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i dunno...I'm not sure but i think I will not surprised if this one gets deleted
for i think...poor quality

but frankly speaking...I'm also looking and still in search for a wallie which uses only neutral colors but i cant find one so thought I'll make one

this one is from my doujinshi sub.....i wanna give it a MESSY look...coz that's kinda cool for me!

i love MESSY wallie!

i dunno...i just love this wallie and i thought of sharing this one to all of ya will be great
but i dunno if this one wil be deleted!

just enjoy!
and if you're thinking i didnt exert much effort...then think again!

the extraction took me 7.5 hours!
i only use mouse and a mouse pad!

that's it! PEACE out ^_^

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  1. Akaiken Jul 03, 2005

    Sipag mag-submit ngayon ah...

    Don't say that. It's really nice and it's not messy like what you said.

  2. hytokiri Jul 03, 2005

    I don't think this one will be deleted, is good work. live on!!!

  3. BossMac Jul 03, 2005

    Laos na.

    Same theme. Different color.

    Works fine for me. hehehe Definitely major improvements.

  4. entocheets Jul 03, 2005

    I'm loving the style. Great!

    Um... gotta fill this up with 64 or more characters - so em... keep up the good work! :d

  5. Tirdaelyn Jul 03, 2005

    I think it looks really cool. I like the whole dark and disturbed feeling about it. Good job. :)

  6. THE-DARK-PRINCE Jul 03, 2005

    Even if used black and white only, but u made a good job on this one....

    Keep it up ^_^

    :D :) :D :)

  7. Holt Jul 03, 2005

    I guess the edges on the scan/doujin are a bit jagged but it must've been hard extracting a drawing. Background could probably use more texture but nice text effects.
    Good stuff.

  8. Koujisama Jul 03, 2005

    Dark wallpaper and looks very scary ^_^
    Effect with signs on background is really great
    Nice work

  9. Haia Jul 03, 2005

    OOooooooooo.....I just love the messy look of it! Very very nice. The colors applies very very well...Great background!!! Thankie so much for sharing such an awesome wallie with us!!! Keep doing what you do best!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ >.<

  10. sukie Jul 03, 2005

    i really like the darkness of this wall!!!!
    you drew it!!!!!
    that is great
    you make wanders girl!!!!!!

  11. FyeTsukishiro Jul 03, 2005

    A good wall doesn't need to be polichromatic. I think the quality is good. I like so much!!

  12. redblitzkrieg Jul 04, 2005


    Sa kabaliktaran. *laughs*

    Dull Color!

    Sa kabaliktaran. *laughs*

    Hindi ko nagustuhan!

    Sa kabaliktaran. *laughs*

  13. Shkira Jul 04, 2005

    Cool take on the pic. I wonder... what does the BG say? O_o Not entirely messy! =^_^=

  14. DarkIngram Jul 04, 2005

    I smell some dark aura here. ^ ^ I like this one, it's a better improvement.

    Mas gusto ko yan, kaysa nung una. ^ ^

  15. walkure245 Jul 04, 2005

    Hmm~ It looks like you reused the idea from your previous wallie. It does have that crazy feel to it with all the busyness. I like how you placed an outline of your drawing in the bg. It really adds another thing interesting to the bg. The darkness is pretty cool and this is really cool idea. You should try adding some red blood stains to give it more dangerous feel. XD But you don't have to. This is really pretty cool to look at~

  16. shinorei Jul 04, 2005

    It's not messy really, and I'm perfectly sure that it won't get deleted. It's really cool on the contrary and now the drawing looks like a centaur. Very original piece of wallie anyway. Keep up the good work and I love the black and white blending~! ^^

  17. Chizuku Jul 04, 2005

    waa~ uhm.. no its not "poor quality".. in fact its really pretty... the bg is so dark.. resembles the character.... i love color black.... and you made this wallie really nice... keep up the good work~! ^_^

    Jaa-ne~! XP :pacman: ;)

  18. MagicianFairy Jul 05, 2005

    i like it!!
    this is a good wall from you!! ;) ;)
    i like the girl and the color of the bg.

  19. Sakura0chan Jul 05, 2005

    7.5 hours extracting?! o_O You really did a great job!! XD Nice extraction.
    Well, the background is just like your previous wallpaper. But it looks okay.
    Keep up the good work!! I really like the extraction of the image. *Thumbs up* ;)

  20. narutofan92 Jul 05, 2005

    Well one things for damn sure is that it won't be deleted.
    Next thing is that it's not really that messy, but even if it is, it all seems to work out very nicely.
    The drawing looks a bit confusing though, but in the end it doesn't even matter....(not trying to quote linkin park)...because it looks real awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  21. MoonlightEternity Jul 05, 2005

    wow O_O that is amazing athena!! u really used ur doujin well ^^ and the title fits the wallpaper well too ^^ its an awesome work thanks for sharing!! keep it up ^^

  22. sylvacoer Jul 05, 2005

    Yay, messy! *starts slashing black paint all around* Very cool wall - I agree that black-and-white images are underated.

  23. YugureKaze Jul 10, 2005

    o.O it looks really amazing!
    using your own drawing in this wall ^_^
    the bg looks nice too
    it wall looks really cool even though it is only in black and white ^_^
    wonderful work!

  24. rene3088 Jul 31, 2005

    U scan the background???

    It's cool...I like wallie with written text behind

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