Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Serene Tranquility

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Shinn Asuka Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this DID NOT start out as a gundam seed wall! i SWARE ;-;
(thats how you know i have a problem-
someone needs to schedule an intervention!
that aside, i'm actually really proud of this wall. i can't even tell you the number of layers and stocks in this. well over 75 stick photos were used.
shinn was revectored out because the scan was a mess. poor quality and too small.
i've wanted to make a wall like this for a while. birdseye view kind of thing, with someone floating in the water. originally it was miyazawa floating in the water, but it just wasn't working the way i wanted. so, shinn came to the rescue.
what else can i say...
theres a lot of depth to this wall. you can see below the waters surface, with the coral and the fish, as well as the reflections of shinn's surroundings. the water on his face and hands was drawn by hand, as well as a lot of the water itself.
many thanks to redness who i harassed along the way, and to taters who gave me a few pointers before running off to class.
i feel this is one of my best walls so far, so enjoy it or DIE!
any comments or critiques are appreciated. give me useless comments and i'll eat your soul:D

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  1. Dimsim Jun 29, 2005

    Wow killer job you done on this. I'll say all those 75 stick photo's really payed off in the end. Every single bit of the wallie seems to be fully detailed.

  2. rocknroll-isgo Jun 29, 2005

    O_O It's a Gundam Seed wall again... oh, you poor, poor girl. At least you know you have a problem. That's the first step to recovery... or at least that's what they say. I never actually made it to the first step. >_>

    Anyway! The is your best wall, in my opinion. The colorful water and the ferns are just... amazing. Your water wall came out so much better than mine. *so jealous* Good job on the water on Shinn, too...

    *hands over soul* Sorry, I don't really have any critiques. XD

  3. heavens-Dragon Jun 29, 2005

    Wowies, definately an awesome wallpaper! You did an excellent job revectoring Shinn, looks really amazing! Also, the water and the bird's eye view fits nicely with Shinn. The coral reef in the corner looks flawless, very colourful. The addition of the plants in the front adds to the perception, nicely done! Bit too bright underneath Shinn's right arm, almost went blind LOL but nonetheless, awesome work!

  4. evol_kimchi Jun 29, 2005

    rawr! shinn looking like he needs some company. you know I think this is one of your best walls. the amazing feeling of peace and security is brought on by your attention to the foreground and wonderful little details. exquisite work <3

  5. eclair-chan Jun 29, 2005

    wow I love it shinn looks so cute the bg looks amazing nice work +favs ;)

  6. redxxii Jun 29, 2005

    An excellent wallpaper, I can't think of anything else to say. Favorite!

  7. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jun 29, 2005

    Another GSD wall xD,but i dont have any problem with it cause i also like this wall.

    The water effect is perfect,the coral,and the overlaying of the layers to make the water effect look amazing,also the Shinn scan,he looks...happy,and thats kinda weird xD.

    Sorry if i dont have a good comment,but i dont see any flaw on this wall.

  8. anji Jun 29, 2005

    Yeah Shinn vector looks great great great!
    The colors are so luminous.
    Like the idea of the blurry fern in foreground.
    The water looks real, nothing to say about that.
    Maybe you should add more of this water (like on the hand of Shinn) on his uniform, since I think it's nice and that he probably wet his uniform before floatting.
    Anyway, really splendid wallpaper, I'm kinda jalous :)
    Goes right to my fav!

  9. Yumi-Chan Jun 29, 2005

    Hey good job on the corals there ;)
    The water effects are really nice, the colours are bright and nice job on the reflections!
    One thing is the leaves which is a really close view of it, i think it's too blur? Ah maybe it is suppose to be blur since we're actually concentrating more in Shinn ne? :P
    Well overall, wonderful wallpaper! keep it up ;)

  10. miharu- Jun 29, 2005

    Really good wallpaper, the water is really cool! keep it up! Favs!

  11. ayanechan Jun 29, 2005

    *eats kalico* [b!tch] are you reading my mind and stealing all the shinn scans that i too wanna wall!? ;-; [/b!tch] jk ^.^ it looks really nice. i love how you added 'water' onto shinn though i think the water on his hair should be 'droplets' instead of 'streams' cause.. it's hair and not a stretch of plastic :( everything else looks perfect :3 great job kali~

  12. pengi-san Jun 29, 2005

    I like pudding. Just jokin'! Please don't eat my soul! What can I say? Completely awesome. Everything looks great. Although I will say, it seems a little sunny for a Shinn wallpaper. :) But, truly, everything, from the coral, to Shinn, to the palm fronds in the foreground, looks awesome. And I just noticed the fish. What ever you're doing, keep doing it.

  13. kyubinaruto Jun 29, 2005

    nice wallpaper! I really love the water on his hands and his clothes submerged in it. It looks really cool and real ^^ Thanks for sharing ;)

  14. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 29, 2005

    Wow thats a big Clownfish! O_O

    ... but yeah the scan is pretty great mixing with the blue clear sea water but i like it, like he just jump and wanted to swim but yeah the effects are beautiful and the bg is well designed to fit the theme..... Great job Kalico! XD

  15. zaira Jun 29, 2005

    wow!!! i love those colorful corals!! soo pwettie colors!! XD

    i love the scan of shinn with the combination of the sea type wall! i love also the green leaves though its a bit blurr but still a cool wall! +fav!

  16. gohasuke Jun 29, 2005

    coooooooooooooooooooooooool wallpaper shinn picture so clear and the background colors really cool and match really well the wallpaper perfect
    keep up the good work ;)

  17. chuayw2000 Jun 29, 2005

    This is one of the best wallpapers I've ever seen. Not considering the character Shinn, I will rate it a 9.5/10. The details of the water on Shinn's body and the depth of the water etc etc are really well done :D

    Adds to fav and sets as wallpaper.

  18. meteorcloud Jun 29, 2005

    waah this wallpaper is sure nice~!!! ^___^~! like the idea and the results =D~! blended the scan really well.... just the red uniform of shinn doesn't really matches the other things... ^_^".....hehe....you sure are a gundam seed freak xD~! ow well I like the anime xp~!!!!! great job =D keep the works ^_^

  19. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jun 29, 2005

    rawr ..

    *rips shiinnn out and slaps on kiiiraa*

    rawr ....

    t____t background rocks .. >.> like always ..... love those .... water animal/plant things .. xD

  20. Yina Jun 29, 2005

    wowo.. great wallie!! O__O the ground of the lake is fantastico XD ... I usually don't like overloaded bgs.. but this one is pure amazing!!! the colours go together pretty well and I love the details.. >___< also great job on the perspective.. the blurred tree fits perfectly to the whole scenery.. the only thing I don't like is the water over Shinn.. it looks kinda weird.. cuz it's too ordered.. but nonthless excellent work, +fav ^^

  21. XDarkDestinyX Jun 30, 2005

    WOW Is the only real word I can use! It's just beautiful I love how you used the stock and your vectoring, just wow! I love the colors and the shine on the water~ I love the view and angle~~ Just I love it all!

  22. Skilledge Jun 30, 2005

    Aw excellent wallie it turned out, really nice, thx for sharing it with us. ^^

  23. almina Jun 30, 2005

    That's a really great wallpaper ! I love the background... and this blue and the effects...

    And now I hope it's enough to convince my bro who doesn't like Shinn to put this wall on his computer ^_^ .

  24. kupoyasha Jul 20, 2005

    wow! thats soo cute! he looks so calm since what has happened to him! must be hard lol well i love the scan.


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