Futakoi Wallpaper: ::Friends Forever::

Aoi Nishimata, Telecom Animation Film, ASCII Media Works, Futakoi, Yura Sakurazuki Wallpaper
Aoi Nishimata Mangaka Telecom Animation Film Studio ASCII Media Works Studio Futakoi Series,Visual Novel Yura Sakurazuki Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wallpaper is dedicated to MouriRan! ^^ Since ur leaving for a trip to China next week, just wanted to let u kno i'll miss u ;) Hope u like it =D
The bubble theme was actually inspired by a few of my neighbours who had kids playing with those bubble making machine thingys. I thought it'd look real cute in a wallpaper so this was my attempt! =) hope it looks ok
The feathers i MADE FROM SCRATCH!! :D i'm very proud of them actually ^^'' took me a long time to figure out a way to make them look.... feather-ish XD

hours: 3 hours
layers: 28 layers
program used: Photoshop CS 8
Credits: Aoi Nishimata for the beautiful works! thank u to zoku88 for the scan (found here) it was pixelated, so i had to clean it several times ><

comments, suggestions, etc are high appreciated! :D

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  1. slivermoon Jun 27, 2005

    the clours in the bg look nice
    but i think there is not enough bubbles >.<
    well anyways nice job! ^-^

  2. Paolo Jun 27, 2005

    MouriRan leaving for China? i hope she have good trip. u made pretty wall MLE ^_^. looks like your 3 hours of working on the wall finally paid off ;)

  3. Staff Jun 27, 2005

    Nice, the purple colours looks great blending with the white mist/cloud. The vertical streaks centered on the spiral really catches the eye. And of course, there's the two girls whose appearance is awesome!

  4. Haia Jun 27, 2005

    Oooooooooooooooo......very pretty colors!!! I just love it!!! The scan used matches it!!! Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteness!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ Thankie so so much for sharing such a lovely lovely wallie with us!!! +favie Keep doing what you do best!!! >.<

  5. MagicianFairy Jun 27, 2005

    they are twins!!
    i love twins!!, i like everything, the bg is pretty!!, cold colors, i like it^^

  6. shari Jun 27, 2005

    kawaii!!! XD ..
    great job Ei!!
    i love everything about the wallie!!! X3
    keep up the awesome works!! XD

  7. MouriRan Jun 27, 2005

    wheeee yay!!! a wallie made for me!!
    thank you so muchz spleeenniee!!=D *huggz tightly*
    nyaaa so prettyyyyyy!!! the feathers are awesome considering u made it from scrratch!=D
    scans are soo kawaiii!!!
    the background is soooooo purpleee and prettyfullll!=] love the bubble-like thingies, very very nice indeed=]
    yeppieee me so happiee~! sankyoohz so muchiieeezz!!!you're the best!!=D
    i'll miss you tooooo when im in china...XD nyaaa wish you can come with meee!!!=]
    hope to c you on fridayyy!=]+fav of course!^-^

  8. kotoko Jun 27, 2005

    w00t w00t bubbles!!!! me love bubbles! and it's a pretty shade of purple!!! beautiful wallpaper

  9. studio Jun 27, 2005

    Beautiful wall; feathers turned out wonderfully nice. XD Background coloiur turned out quite well; goes well with the scan. ^_^ Great work!

  10. angeloflove Jun 28, 2005

    that is sooo cool!!!!!!!! twins!!! just like u and MouriRan! u seem 2 be very good friends, anyway, +fave, awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. sukie Jun 28, 2005

    this is vrey nice!!!!!!!!!!
    the bg is so cuet and so is the scan!!!!!
    great work!

  12. tenchigirl15 Jun 28, 2005

    ooooo! I love the BG on this! the bubble and feather effects look cute!! great job *claps* :D

  13. Rena00 Jun 28, 2005

    The bg is excellent and the feathers look awesome.The bubbles look cool too.Nice wall. :)

  14. raver-moonlight-sage Jun 28, 2005

    best friends forever that a great wall i love that one keep up the great work moonlight winks

  15. lunacrystal Jun 29, 2005

    i luv the scan!! the feathers are nice!!! A+

  16. ElaniMoonstaf Jun 29, 2005

    that's adorable! XD so cute! the scan is real nicey and the color is nice, very well done!

  17. nuttdragon Jun 30, 2005

    it's a nice wall! i think the black feathers give a feeling of something dark looming... the mist has a nice effect too.

    by the way, hope i don't sound stupid, but how do you make a brush from scratch? do you need a special programme for it or something?

  18. Tirdaelyn Jul 03, 2005

    That is a very nice wallie. The background is really pretty, and the feathers a nice tough. The characters are nice, very cute. Good job. ^^

  19. ever-ruler Jul 04, 2005

    Wow, it's fantastic! I love the abstract background you made. The wall is beautiful! Good job!

  20. sora69 Jul 05, 2005

    .: Heh , nice work there on the bg! I like it very much, :D. The bubbles, at first sight, look like moons and faraway planets, but as they are transparent, and with the help of those two shining strings, they give the effect of a dreammy crystal-like space scenery. This wallie is so, so beautifull!! Keep it up, i want to see more ;) !:.

  21. LucyXlostangelwings Jul 09, 2005

    I love all the colors you've used! The shades of purple is indeed, very lovely!
    You did so well to clean this image of the two girls!! Great job with that! ;)
    Nice background there. The bubbles are looking nice. XD Wow...the feathers are awesome!! Made from scratch you say? Then well done! You did good. :D
    My only grudge is the foggy effect at the bottom, but then again, it enhances the luminous feel of this wall.
    Great work my friend, as always! ^^

  22. Kenichi Jul 12, 2005

    wow very pretty. i love Aoi's arts, she's one of my fav. very nice wally, a good choice of image.

  23. Lachette Jul 12, 2005

    awsome cleanup work, and i like the feathers.. they really look "feather-ish" i kinda dont like the font you chose, its a bit grainy, as is the same in some of your other recient works. i know PS has some options with the text tool that can fix that. you should look into it. Look foward to your next one!

  24. KaWaiiXAnGeL Jul 17, 2005

    wow this one is very pretty love the work the background is so purple! bubles r cool!*pokes bubble*i like your artwork its very good! nice job of keeping it up!^^

    +adding to favorites

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