Speed Grapher Wallpaper: SpeedGrapher: They shine for you

Tomozo, Gonzo, Speed Grapher, Kagura Tennouzu Wallpaper
Tomozo Mangaka Gonzo Studio Speed Grapher Series Kagura Tennouzu Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Did I mention that these title maximum is too small? Bah... Well, my previous wallpaper was pretty bloody, so here's something very pinkish.
Speed Grapher is an awesome series, I'll make more wallpapers for sure. This one is absolutely unlike SP, but who cares? I prefered to vector this scene of the ending song than using a scan (there aren't many...) and changed the hair color to Kagura's real color. So I vectored the window and added a paper on the wall, another huge pillow and a table. Nice and soft colors, with a bit of a texture, nothing great. It took me 2-3 days to make the whole thing. I know that the window is too low, cause if Kagura stands up, it'd look weird. Nonetheless I think it's nicer like this. When I made the font I was inspired by Shinsen-subs' pretty subtitle in the ending. Somehow I tend to make plain vectors with the characters in underwear xD Remeber the Chobits wallie?
The title is a lyric by Coldplay from their song 'Yellow'. The texture is made by me, so no real credits this time. Visit www.uchiki.de for more resolutions and wallpapers.

Thanks for your comments on my Rei-wallie, I really, really appreciate your reviews. So I'd like to thank OA, tian, Mizu-kun, Falh, Yina-chan, Skillzpay, saki-chan, brom-kun, rocknroll-isgo, jibaro, halcyon, Raiyne, Flowerdog, Keishu and Frosty.

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  1. FALH Jun 30, 2005

    oh one thx for me ^^ so glad :p
    well nice work u did on it,about Speed Grapher,i've seen the last ep. (hm 9 i think) and so good manga
    and on MT there is no much Speed Grapher's wallpaper
    u did one and im so glad u did it

    well for the wall,very good vector work, good choice to recolor Kagura's hair...
    then cool style but maybe too "pink",a girl's wallpaper XD

    ps : next one with Saiga ???? ;)

    well thx for your beautiful work

    +fav and save it on my computer :p

  2. meteorcloud Jun 30, 2005

    hey hey chibikko~!
    hmz...another vector wall *____*~! the vectors looks good =d~!
    i like the texture on the wall, but still mayB you could make a poster or something on the wall...looks kinda plain =O......and....I think the gurl is too big compared to the small window ^_^"..... ow well but I like the idea and the colours looks so sweet =)
    keep the works^_^

  3. harakiri Jun 30, 2005

    You're right. It doesn't quite fit with that series but experiments are good too. I like the whole thing looking like in a doll's house with that pink things in it and the tiny window. Vectoring work is done very well again.

  4. Yina Jun 30, 2005

    the girl has got a funny haircut.. ^_^' mhmm... I don't know the series.. so I don't know what the wallie should look like.. you did a great work on the vector (again).. like how you vectored everything, so they have one style.. ^^ also great work on the composition.. the stars are somehow cutiee.. XDD nya.. your work are always different.. and that's really great.. XD especially on MT.. nya.. +fav

  5. tian82 Jun 30, 2005

    Hi to chibikko-chan !!! Nice to see your wallpaper again. I like the colour of this wallpaper !! So pinky and lovely !! Like the girl`s hair style. Next time I also wanna tie my hair like that. Awesome job, chibikko-chan !! Love it a lots !! Thank for sharing !!

  6. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jun 30, 2005

    nuu nuuu~


    i looovee THIS WALL .. ><;; it's shoo simple and cute .. it reminds me of chobits .. *-*

    i lovelovelovvelove lovuu lovvuu this wallie < 3 <3333

  7. FlowerDog Jun 30, 2005

    I have never actually watched Speed Grapher but this vector style wallpaper of yours look awesome, Chibikko-sama! :D Really like the atmosphere of the whole wallpaper. The vector may be plain to you but I love the look and the environment you have created for the chacater. Always love your style of creating wallpapers. I am looking forward to your future Speed Grapher wallpaper. *Waits with Zen like patience* :D

  8. Sandra Jun 30, 2005

    What a sweet wallie ! And what a sweet title. So...romantic ? I love this one , it's so soft and calm and just cute ! Definitly a fav !

  9. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 01, 2005

    Yey! I wub you! *hugs Chibi* ^__^

    Love coldplay, nice and simple bg Chibi, the patterns and pinkish colors really make this wall a desired favie from me! Nice vectors and moevment here...and its nice to get away from bloody walls! XD

  10. SilentMasamune Jul 02, 2005

    Excellent work on the vectoring. It does look like some sort of dream, but it's really good the way it was made. Keep it up.

  11. Skillzpay Jul 02, 2005

    Only 11 favs and 10 comments o_O
    You deserve better than that!
    Anyways I love the vector work and how you created the whole bedroom environment...Kagura looks ready for a sleepover party or something heh. It's so simple and easy on the eyes, especially with the colors you picked out. Kagura looks a bit odd since you can't really tell whether she's staring at something on the other side of the room or outside the window but overall this is beautiful work :)

  12. rocknroll-isgo Jul 04, 2005

    Ack! >_< Normally I cringe at cute, pink stuff but this... this is amazing! Beautiful vector work through and through. I don't mind about the window placement... it looks fine where it is. The odd heights only help to enhance the otherworldly, cartoon feel, in my opinion.

    Great work, Chibikko... definite fav (you so deserve a buttload more! XD ).

  13. Frosty Jul 06, 2005

    lol.. the image looks like as if it was cut *as in cut out from a piece of paper and glue it on* XD
    looks somewhat different and I do like the idea of it. ^^
    nice work.
    *9.4 and Grade AA* +fav for a nice concept on this wallie. ;)

  14. Blacky016 Jul 06, 2005

    she looks a littel bit feat but
    is no problem ^^
    i find the colors very good i like pink and rosa
    its a good work ^^

  15. markby2k Sep 09, 2005

    Nice wall man, we defetinely need some more SG wallpapers, there are too many cool characters not to. Especially with her in her goddess uniform.

  16. markjo Oct 30, 2005

    Such a clean and definite wallpaper! I really like the art (have never heard of the series) and the title placing. I am also fine with the left background wall being empty, as I have my icons there, though the right side could use a painting or something else.

  17. teja78 Mar 26, 2009

    i like it and thats in short words

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