Ah! Megami-sama: Belldandy

Kousuke Fujishima, Ah! Megami-sama, Belldandy, Vector Art
Kousuke Fujishima Mangaka Ah! Megami-sama Series,OVA Belldandy Character Vector Art Source


Artist Comment

Ahhhh exams finished recently and I was finally able to finish off this piece of work. :)
Been working on this since I uploaded my last vector what...3 weeks and 4 days ago? :P
What to say?
This is my second vector thus far and was completely made using photoshop CS.
You may notice that I'm a big fan of Ah My Goddess ;)

This scan, Belldan(d)y, uploaded by Yusoi (thanks very much for sharing :) ), was originally large but of low quality.
I really loved the scan along with the background and I wanted to make it into a wallpaper (which I will some day).

So first I had to vector Belldandy and replace all the bits cut off.

As you can imagine, this was very, very, very hard. Well...for me it was anyway. The wings weren't so bad but the hair took ages to plan and were attempted many, many, many times ^_^'
Can you spot where the cut off is without looking at the original scan? Prizes for first person to pin point it! XP jk jk

Anyways, as per usual, any comments, criticisms and favs are very welcome. Point something out and if I have time, I'll try to correct it.

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  1. Firedemon Jun 30, 2005

    realy nice wallpaper. the girl looks so sweet. keep up the great work!

  2. SilentMasamune Jun 30, 2005

    I don't know when the last time I talked to you was, but I'm glad to get in touch with you again. :) Holt, this is amazing! I love all the details and the colors. You did such a wonderful job that I'm going to give it a favorite! :D

  3. MS0B9 Jun 30, 2005

    Ahhhh! Holt it's so pertty! XD I love the vector it's very nice. Awesome job and adding to favs!

  4. EchoChan Jun 30, 2005

    Woah! You even reconstructed her hair! I've seen other folks redo her wings, but never her hair, and in such detail!

    I am truly impressed. I gotta learn how to do vector art right...

  5. kai81220 Jun 30, 2005

    dammit the work is flawless XD i dont see anything at all that looks outa place. its an awesome vector here. +fav

  6. Cadi Jun 30, 2005

    it is amamzing...XD the colors are wonderfully done and the shades a well done also... love the details of the hair.. it would be cool if someone made a wall out of itXD great job and there isn't any other option than to put it in favsXD

  7. studio Jun 30, 2005

    Fabulous vector Holt. Amazing work. =3
    I luff it heaps. Colours are preetee and the lines are very good. Very balanced image. Favefave.

  8. REFLECTION Jul 01, 2005

    aww this is soo pertty!!!!!!!!! it's awesome! ^^ i love it, thankz for sharing!

  9. Ayamael Jul 01, 2005

    it was about time you submitted it... XP loll, well, it was worth the wait, this vector looks really awesome... i guessed for the tip of the hair, coz' they seem too regular maybe... though i understand why you'd have such a hard time with it >.< but you did great on the tip of the wings, they look quite realistic, great job!! can't wait to see the wall now ^^

  10. walkure245 Jul 01, 2005

    I like this scan as well. ^_^ You did a great job on vectoring it and belldandy's pose and the colors are so nice and strong. It's awesome that you added on to her wings and hair. It looks so natural. Really beautiful work~

  11. rythem Jul 01, 2005

    uwaa~~*0* I really admire the lines~~8D I can nvr do that >.< the vectoring is very nicely done..the colours r chosen well n great scan to vector ne~xD+favie sugoii work~!

  12. Piotrek Jul 01, 2005

    Like wow!!! Great to see something from you again, Holt ^_^ Superb vectoring once again! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful job! Nuff said, I`m adding this beauty to me favs and hell, I gotta start learning how to vector ^^

  13. meteorcloud Jul 01, 2005

    hey hey holt.....you did it again *___*~! nice vector =d~!!!! hehehe you are really good in this ^_^~! I'm really bad in those vectors u_U.....it's weird...the pentool xD~! good job keep it up ^_^

  14. volrath77 Jul 01, 2005

    God damn it Holt. This is...beautiful. Truly a lovely vector. XD

    You really have to teach me how to vector like this.

  15. Tatsuya Jul 01, 2005

    it's look really good than your first one, indeed! good job and thank for sharing

  16. Iyasis Jul 02, 2005

    Oh wow Holt, this is truly impressive. I haven't seem many vectors, but this definitely sets a high standard for further vectors I see ^^

    It's neat that you've added/finished off the missing portions of the scan, and evidently from the original scan, that was a lot of work! You've done a wonderful job that I initally thought the full wings and hair were part of the scan. The vector is extremely clean and the colours are so sharp and vibrant. I bet all that shading and detailing was a challenge to vector, but it came out very nicely. On the thumbnail, her end hair curls seem a little flat and skewed, but it's not that evident on the full version so I'm assuming it's just a resizing flaw. Anyway, an awesome vector Holt, I look forward to your upcoming wall of this and of course more vectors! ^^

  17. Kidder Jul 03, 2005

    not bad Pdidi not bad at all. I didn't realise you had finished the vector since u've been mostly playing Knights of the Old Republic and Battlefield 2.

    btw thanks for fixing my internet. let's see how long it lasts for this time.

  18. Kiako Jul 03, 2005

    the vector looks pretty good, i like the girls position and her wings.

  19. PokoPi Jul 03, 2005

    This is a great wallpaper, i like it very much!
    Hehehe, if you haven't told me, i wouldn't even notice there is the changes. Lol! Dumb me! :) lol!
    However, i really like this wallpaper. Keep up the great work!

  20. K4N3 Mute Member Jul 03, 2005

    I looked at it literally hours after you posted it but that damn SQL error killed my post. So heres the post I tried to make...

    Simply awesome. Now I know why I look to you for advice on doing walls :-) I really hope this becomes a suitable awe inspiring background because as doujinshi it's breathtaking.

    And sorry the favs late. I only just got this item to load after 2 days of trying... :-)

    P.s. Do you mind if I use her to make a wall? When I looked for clouds for my Fun in the Sun wall I found some really nice pictures. I'll even let you name it... what do ya say :-)

  21. Tirdaelyn Jul 03, 2005

    This is extremely nice, you did a great job. She is so very pretty. Keep up the great work. :)

  22. skysong Jul 03, 2005

    ah! i love it! Belldandy is so beautiful, you did a great job on this vector! always look forward to your art ^_^ +fav

  23. anjovu Jul 04, 2005

    You're still doing such good work !
    Really impressive.

    Suge !

  24. StarCentury Jul 04, 2005

    Damn, Holt, you outdid himself yet again with another Ah My Goddess vector! The highlights and details are amazing and very accurate, and her wings look marvelous as well as her flowing hair! Beautiful vector, Holt! ;)

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