Steel Battalion Wallpaper: Fog of War

Capcom, Steel Battalion Wallpaper
Capcom Studio Steel Battalion Game

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It's been some time since ive last posted a new wallpaper. I havent really been active in these message boards either, instead ive just been wondering around lookin at some random persons wallpapers tryin to wonder why ..........many quit. but unlike many ppl.........., .....im here to stay mwaaaahahaha>xD

anyway.....I gotta thank a couple of ppl for annoying me enough to make another one of these, mainly tate *runs away*. I also gotta thank all teh ppl who say tis is teh only thing I can do........cuz its true lool >xD (for you guys.....I did it for spite......baaaahahah >xP).

Tis wall was made in ps6. It was originally going to be a widescreen wallpaper, but my computer always ran out of cache and would occasionally hang, so I decided to just keep it at 1600 -____-. I found tis scan while browsing IGN.com, everything else was an imagination away. That.....and I really wanted to make something crazy lol.

anywayz .......I really enjoyed making tis wall, why?.....cuz it was a challenge to make.
Its too bad, most ppl these days think that, making animewallpapers is just a process, thing is....its not. many ppl here should try a little harder........but who am I to say that?...Im just a dog afterall lol.

anyway......wacky comments and critiques are really appreciated,
if u like teh wallpaper....and is searching for more resolutions.....come visit www.digitalboing.com >xD~
if u hate it..........well go say how bad it is and go visit www.digitalboing.com >xD~
(shameless plugs r c00l!)

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  1. tAtEkAnE Jun 30, 2005

    shatap boing! i'm teh nicest person around these parts >D
    what is this walls are just process and whatnot XD are u trying to tell me i dont work hard enough? -waks boing with a shovel- bahahaha i know u arent talking to me there coz i rule all over and i'm kewl unlike u =p lol

    but enough about me being kewl and u being UNkewl XD

    ur wall rules...it should be faved and featured and let it stay there for a year... alone by itself coz it deserves it wooooot! i'm a boing fangirl LOL -throws flowers at j00- XD

  2. ShiNN Jun 30, 2005

    since I'm a lazy mofo I'll quote my comment at AP:

    Quote: My goodness, this wallpaper rocks my world up and down all the way around - in a merry go round, just to complete the rhyme lol - and I just love it. The level of details, that "metallic feeling" from the whole tech structure is just... awesome.


    And I totally agree with Tate, this wallpaper absolutely deserves to be among the highlighted submissions.

  3. Angelette Jun 30, 2005

    lookieee!! it's a boing wall!! O_O!!!
    Your tech looks so much better than the scan ... >_> it contrasts too much... tsk...

  4. ayanechan Jul 01, 2005

    nya o.o sugoii. how did you even manage to do all that :X anyways, great wallpaper *pats boing on the head and ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuns*

  5. ZyreX Jul 01, 2005

    hoot, hoot its rocking my desktop... XD
    woah as expected from the doggie master boinging another cool wall from outerspace
    hightech as it should be!
    Keep it up bud!

    //Best Regards ZyreX

  6. macky Jul 01, 2005

    That is so cool... talk about cg...
    I havent seen u in ages.. but yeah.. nice comeback!

  7. rocknroll-isgo Jul 01, 2005

    Dark flat colors, mechas, war...*drools* Oh yeah, that's sexy. (I'm a freak. XD )

    I'm really loving that sky --- the opening through the clouds with the sun shining through. Overall great BG for the image. I'm also loving the way it looks on my desktop. :nya:

  8. Hezz Jul 01, 2005

    wow...big wallpaper lol.
    But yeh, very nice wallpaper. Everything fits very nicely. I like whats in the distant background with the city and the planes - adds a nice touch. Nice work!

  9. Taurec Jul 01, 2005

    Holy shit ......

    Hey boing-dawg ... please tell the truth .. your father is Shirow right ?? ... you can trust me, just tell me .. I won't say a thing...

    needs more fog :P

  10. meteorcloud Jul 01, 2005

    hmz......this wall is pwning XD~!

    Quote: hey hey Sir-B~!!!!! you vanished...and now you showed up xD~!!!! with a nice wall =d~!
    i really like that tech style, really smooth and detailed, but I think you could re cg the mecha to get that result as well, so you'll get a better matching. and....I can't see the sea...water....so well.....it's kinda...the same colour as the metal things on the foreground. but other things are really done well. nice to see you again~! keep the works sir-B~!


    hehe...sorry I'm lazy xP~! keep the works=D~!

  11. w00tazn Jul 01, 2005

    haha you dont have to suck my epenis to get my fav. =P

    fucking 64 character limit...

  12. Criox Jul 01, 2005

    Omg! Thats a splendid wallie you make! Gosh......I haven't been seeing such excellent CG wallie before. The mech looks cool! Awsome work!

  13. Neeya Jul 01, 2005

    Omg, he's back, lol...you've walled more then I have lately, heh. Awesome as always Boing, your ability to do tech-ie walls is always amazing, and I envy it greatly :p Hehe, nice job ^_^

  14. Osiris Retired Moderator Jul 01, 2005


    u(...) walling again? lol just die like the rest of us already! XD

    great wall..you and your metalic thingy <__<

  15. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jul 02, 2005

    *drools*ehhh,really,this thing deserves more favs...i hate that 64 character limit >_<,i dont have anything else to say,except that as usual this is an amazing techy wall.

  16. nicodemuss Jul 02, 2005

    OMG, this wallpaper is so great.
    I'm adding it to my favorites.
    I want to draw like that... sob, sob...

  17. ramchong Jul 03, 2005

    Well... i'm not really get interested in robot thing... but i totally get attracted deeply by this tremendous wallie...!! And it is my desktop wallie now!! i can't comment a wallie that's much much more over my skills can do... i think fav is my only comment on it... thanks for sharing!

  18. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Jul 04, 2005

    oh myyyy........boing boing boing....just HOW did i know this was ur wall?? XD hahaha....

    what can say? that u perfected the art of panels :D hehe....simply great stuff man :p and i want to see something different in ur next wall >__>

  19. lthnadml Jul 04, 2005

    Very, very nice wallpaper. :)
    Amazing job. :D :D :D

  20. frozenwilderness Jul 05, 2005

    You suck! I hate you :(
    If I could give this a million favs I would
    Can't say anymore :( :( :( :( :( *fills space with sad emotes*

    didn't realize I faved already u_u

  21. Osiris Retired Moderator Jul 08, 2005

    Quote by GundamZZ....simply great stuff man :p and i want to see something different in ur next wall >__>

    *nods* <__<

  22. Ikorus Jul 09, 2005

    oh hm! I saw this at animepaper. :) I didn't realize you were also at MT. :D I'll add this to my faves, because this is one of the most excellent walls I've ever seen. The setting and the Gundam fit impeccably. And thank YOU for not going for a very dark themed wall with this kind of setting. I've seen too much of that.

  23. anji Jul 10, 2005

    Oh I didn't see this wall when it was submitted.
    I'm not really a fan of gundam wall alone, but I have to say the tech part is awesome.
    I really like the background setting with the war and the gray color theme.
    Monochrome wall are great :)
    i agree with Angelette your tech part is better than the scan. Maybe vectorized it would match better together. Or remove the scan you don't need that lol :D
    Nice work keep it up!

  24. At0m5k Aug 31, 2005

    ;_; :_;

    So good..... it makes me cry.

    I love your work boing.

    keep boinging

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