Vagabond: Choices and Regrets

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Hi everybody!

Well, I just finished a Marketing II exam and ... never mind, probably I was terrible....
"I deliver tyhe exam to the teacher:
- Very well!
- oh yeah? (I made that o.O face) - He looks at the test and realizes that I had no done the first 2 questions...
- hm.... maybe no that well.... Best regards to your family and nice vacation...
- Yeah, to you to Silvio....

and then I just camehere to the lab to scan this and another doujinshi....

This one I made this week, I was kinda bored in one afternoon, and did this at home when I was no studing... I did it for 2 friends, Wally and Bandana, they are from university, but I convinced them to let me scan it before I could give it to them...

I based on that manga Vagabond... I think.... I read it once, but well, I never had it with me, so I just relatedwhat I could remember... I hope you like it!

See you around people and have a nice weekend for all!

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  1. benjaminchia Jun 30, 2005

    hey friend, don't feel sad since it is over. have you finished all your exams yet ?

    this is one incredible piece of work. very good looking character design i must say. i love the lines you have drawn. very nice strokes indeed.
    keep it up! and hope you get through your exam without a scratch ^_^".

    definitely a fav.

  2. belmikry Retired Moderator Jun 30, 2005

    his face is mesmorizing-

    lev, this has to be one of my favourite works from you! it is fantastic!

    not only is it showing flow and movement, the angle suggests action as well, and the glare in his eyes reminds me of cathing his stare for one second before he's gone- awesome! :)

    Of course this is a fav, [claps] but you already knew that ;)

  3. harakiri Jun 30, 2005

    Though I haven't ever read Vagabond it was my first association because of the drawing technique (or was it Blade of the Immoratl? Well I don't know cause I haven't read that either). It is totally cool how you used the pencil to make shading and lines. I love good pencil sketches so I am glad you made this picture. Character and especially his hair are very well done too.

  4. Anjhurin Jun 30, 2005

    man all the guys you draw have great bodies and nice haircuts too ^_^
    well this one i just love the hair and the shading, really nice job on the katana and the belt too, it really gives an impression of quick turning around... only thing is that the nipple is a bit off-center (or maybe he just has that much pectoral muscles :) ), and you could have made the jaw more visible on the left side of the face, because it's kinda weird (very tiny detail though)

    otherwise it's thumbs up as ever XP

  5. studio Jul 01, 2005

    Lovely shading levezzali; he's looking very buff. XD
    Detail is wonderful, and his profile is very well drawn...I luffs it!
    Really great work. Fave. ^__^

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 01, 2005

    Nice work Lev, the shading goes around this so good, Reminds me of one of the characters in Soul calibur the game and through it all it looks great man! :)

  7. rocketapolo Jul 01, 2005

    me gusta mucho lo que hiciste en el personaje, no es algo a lo que acostumbramos a ver

  8. rodrummer Jul 01, 2005

    oh o cara, cheio de estilo!
    mestre, qd crescer kero ser q nem oce!
    parabens, well done!

  9. calisqo Jul 01, 2005

    nice work .
    For starter i like the detials in the hair.
    The lineweight really works in the hair giving depth and characther to it.
    Very expressive details.
    the swords is cool ^_^.
    The char is really interesting, to me it kinda represents you. I think u have potential in drawing people face >.< maybe u should try using real model ^_^. to add a bit change to the char design ^_^.
    Awesome shadowing as usual.
    Overall nice work very authentic ^_^

  10. Sigourney Jul 01, 2005

    Wow~! Really good work~<3... I totally love this :d... the most of all -> hair... nicely done, looks really natural... then the pose and muscle... everything is drawn with a nice line, smooth... and shadows look good... could make the visible eye a bit darker... *thumbs up* great ;)...

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