Texhnolyze Wallpaper: .: IN.HU.MANE & BEA.U.TI.FUL :.

Yoshitoshi Abe, Texhnolyze, Eriko Kamata Wallpaper
Yoshitoshi Abe Mangaka Texhnolyze Series Eriko Kamata Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

In light of our accomplishments,
War, peace, love and hate
we remain underground from the world....
Outcasts! the "kool kats" of society!
Play the songs of old, stop!
we become death to our eyes...
Inhumane to our ideals but beautiful in ourselves.

Listening to :
*Blood on our hands - Death from above 1979*
*Fly me to the moon - Frank Sinatra*
*Parokya Ni Edgar - Harana*

Im back ^__^ its 1:50am in the morning here where i am now and its exactly July 1, its been like a few weeks and i was finding images to actually wall so i found one scan ive never seen before in Naimoka and its one of the blonde girls in the weird sci-fi, Y.ABe's animes Texhnolyze and from the start i didnt know what to do with the original... so i removed and re-cged the Title words on the bottom place and parts of her hand. I decided to make somewhat an erie dead Jazz scene by putting some posters and making them seem rotten out with all the smoke and grungey feel in this. The placing of th etext was the hardest to conjure up cos most of my fonts didnt fit the theme of th ewall so i spent 2 hours looking for font and found some, added a bit of Rune text there and bam! i got it fixed.
So all in all its 68 layers and 7 hours of work.

Hope you like it as i have! o_o' and more resolutions of this wall after the updates for Imanimetions has been done.... XD

Personal intent:
I have always loved jazz scenes and music especially because the kind of style they portray is intensity upon beats and smooth sails when cooling down all over. The room becomes silent and mysterious in some way, smokes, coffee, beer, wine and old friends make the whole experience exciting and refreshing once in a while. But unfortunately i have never been in a real jazz club with the koool kats and hipsters and need to look for one fast... or ill be missing out on one of these things. As a person i have always pictured myself as mysterious, cautious and a guarded person who splits myself witht he person im with or talking to. Lets just say im one of those people who you meet once in a while who is th emost intresting persons and i know it for a fact cos im kinda of a friend magnet. So the lesson for the day is that " The most intresting people are the outcasts..." but dont believe or be-friend anyone you see and meet, it takes a lot of skill to find out who is what he/she says. Im glad i mean what i say ;)
Ok im rambling now... >_<

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  1. Dufoe88 Jul 01, 2005

    nice work.. i like it.

  2. Nighteyes Jul 01, 2005

    Very nice grunge. I like the colours and the whole "rotting" atmosphere of the wall
    Couldn't expect something less from you XD

    *favs it*

  3. ZyreX Jul 01, 2005

    As beatiful as ever OA!! nice work!
    I was gonna say that I like the atmosphere and all but someone beat me to it,
    Nighteyes is right, the green color and the somewhat mysterious atmosphere are really merging in the wall

    Keep it up bud!
    //Best Regards ZyreX

  4. kenzuke Jul 01, 2005

    @_@ Wow! I've been looking for her scan in ages! good thing you walled one^^
    ..and thanks for mentioning the site where you got this! Thanks a lot!

    btw, I noticed you listen to some filipino music there... XD ...and that's an oldie for me already. hehe ... nice wall as always^^.

  5. DarkEVO Jul 01, 2005

    Cool wallpaper. I like this effect.
    It's kinda like a watercoloury effect and it's th girl is good in it.

  6. calisqo Jul 01, 2005

    nice work OA >.>
    To be honest I wasn't impressed at first glance XD , not until i clicked the full view ^_^.
    Nice details work , grungish as well as sketchy.
    I like the color very much.
    And the transparency in some of those details really nice .
    overall awesome work.

  7. jaderabbit Jul 01, 2005

    aweosmeness i like this one pretty good, the bg i think fits the hole image very good. Great job ^_^

  8. UndyingShadow Jul 01, 2005

    wow you did an awesome job with this Oracle! I like the grunge sketchyness of this wall. great colors too!

