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Full View cause i said so'

I had a really hard time deciding whether this one was MTworthy or not. It conveyed the emotions I wanted it to but with very few elements. Im not used to making very simple wallpapers but in this case I feel there is an exception, and that I can share it with you.

I've been playing Kingdom Hearts recently and Sora is such a lucid hearted character. I always sensed an inner peace and trust in him that the creators placed very beautifully into his character.

This piece is a reflection of his bright spirit and soft nature. He is standing on a beach and he can see the worlds beyond his horizon but he is content to watch. He knows the true source of happiness and needs not to travel to other places to quench a thirst for satisfaction. His foil Riku, his opposite, firey spirited, uncertain and easily twisted would certainly have set forth to this world long ago.

I spent about a day and a half on and off working on this piece. I find recently I am unable to sit down and complete an entire piece in a couple hour span. Sleeping on it makes me feel better while Im working on certain individual elements. I spent a lot of time getting the water to look realistic. I ended up finding a pattern of waves and then blending them into each other so that I could reuse them across the wallpaper. I then took a skyscape of Seattle and used it as a backdrop to the mist surrounding the calm waters. The mist is the calling of the other worlds, something Sora can resist yet understands. I love the forlorn look in his face.

I think I've talked too much, now onto the creds and then a special wallpaper from someone who I believe deserves much more attention. :)

Thank you dear Goosebumps for the scan: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/117205/
Thank you to http://sxc.hu for the water texture and the seatlle skyline.

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Macky
Wall: Ancient Ways
Reason: This wallpaper's beautiful background and great textures make it pleaseant on the eyes. It is well designed and I feel it needs far more attention than its getting. :) Go check it out!

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  1. Spystreak Retired Moderator Jun 28, 2005

    That looks cool. The background kinda reminds me of cotton candy. Other than that I like the colors used.

  2. kai81220 Jun 28, 2005

    huu, nice one sunira ^^ really like the desaturated look, only hinting blue. maybe its my comp but the city in the bg is really faded. the water is really done well cause the texture is realistic. only small thing is the fog is way too thick, and its too confined in bands like that. it should be more spread out and fogg-ish looking XD

    other than that, nice job

  3. shadowrio Jun 28, 2005

    I like it, looks all dreamy, liked the way you did the sea, it looks realistic. Very cool. Good job!

  4. Chopstickz Jun 28, 2005

    really nice idea,
    the mist/ fog thing is cool but too strong,
    really hard to see the nice detail in the bg
    but you did a great job on the water as well
    overwall, a win XD

  5. lunar-angel Jun 28, 2005

    Yay another beautiful wallie ^_^
    Thank you for posting
    It seems so calm and peaceful
    I hope to see more soon

  6. Kougaxgirl Jun 28, 2005

    oh beauteeful! yes it looks very dreamy...your good with that look! its plain...but not...anyway i love love love it and you did an answer job on it! ON I LOVE YOU walls! too pretty i say! so talented XP later

  7. soujiokita Jun 28, 2005

    Well, this wall is simple, but I really enjoy this wall. I like the mist, reminds me of San Francisco. :) the colors are nice too. +fav

  8. AngelKate Jun 28, 2005

    Simple and pretty, and I love the color and effects in the background. Very pretty wall. :)

  9. chi4ever Jun 28, 2005

    very cool i like the blue mist..and the character's good too...keep it up ::dances:: ttyl ^_^ ::hugs::

  10. Tatsuya Jun 28, 2005

    i like the way you add the fog/mist around the wall, but it's look kinda thick! i think you should lowest it a bit will better, just a suggest may be it just turn out a crap ^^'

  11. macky Jun 28, 2005

    o_o.....omg THAT WALL IS minee!!!! thanks SUNIRA
    Now onto your wall...
    Very nice... the way the light... ive never really seen a wall this bright... but it really works....
    very good
    Havent played the game... but the character seens to be right in the wall.. Good walL!

  12. lapuk Jun 28, 2005

    not the typical sunira wall, doesn't have that much elements.. still good-looking.might use when i feel a lil bit tensed and i need something calming..

  13. Staff Jun 28, 2005

    OO, the city in the background was unnoticable at first. Then I started to look closely and saw how much detail was clouded by the fog. The water looks very realistic. Same with the buildings. It's a good theme.

  14. zakaro Jun 28, 2005

    it's a really a good job, well done ;)
    it's like he's thinking of what he wants to do, where he wants to go...
    he's thinking of his future, his past...
    and the feel that this wall gives to me is kind of reflective...
    i've never played to kingdom hearts, i don't know the story, so maybe i'm all wrong...
    so sorry if i'm mistake the message of the wall -_-

  15. bbls Jun 28, 2005

    i luv that dreamy, thoughtful feeling you convey in your wall...the subtle images of the seattle backdrop and water was definitely an exquisite concept. :D

  16. crewcifix Jun 28, 2005

    i love the simplicity of this work. i really do. and best of all, i don't see much to work on. i expect more walls from you in the future +fav

  17. volrath77 Jun 28, 2005

    Hmmm....this is kinda different from your previous works. At a glance, there may seem to be lots of empty spaces...well, actually they're not empty :). A nice departure from your usual style. Yeah, it's cool.

  18. Lodigo Jun 28, 2005

    how are you doing?
    it is a nice wallie
    i like the fog :)
    keep up the good job
    see you later and have a nice day
    bye bye

  19. asta Jun 28, 2005

    It's so calming ^^ and i think it's MT worthy *thumbs Up* ^________________________^

  20. Akaiken Jun 28, 2005


    Sora eh... nice job there! Is that a mist?

  21. carlos18 Jun 28, 2005

    Hey this wall is very good. I like the smoke around everything. Its seems mysterious. Thanks for sharing.

  22. MoonlightEternity Jun 28, 2005

    wha its beautiful!! i love how the mist mingles in the front and back and covers the sky line!! its beautiful ^^ very peaceful feeling. thanks for sharing!

  23. thecatmistress Jun 28, 2005

    it looks so dream like...... like a lost drream.. simplicity is not a factor here. this is art!! lol
    :D definetly a fav!

  24. Haia Jun 28, 2005

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! It has like a heavenly look on it or something. I love the misty surrounding!!! Very calming to the eyes. The title suits well too!!! Thankie so so much for sharing such a lovely lovely wallie with us!!! Always a pleasure to see such a wall. Keep doing what you do best!!! +favie I'll be so looking forward to your next one!!! >.<

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