Lovers Koi ni Ochitara Wallpaper: *Skool Girl*

Jellyfish (Studio), Lovers Koi ni Ochitara, Rie Kawai Wallpaper
Jellyfish (Studio) Studio Lovers Koi ni Ochitara Visual Novel Rie Kawai Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Um...nothing much to say.
But please tell me what you think. thanks pplz


Oh yeah, please do not judge it before you view the actual size >.<''

Soz for the short description/comment. I didn't know what else to write. This wallie is not a very good one compared to the others that I do. Anywayz, I was really bored so, that's it.

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  1. shawurai Jul 05, 2005

    oooh that is realy beatiful. It looks like it is from an H-Game. But that doesn't change anything to the fact that she is realy cute.

    The beckground effect is great too. It goes well with this wall.

  2. Paolo Jul 05, 2005

    hmmm. not bad. i like how u did the bg. thx for sharing with us K ^_^

  3. echo258 Jul 05, 2005

    wa o o o o o o~Cute girl ah~I like it , the for your sahre la----that's my think.....ha

  4. Angel-on-Dragon Jul 05, 2005

    Mmh, cute wallpaper ^^ The girl's really cute and the bg fits perfectly. I like the effects you made. It looks really cool.
    Thanks for sharing *adds to fav*

  5. asta Jul 05, 2005

    Cute and pretty ^6 I love it! ^6 The girl is so cute and the bg suits the scan ^6 thanks for sharing and +fave ^^

  6. ni-chan Jul 05, 2005

    ^.^ how cute
    I really like the bg, but i think that the effetc that you used on the girl is cool but that the eyes became to blurry with it. That is all that I can "complain" about ^__^
    great job
    *ads to favs*

  7. Kiako Jul 05, 2005

    well if i look at the effects on the girl and the buildings and the trees, they don't fit to the sky and the clouds and the birds are too bright.
    anyway the ideea isn't bad

  8. minamitakayama Jul 05, 2005

    cuuuuuuuute *.*
    i like it!
    she's really cuuuteee *.*
    nice 'Skool'-Girl ;)
    keep it up :)

  9. lunar-angel Jul 05, 2005

    Quote by shawuraioooh that is realy beatiful. It looks like it is from an H-Game. But that doesn't change anything to the fact that she is realy cute.
    The beckground effect is great too. It goes well with this wall.

    I agree with shawurai
    + to favs
    I hope to see more soon

  10. luckywhale Jul 05, 2005

    It is an original effet, not frequently used, so it's interesting. Making the effect on the edge all around the girl make her get out of the picture. But, about the halo effect, I thing you should have put it elsewhere, maybe more on the right, or even it must be place too much lower in the picture...

    Even though, I think it's a very nice wallpaper.

    I don''t know what you're expecting of me, Sakura-K, put under the pressure of commenting in your guestbook...
    I've become so numb, I can't describe well your walls. I've become so tired, so much more aware of your works. I'm becoming this. All I want to do is be more like me, and be less like you.
    And I knowwww that my comments are bad and I didn't help youu, that's not goooooood!
    I've become so numb....... (to understand these stange lines... you just have to hear Numb from Linkin Park)... sorry, I shouldn't have put some music... 8-P

  11. foxzero Jul 06, 2005

    wow ^.^ looks awesome like it a lot all i can really say is nice job i will give this a 9out of 10.
    keep them coming

  12. ramchong Jul 07, 2005

    wow! everything merged so nicely in this wallie!! cute sky you got here!! muz fav for sure!!!

  13. acid-awakening Jul 07, 2005

    What i think is... Uhh -_^
    o_0 -------> XD Wow! thats what i think
    The background looks really nice
    Yeah deffinately
    Thanx for sharing

  14. PAche Jul 08, 2005

    ooh pretty.but for a wallpaper,i find it has too much distractions pulling the attention of the viewer away from the main character.but other than that :D nice.and i agree,you must look at it in its actual size

  15. andRox Jul 10, 2005

    Wwow...where did you get that background from, it fits very nicely. I see some weird patterns on the tips of her hair...but anyhow, a nice wall.

  16. jpnxgts Jul 11, 2005

    wow sugoy this is so great i luv it wow very nice on everything well i havent posted anything yet but im still trying to mk one lolz well gatta run cya nice wallie

  17. KainLockheart Jul 12, 2005

    ^_^ Another beutifully done Rie picture, I don't think it's bad at all and it captures Rie's innocent looking side =). It also has a great background to go along with her. ::nods:: I like it alot and I'll be adding it to my favoraits. ^_^ thanks for shareing it.

  18. Nanaho Aug 03, 2005


    >__________< nice !! great !! cute !!

    seem like ahe alive!
    very lovely work
    thanks for your kindness.

  19. MayaNatsume17 Aug 09, 2005

    Cute wallpaper. I like your style. :)

  20. s9031496c Banned Member Aug 13, 2005

    Very prertty wallie with a city backgroud. Ya make agreat job on that. I'm really impressed by that.

  21. black1111 Banned Member Nov 17, 2005

    ;) great wallpaper

  22. Endheion Mar 20, 2006

    The theme is good... Its a good-looking wallpapers. But I think there is so much effect in the tree, building, and the street... Keep the good work ^_^

  23. makiyasha Aug 24, 2007

    wah XD thks ^^ luv it it blends in well good job ^^

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