Ah! Megami-sama Wallpaper: Flug in die Unendlichkeit

Kousuke Fujishima, Anime International Company, Ah! Megami-sama, Belldandy Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

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I've never spent so much time on a scan... >_< First thank you Nuriko for the beautiful Belldandy scan.. ^__^ Unfortunately the scan had got two parts... -_- So I had to put the two parts together.. then I noticed that there was something missing in the middle.. so I had to draw the part that was missing... after that I removed the whole font.. that was tough... the whole work took me almost 4 hours.. >__> click here to see the scan...

and the bg took me another 3 hours.. I know it's kinda cliched.. >__> two moons and lots of stars.. but I think it fits pretty well to the scan.. yeah.. and there are too many of the stars.. gomen ne.. U_U

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  1. meteorcloud Jul 04, 2005

    hey hey yuuna ^___^~!
    not bad =D~! the scan is fixed pretty well =D~! hehe hmz...still see some pixelated edges..so I think you need to clean the scan abit XO ........
    the bg looks flashy =D~! nice nice keep the works ~!

  2. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jul 04, 2005

    kyaaak <3 This is so pwetttyy!!!

    me wubs everything about it, except for the stars and the moon. The moon looks a witto rough, and the stars are ontop of the moon .. o_____o

    the scan looks pweeettty, and the clouds look sho col0rful <333

    great job!!

  3. Nona Jul 04, 2005

    The titel of you wall is good for the scan! :) Good work!!!:)
    I like the moon, and the stars. The clouds are very beautiful too!

  4. mYNamEisMimOxxx Jul 04, 2005

    beautiful bg! you did a great job. ^_^
    i like the feeling of this wall. :D
    definatly a *fav


  5. Adrima Jul 04, 2005

    dreamy scene you created °.° I really love this.
    even the coulurs are great and I love the planet behind and belly fits perfektly into it ^^
    supa gmacht ;D

  6. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jul 04, 2005

    Nice scene,the scan looks great,also the stars and clouds,im not too sure about that big moon,i agree with saki,is a cache,but still is amazing ^^

  7. macky Jul 04, 2005

    very nice concept... the only reall thing i can pic at it the little moon... its see through.. o_O
    But sill doesnt matter.. awesom!!!
    Keep up the god work as always

  8. MyrrhLynn Jul 04, 2005

    Whoa this wall is beautiful! Although the whole space background thing is used a lot, I like how you chose to use it in this wall. The scan has a original perspective, and honestly I can't think of anything else that would look as good as the background you created. :) Very nice job!

  9. Ebelin Jul 04, 2005

    This is a wonderful wallpaper I like it very much. :) Thanks for sharing

  10. Sunira Jul 04, 2005

    You're right it is very pretty. Kudos on making the scan so lovely. I think the colors in the background may be a bit too pastel to fit in with belldandy's darker colors, but it works well overall.

  11. fawna-chan Jul 04, 2005

    wow, it looks super nice! i love the background and the scan! the clouds and the sky is good and the moon looks okay. the angle belldandy's in looks a little werid but still okay...

  12. Haia Jul 04, 2005

    Awesome fix-up with the scan!!! Love the colors and I say I would agree with the background and all...very very pretty! Matches Belldandy perfectly! Although some parts could be adjustment to better match the colors. Anyways, thankie oh so much for sharing such a wonderful wallie with us!!! Lovely lovely! Keep doing what you do best and I'll be so looking forward to your next one! +favie

  13. Hideki313 Jul 04, 2005

    ja erweckt echt das gefuehl des fluges in die unendlichkeit ^_~
    sry but couldn´t resist to post a bit in german .... a nice german title for that xD
    thx for this beautiful wall ^^

  14. EternalBlue Jul 04, 2005

    Amazing work ^^ I'd never have the patience to redraw a scan XD

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 04, 2005

    Could use some more clouds here the sky fades into the black near the big moon but noentheless this is a pwety scan of goodness and dont see much of AMG walls no more and this is great. A must fave girl! XD

  16. kai81220 Jul 04, 2005

    you fixed the scan up really good >.< very nice ^^ though the extraction of the black outlines should be a little more consistent cause im picking up grainy edges esp a part the lower right strands of hair.
    like the idea of the clouds and the stars too. the cloud cover over the bottom of the planets could be a little thicker too.
    but this is definitely a nice work ^^ +fav

  17. kara Jul 04, 2005

    Oh wow, even though it might be a bit cliched it's really beautiful!! The background really does fit very well with the scan. You also did a great job in fixing up the scan^^ except in your extraction some of the black outline is a bit disjointed >_>
    But still, a beautiful wallie^^

  18. ayanechan Jul 05, 2005

    i think the overall wallie looks great. it's just a little overcluttered with stars and sparkles XD *two thumbs up*

  19. exentric Jul 05, 2005

    yeah... too cliche and nothing new. and another yes too many stars.. >_<
    the moon looks funny... o_O

    all in all, still a nice work aside from the cliche concept

  20. rythem Jul 05, 2005

    oh oh~*0* very pretty ~ ^.^ the scan is great in quality n the bg colours r well blended ^^
    tha light sparkles (is it?) r very kirei~~ XD I think its a good wall ^_^ +favie
    great work ne~ 8D

  21. Sakura0chan Jul 05, 2005

    The bg looks nice. I like the scan. Nice job in the extraction. :)
    Keep up the good work!! XD

  22. ShiroiLina Jul 05, 2005

    Yuuna-chan.. this wallie is amazing! O.O you've done a great job in the reconstruction of the scan.. and its flawless.. O.O the bg fits perfectly well with the character and its soooooo pretty! i love it! this is obviously and certainly a +fav!!!! no doubts bout that *-*
    keep it up!!! always love your works! :D

  23. Kuzoku Jul 05, 2005

    Really nice ^_^* I love the background colours and the scan is a good quality one too. Great job!

  24. zaira Jul 05, 2005

    wow! me love the colorful bg!! the moon and the plenty stars fits the scan!! pwettie scan too!! i love it!+fav!

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