the end is near like there wasnt a tommorow...
will you save me?!
When my tears turn to blood and bones to ashes...
will you comfort me?!
When the skies, clouds and rain turn into black night...
will you guide me to the gates?!
When sorrowful angels come to take thee...
will you let them forsake me?!
When I reap destruction to those who sever...
will you stop me?!
But when the balance of judgement is upon me
what then will you do?

*Listening to Everything burns - Ben Moody f. Anastacia (Fantastic 4)*
*All out of love - Air supply*
*Helena - My Chemical Romance*

For some reason i found this scan in MT from DREAM http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/138504/ made by Shou Tajima and for some reason I loved it because it is almost similar with my drawed character of the elusive "OracleAngel" and yeah i wanted to depict a selfish but sorrowful side of myself here. Extracted parts of the scan so i could put a dark aura od a rainy sky, added some rain, mixed and matched colors up together and tried my best to darken and lighten parts of th ewal so it could balance all out in the end. Adeed some small details on th elil angel eyes, blood stains on the wings and edited parts of his face. Lots of layers and experimentals here, nothing to fancy but nevertheless i might edit this somehow in the end.... 54 layers and 4 hours of work.

Anywho hope you like this and maybe ill put this on Imanimetions after the first updates are finished cos WE HAVE A NEW LAYEOUT!!!!!
check it out kids! XD

Personal intent:
Ive always had that burdened emotion of self hate within me, i never wanted it there in the first place and didnt care so much that through th eyears that have passed by ive become selfish in a sence, being such a wall builder when life starts talking back at me. Made my whole perceptions and state of mind my prison i cannot escape. Sooner or later if i dont adapt or evolve to a higher state of being , this so called emotion will gobble me up and make me the product of my own destruction.... >_> but from the ashes of my despair there is always the hint of sorrow which will prevail...out of the anger, depression and my own sadness to everyone and everything around me. Who gives a damn right?!!! im just 0.1% of people in this world whos mind is just too cluttered with questions with answers that are in front of my face but cant seem to sort it all out. My balance of judgement lies between my depression state and self hateful state...no happiness here.

I still have a long way to find myself.

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  1. studio Jul 05, 2005

    Lovely wallpaper; luff the amount of detail in the background. The overall colour of it all was a great idea. Scan's the ult. Luffs it heaps. Great work OA.

  2. Dufoe88 Jul 05, 2005

    intresting one..

  3. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jul 05, 2005

    Great textures and colours. I love that antiqued yellowy/sepia colour ~ great scan too. dream posts some really amazing stuff, so I'm pleased someone has turned it into a worthy wallpaper :D

  4. Angel-on-Dragon Jul 05, 2005

    Wow, cool wallpaper. The scan looks really fascinating and I like the color you used. Really cool work. *adds to fav* Thanks for sharing*

  5. macky Jul 05, 2005

    very nice Oracle!
    the colour isnt my fav.. but im a blue kinda guy... but as i was saying.. very nice... the scan is also very cool..
    Kepp it up!!

  6. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 05, 2005

    oh my... the expression on his face is just wonderful... the whole feel for the wall and everything.... *goes insane*stops*rewinds*

    Just love the detail and everything T_T love the wall...

  7. kai81220 Jul 05, 2005

    really getting the emotion here XD kinda an intense sadness that i get from the guy w/ the bloody eyes. really nice work with the sky too.
    the little baby angels have ugly hair tho XD
    lol anyway nice job +fav

  8. kenzuke Jul 05, 2005

    I'm impressed as usual on how you express your emotions.... >_> ... you genius!! XD ..if only english was my common language..... XD

    Anyways... "lovely" scan! ...damn... This reminds me to brushen up my hidden drawing talent.... ^^... til then...

    ...a +fav by the way

  9. Liz Jul 05, 2005

    I like it its really cool. I agree with everyone here you really feel the emotion in the wallie bravo amazing work

  10. ni-chan Jul 05, 2005

    Great wall...but I think it looks more like art with all the feelings it "sends" out
    I love the scan that you used and the style on the whole bg which makes it look a bit rustik
    really awesome

  11. toxictea23 Jul 05, 2005

    Now, that wall describes exaclly how i feel muhahahahah XD
    anyways...freaky wall angel-kun XD

  12. tAtEkAnE Jul 05, 2005

    that's really cool, it was a great scan to start with
    nice editing it came to life =D
    and u made it evil XD

  13. Sunira Jul 05, 2005

    Very interesting colors. I love the 'dirt' feel it has..
    As usual, very impressing. ^_^

  14. Yina Jul 05, 2005

    nyaa.. it looks kinda simple to me, cuz you "only" added the clouds and changed the colour of the scan.. but I think it only looks simple, as you said you spent 4 hours on the wallie.
    the sky fits pretty well to the scan.. also like the font sou used.

  15. rocknroll-isgo Jul 05, 2005

    I think this is my favorite submission of yours, OA. Not because of it's graphic work, per say, but more because of the emotional output you put into it... whether it be intentional or not. I just find that the wallpaper and your personal intent today to say the same thing. A lone, saddened man trudges through life, eyes trained on his surroundings as if searching for something worthwhile... but most likely for something far more important; like his missing fragments. There's a heavy burden on his shoulders: a cross, his alleviation, riddles with nails of hate... put there by himself. Eyes, seemingly just as bitter and dejected as his own, watch from the encompassing destruction a good distance away, never close enough to offer any comfort. But they don't mirror the same self-awareness... because those detached eyes, that destruction, is not real. They don't carry the knowledge that he is alive and that despair is in his head.

    Yet, he will continue to walk, searching... for someone, himself or another? Time has yet to tell.

  16. MS0B9 Jul 05, 2005

    Oww.... Must see the bigger version... *click* Wow... I agree the textures are very nice in this one. I would def say everyone needs to see the full version. Very nice with the details also. So with that awesome job and adding to favs!

  17. sukie Jul 05, 2005

    thi is super cool!! a smoking dude!
    the bg is really morbid...greta work!!!

  18. UndyingShadow Jul 05, 2005

    woah this is a crazy wall Oracle. I like the overall mood of this wall,and that's a bad ass image. great work!

  19. edgemaster Banned Member Jul 05, 2005

    ........esta la raja el wallpaper...
    ....buen diseƱo y gran calidad artistica..
    ...usa un traductor para entender lo que escribi..jajajaja

  20. ayaki Jul 05, 2005

    whoa...one power wallpaper i see here @_@
    the title says it all...@_@ the balance of judgement...
    i feel sad/sorrow/anger/despair from this wall....and he has bloody tears ! .. omg
    and the little angels with the scary red glowing eyes....very nice touch!
    the sky u added is perfect with the whole scene....gives it a bit more of a darker feel to it.
    another excellent job from you, fav ^^
    you always seem so sad, well...hope u find yourself soon...and discover the happiness u're now seeking for.

  21. frozenwilderness Jul 06, 2005

    whoaa scary scan X__x still, love the texture and the whole faded but bright yellow coloring over it.. nice work

  22. SputnikXII Jul 06, 2005

    so sweet , i love you for making this. its my new wall :) haha ++Fav :)

  23. FlowerDog Jul 06, 2005

    Love Sho-u Tajima's works very much. They have done the art for Galerians and have done the art for Madara. I have seen the pic for her/his Shou Tajima Pin-up Collections 2002-2004 - BABY stardust. You have done a great job with the editing the scan and adding color details, and text to it. Awesome job and good taste. :)

  24. Yoh Jul 06, 2005

    I like the pic you used for the wall, its a bit yellow, but like the bg, is really different of other walls. Like it. :D

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