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UPDATED! You'll see the artwork better!

at long last!

this is my latest work done by my hustler hands!
noticed the title?! let me explain to you!

i am composed of three personalities and this is the third one!

the Psychotic-Devil

she ruled my world when i was 8 till 12 so its kinda hard for me to stop her from her doings but i guess she is somehow strong....anyway! i kinda removed her from my life for about a long time now but not completely!

she comes out of me whenever I'm mad or soaked in deep emotion!

but i think my long time being-a-good-girl somehow weakened her...so i kinda controls her more now!

we agree with each other that I'll let her come out if she's really needed in a certain situation!

see the poster on where she's sitting at? some words are from Filipino language so let me juts translate it to you!

"wag tularan"= dont imitate (i think) ("wag" means dont / "tularan" means to imitate)
"mas psycho"=more psycho (its pertaining to me)
"lakas topak"= stongly insane
"wag din tularan"=dont imitate too

you'll see these words if you download it!
oh yeah! the total worktime of this portfolio is....

2.5 hours for the original sketch
1.5 hours for the finishing touch ups
2 hours for cleaning

i realy draw all my portfolios in messy ways!

i used....
5 bond paper
lil bit of eraser
14 B 0.5 mechanical pencil leads it breaks up a lot
2 H 0.5 mechanical pencil leads

ok that's about it! remember...I'm not bragging but i'm only 15! hehe!

just enjoy my true savage nature!

ps. about the shadings....i didnt exert mch effort there coz I'm really sleepy by that time....it was around 1:35 am and i have to wake up at 4:30 for school....*yawn*

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  1. BossMac Jun 29, 2005

    Kinda like Devil and Kazuya Mishima.... right....

    It's not that messy actually... you should see me draw... hee

    Niweiz.... nice expression of your inner persona....

    Nothing more.

  2. athena Jun 29, 2005


    this is my original!!!

    i didnt copy this one from any other works!

    no influence neither!

    i jus let her use my hustler hands then that's it!

  3. Criox Jun 29, 2005

    Great improvement. I can see it. Keep it up! :)

  4. phantomwise Jun 29, 2005

    Impressive :D I like all the detail you put into it. Good job!

  5. angelrhea Jun 29, 2005

    you are a really crazy and beautiful girl. but then again, your being psycho is just but normal. i used to be like that too before. well then for my comments. let me see. the art is full of details which makes this very unique and really crazy so to say. you have done a really awesome job and i adored you for that for being so honest and crazy.

  6. athena Jun 29, 2005


    i'm here to prove that my being psycho is abnormal!

    ask my friends!

  7. Paolo Jun 29, 2005

    whoa! thats pretty cool! man i envy you ppl @_@

  8. DarkIngram Jun 29, 2005

    Hhe hehe! Why didn't you ink your work? I can't understand. he he ehe hehe !

  9. benjaminchia Jun 29, 2005

    great effort put into this work of yours. love the amounts of details in this piece of work.
    keep it up!

  10. Anjhurin Jun 29, 2005

    hum, your psycho self is still very beautiful ^_^... though that might be a false impression
    anyway really a huge amount of work, ending in a very detailed drawing, great shading and reflection in the hair.
    it seems like she's into some kinda container with some cracks (your memory / incouscious or something, meaning that you restrain her but she can escape as you said) so that's pretty well done too. anyway i like her expression, but she looks a bit anorexic to me (her arms are a bit too thin maybe) :)

    hum good job nevertheless XP

  11. Ikorus Jun 29, 2005

    The detail in this is what I like best. The concept for your other side, your psycho side, which all of us have is really quite interesting. :)

  12. Akaiken Jun 29, 2005

    Wow naman! Nice overview on your side! Nice drawing, seriously!

    Haba pa ng contents, hehehe!

  13. Shkira Jun 29, 2005

    I like the hair passing though the wings, that's a cool touch. Nicejob!

  14. Koujisama Jun 29, 2005

    Sugoi this is really great draw that style line is fantastic
    Excellent work Athena so great ^_^

  15. Tirdaelyn Jun 29, 2005

    Wow, that is really cool.
    The way the hair flows, passing through the wings. That is very nice. The details are very nicely done. Great job. :D

  16. AnimexXxHolic009 Jun 29, 2005

    XD dat looks sooo cool!
    athena is sooo good at dwawing >.<
    me wis me was good as athena >.<

  17. asta Jun 29, 2005

    Cool! wow! athena ang galing mong magdrawing! ^6 sana ako rin........................................

  18. Yura Jun 29, 2005

    that one is really cool
    i love her face expression and the hand
    she looks so evil
    and in the back are those wings? if so it looks great
    and the long hair all around
    awesome work

  19. Iyasis Jun 29, 2005

    Wow, a very nice drawing Athena. I really like the way the face profile is drawn and also those huge (metal?) wings. Also, great detaling and shading work throughout the drawing, especially in her very long hair, lol. Only criticism I have is the scribbles on the light parts of the wings and also her left hand seems sort of odd. Nevertheless, a great drawing, now I hope to never meet this personality of yours ^^;;

  20. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 29, 2005

    Wow! That's so crazy! I seriously love it. It's perfect. Excellent job!

  21. Athrun Jun 29, 2005

    Woah... that's pretty cool. Nice job bringing out her expression like that. :o

  22. Skillzpay Jun 29, 2005

    Only 7 favs o_O
    This deserves more for how well done this is. You can clearly tell a lot of time and effort was put into this. From the bloodied up character to the filled out background, this is some good work athena :)

  23. ni-chan Jun 29, 2005

    Great picture you made here :)
    I think your other side is real cool
    nice job
    ads to fav

  24. renato Jun 29, 2005

    It looks cool! :)
    i like the character design and detail and shading is very good! ;)

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