Yotsubato!: yotsuba

Yotsubato!, Yotsuba Koiwai
Yotsubato! Series Yotsuba Koiwai Character


Artist Comment

This is MY drawing of Yotsuba from the manga "Yotsuba&" by Kiyohiko Azuma, author of "Azumanga Daioh." i have drawn this by freehand, and I am NOT lying!
Materials: pencil, eraser, paper, 0.5 and 0.3 Copic Multiliners.
Time taken: about 20-40 min.

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  1. lunar-angel Jun 30, 2005

    she looks sooo cute ^_^
    + to favs
    thank you soujiokita for posting this adorable drawing
    I hope you post more of your work soon

  2. cardmage Jun 30, 2005

    Its cute... the drawing isn't bad... The shading and lighting effects on the picture are pretty good except maybe with a small part of the hair. Don't say things like "I am pathetic" about yourself. You're actually quite good. Don't feel too discouraged.

  3. kajimamidori Jun 30, 2005

    it's really cute souji! soo adorable ~

  4. zaea Jun 30, 2005

    hahaha...she's so kawaii....What is she doing....is she playing?...but anyway all I can say is that it's cute. great job
    :D :) :D

  5. ramchong Jun 30, 2005

    ouuhhhh~! Come on .... don't easily get beaten so fast!! i always spiritually be your NO.1 supporter!!!

  6. THE-DARK-PRINCE Jun 30, 2005

    ^_^ Coooooooool ^_^

    Don't surrender and just look forward and do your best...
    And we will cheer for you.... :D :) :D

  7. wolfinho Jun 30, 2005

    heehheheh KAWAIIIIII
    Very nice draw, I like it , can u make more?
    Hugs Wolfie

  8. slivermoon Jun 30, 2005

    the drawing looks very nice
    thought there is too much white space on the image
    maybe cutting that off, or filling it in would make it look less empty
    other than that nice work ^-^

  9. fawna-chan Jun 30, 2005

    wow, it looks so nice! you draw really good...but she looks kinda weird holding both her arms up like that. thanks for sharing and i really hope that you'll continue to draw and submit them here!

  10. happianime Jun 30, 2005

    You're wrong! Everybody likes your doujin! I dunno why the moderators delete your stuff. This is nice and the girl looks happy. I like it. ^_^ And remember you're not pathetic. You're really good at criticizing my stuff. ;)

  11. RahX101 Jun 30, 2005

    aww, poor soujiokita. =[ whats not to apprecieate, you hand drew that, which you stated very clearly might i add XD, while most of the other stuff floating around here are just scans or what not. i wish i could draw, but i dont see that ever happeneg anytime soon. ^^' your drawing turned out nice and im here to let you know to keep them comming. :] take care and ill wait for your next one. =]

  12. daisukeniwa05 Jun 30, 2005

    ahh... don't say that... we all appriciate it.. dun worry bout what happend before, the more doujinshi you work on the faster you'll improve, and we would all like to see the process of your growth.. ^_^'

  13. ladygoofy Jul 01, 2005

    Aww I like this one...She looks so cute...Kinda reminds of Azumanga Daioh hehehehe....So I like the effects and everything...She looks cute..Added to +fav's

  14. Kuzain Jul 16, 2005

    I just discovered Yotsuba (I'm really behind the times, I know) and she's awesome. This is a really good drawing of her. It's really close to the real thing! Yotsuba is so kawaii. She's like Chiyo, Osaka, and Tomo rolled into one.

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