Shaman King Wallpaper: Dance of Fate

Hiroyuki Takei, Xebec, Shaman King, Yoh Asakura Wallpaper
Hiroyuki Takei Mangaka Xebec Studio Shaman King Series Yoh Asakura Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi all!!!
It's been quite a while since I submitted something :\ ... but I wanted to take my time doing this one and I also have been a bit lazy so this had been sitting on my PC for some time until I decided to work on it and here is the final result XD
Once again I went for the abstract but with a nice touch of fire... wich is what motivated me the most of this one, I don't know I guess it gives it life and intensity :hmpf: I'd like to thank kino for submitting this awesome scan... here is the link: Shaman King by kino and though I had to work it a bit besides the extraction it's of great quality ;)
So tell me what you think :D

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  1. SakuraCorazonn Banned Member Jul 04, 2005



    amigo esto esta magnifico... el efecto del fuego esta que alucina..... disculpa por escribirlo en espa~ol, pero ando algo fastidiada del ingles hoy ^^

    SAk.... Sigue asi ^^

  2. Matsukaze Jul 04, 2005

    Si, realmente en un wallpaper bastante chidoliro. Felicidades por tu trabajo

  3. wolfco Jul 04, 2005

    I really like your fire versus some of the other fire that's rolling out these days. Fire isn't only red. The effects are done really well, especially the highlight that is surrounding his upper body. BtW, I know you didn't mean this, but do you realize that the texturing of the darkness surrounding him actually resembles a dragon until the image is enlarged? The should of the forequarters in on the right. the bottom left is his clawed foot coming around the edge of his fire breath. If you reverse the upper left image and tilted it down, that would be the dragons head. Our hero would be standing in a halo of protection in the middle of a smolder patch of his breath. Obviously once the image is enlarge that whole concept is lost, but it was the first thing I noticed.

  4. MS0B9 Jul 04, 2005

    Oww... Nice wallie. I love the fire effects. Nice scan of Yao too. ;) Great job and adding to favs!

  5. Kougaxgirl Jul 04, 2005

    OoOo! shaman king! DUN DUN DUN! i like the name you've given it! hehe very nice! but anyway the whole thing just looks fantastic! and yes i agree with alisha, i like them a lot too! hehe! yes yes anyway i love love love it and keep it up bud-aye! XP laters!

  6. Yura Jul 04, 2005

    wow Yoh O_O
    is good to see a shaman king wall
    great work with the fire around him
    not big fan of the liquid bg
    but nice abstract work
    and again great work with the fire wish can do something like that

  7. Hideki313 Jul 04, 2005

    Yay!! very cool pose of You ...
    really cool .. thx for that ^^

  8. dahl Jul 04, 2005

    Great job! The colors of the scan and the background match perfectly! I like the fire effect, it is elegant ans subtle, vibrant and dynamic, it almost seems alive! Beautiful use of lighting effects and the scan blends nicely in the background! It an excellent job muy friend, one of the best I've seen lately!

  9. edgemaster Banned Member Jul 04, 2005

    Quote by SakuraCorazonnwaooooo....excelent...
    amigo esto esta magnifico... el efecto del fuego esta que alucina..... disculpa por escribirlo en espa~ol, pero ando algo fastidiada del ingles hoy ^^
    SAk.... Sigue asi ^^

    lo mismo opino.........jajajajaja

  10. Chocosuke Jul 04, 2005

    omg.. so pretty!!!.. XD me love shaman king.. yoh is so cool.. oo.. i really like the backgroung! it fits perfectly! I really like the fire, looks real.. and i like how it is surrounding yoh.. very cool! great job.. (favs)

  11. negritam Jul 04, 2005

    wow thats great! i love shaman king, the background is cool, and the images is great...nice work! (n_n)

  12. kara Jul 04, 2005

    Teehee nice!!! Abstract *_* I really love the fire!! But maybe you could place Yoh's right foot in front of the dark bit of fire instead of behind it? iono...
    But regardless I like it lots! XD

  13. Wslasher Jul 04, 2005

    nice wallie oh yoh!

  14. Sira Jul 05, 2005

    That Io didn't dance with fire he/she danced on the, ok, for its way of acting, for the way in each situation that entered without making nada,jaja

    Very good series

  15. xlnemesis Jul 05, 2005

    amazing image is really cool!!!!! my sister love it!!!!! good work men!!!! thanks for share your image ;)

  16. keithfiannn Banned Member Jul 07, 2005



    amigo esto esta magnifico... el efecto del fuego esta que alucina..... disculpa por escribirlo en espa~ol, pero ando algo fastidiada del ingles hoy ^^

    SAk.... Sigue asi ^^

  17. mdayumi Jul 07, 2005

    it's like a dark guy in the middle of fire.. nice to see Yoh that way.. great..

  18. StarCentury Jul 07, 2005

    It's Revan! o___o (*pokes*) Been a while since I've seen U walled! Ah, and it's a flaming Shaman King wallie also! :) The fire effects on da bottom look crazy cool, and reallie give off such flair to Yoh plus his colors match real well! The dark chrome looks a bit wierd for my taste, but meh can't complain! Everything else looks good, Revan! XD

  19. Apopis Jul 08, 2005

    hello: a greeting and as always I congratulate you for your exelente work the image of Shaman King this very good thank you to put it

  20. pegassuss Jul 08, 2005

    Very nice use of fire! I love it! It's really good! ^^ And the effects around the character are amazing!
    Also, this is very diferent from what I'm used to see from you ^^ you are trying new things, right? ^^
    Well, you did a vey good job, keep it up!

  21. maho-ho Jul 10, 2005

    Very good work friend! I like much the fire effect, sees itself really well. The scene you have had left very well. The image also is very good. Good work! ;)

  22. magemaster Jul 11, 2005

    Cool! The character really blends well with the fiery background. Well done! :)

  23. bookimp Jul 12, 2005

    Oh I loved this anime. I watched the whole thing in like 3 days. I love the liquid flames. That is a great shot of Yoh, most others that I've seen make him look goofy.

  24. kitchi Jul 13, 2005

    Wow. That looks great! Reminds me a lot of Hao :nya: Hmmm... That's the best part XP
    But really, Yoh looks great in that. Good one! ;)

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