  9. Yina Jul 01, 2005

    hua.. great work on the bg.. XD I like the green of the wallie.. and you blended the scan perfectly into the bg.. excellent work! XD +fav

  10. fukushuusha Jul 01, 2005

    skillful grunge in there
    very cool...u also give the character a grungey look as well as the bg. awesomeness...
    very nice color choice...
    very impressive work OA...as always

  11. kai81220 Jul 01, 2005

    >.< dammit! lol and i was thinking about doing a texhnolyze wall too T_T eh even though, you did amazing job with the blending out the scan into the bg. i saw how this girl looked on the official webbie wall and i have to say you really did a great job into making it look nice XD
    the grunge stuff is still good as always ^^

    nice one +fav

  12. macky Jul 01, 2005

    very good.... Nice texure... nice colour...
    Its just missin g ur usual.. kick.. somethingthat makes it better than other ppls.. :P
    Well keep it up

  13. Midori-chan Jul 01, 2005

    wow!! this is so cool!! the color and the effect used is great!!!!
    i like the bg a lot and the scan is really beautiful^^
    great job!!! + favs for sure!! XD XD

  14. Idril Jul 01, 2005

    really great!! I love green and dark colors and this girl is really nice! Amazing wallie as always!

  15. xiaku Jul 01, 2005

    oh gosh, that looks AWESOME.
    i'm loving it, alot. haha.
    one of my faves and it's going on my desktop! :D

  16. chibikko Jul 01, 2005

    Wow I love this wallpaper, the green is great, the grunge bg is simply awesome and the scan~ my favorite kind of character designs. not those cute girls with big eyes xD anyway, the text looks great and you placed it nicely. very originally as well. adding to my ~favoritos (no the o is no typo xD)

  17. tAtEkAnE Jul 01, 2005

    OA! ur a machine i tell u =_=
    in every 1 wall i do..u already have finished 10 lol XD
    but ur walls are always nice keep it up..dont ran out of steam =p

  18. levezzali Jul 02, 2005

    Hm... that eyes sure caught my attention... I really liked that stare ... heheh I dunno, but it seems a parasite eve wallpaper on a first sight, but well, it's a great one, not that much briliant stuff on the screen, making me loose my focal point in the picture, that's what I liked on it!

    A very good one Oracle Angel, congrats on this too!

    See you around!


  19. Liz Jul 02, 2005

    Quote by NighteyesVery nice grunge. I like the colours and the whole "rotting" atmosphere of the wall
    Couldn't expect something less from you XD

    *favs it*

    i agree its great a fav from me too i love!

  20. rythem Jul 02, 2005

    hohoho~ *0* I'm not so much of a fan at grungy..but this sure looks nice ^__~
    the green colour *my fav* r well blended n the chara mix well too ^_^
    n u did a very nice work on the grungyness~~XD hehe
    very nice work as usual ne~~8D

  21. tecnophreak Jul 02, 2005

    yes, very nicei extremely like waht you have done wiht the scan and text on the left, nicely original ^_^. But for some reason i think the grunge behind the girl is a bit off. it seems to contrast a bit much from the focus, but thats just me, i dont know your intentions, lol. nice job oracle, another great wall for your wall of fame *thumbs up*

  22. FlowerDog Jul 02, 2005

    A very interesting Texhnolyze wallpaper. :) The smoke looking effects and the blend of all the different texture of layers really does allow the wallpaper to have a very grunge feeling. You are always doing a great job with your wallpapers. I am glad to see that you are proud of your works. :) I'll be looking forward to your next wallpaper.

  23. studio Jul 02, 2005

    Fab wallpaper. Luff it heaps. Great work on the background; looks lovely with the scan. Text on the side looks quite nice also. Likes it. =3

  24. kara Jul 02, 2005

    Wow really nice!! I always really like the grungy stuff you come up with. Your choice of colours and the way you put everything together is really nice! Really great wallie^^

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